Count on War, Not Peace, Breaking Out in Asia

Will America end one war in Asia while starting another?

Don’t count on it.  There’s talk of a peace treaty on the Korean peninsula.  But there are a lot of influential institutions like the Pentagon and influential countries like Japan that don’t appear very enthusiastic.  And they are marshaling their forces to make sure Donald Trump’s Korea deal goes their way.

And are we going to start a war with China?  Trick question.  Because it’s already begun.  There’s a war being fought between the US and the PRC over the multi-trillion dollar issue of the new generation of wireless connectivity.

Let’s hope the war doesn’t slop over into the military realm.  But don’t count on it.

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Show notes

We can live with a nuclear North Korea: There’s frankly no sane alternative

The Ghost at the Abe-Trump Banquet: Nobusuke Kishi

Japan’s Aso pushes back against U.S. pressure for bilateral trade deal

Japan seeking own North Korea summit as Abe risks being left out

Trump-Kim meeting may leave out Japan.  Shinzo Abe is taking action

5G to generate $3.5 trillion dollars in revenues in 2035, says Qualcomm Study

ZTE Denial Order

Trumpworld escalates its war on Chinese Big Tech

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The Korean War was a desperate and dubious battle in which the US was ready to try anything and everything to overcome its strategic and tactical disadvantages.  Biological weapons, nuclear weapons…and Douglas MacArthur’s plans for a strategic breakout via escalation of the Korean conflict to a regional war.  Everything was on the table.

Douglas MacArthur made the first US attempt to parlay a Korean crisis into an existential confrontation with the People’s Republic of China.  With the US milsec establishment, his ideas are more popular—and dangerous—than ever.  My documentary uses first hand testimony and declassified archives to finally reveal the truth behind this long-suppressed event.

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  1. Jon L Curran says:

    The Koreans both North and South have to be well aware of Abe’s pedigree. I do hope that something good can come out it, if only for the Koreans.
    If 5G comes to my city in flyover country, then I may have to move or start wearing a tin foil cap. Hopefully, the dangers of 5G become public before then.

    • Jeff Martin says:

      I agree. The only thing worse is the upcoming Smart/Safe Cities implementation. This combines 5G, the Internet of Things (IOT), police and government surveillance, all into one. You won’t be able to do anything without Big Brother knowing about it or running your life. Much like today’s “Social Credit” score in China.

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