Doctor Voices Concerns on Vaccines & Big Pharma’s Influence Over the Medical Industry

Dr. Daniel Neides with over 20 years of experience, joins Newsbud to share his concerns on vaccines, the insurance company’s and the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on the medical industry. We also discuss OAMF’s Ohio House Bill 193, opposing the mandate of the flu shot for medical employees, which aims to protect employees from facing retaliation, including termination from employers for declining the flu shot.

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Show Notes 

Make 2017 the year to avoid toxins (good luck) and master your domain: Words on Wellness

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

CDC Ingredients of Vaccines - Fact Sheet

Ohio House Bill 193

Inspire wellness

42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22 - Standards of responsibility 

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  1. spiro skouras says:

    On behalf of Newsbud I would like to thank Dr. Neides for having the courage to speak freely with us about this extremely important and controversial topic. It didn’t take long for Youtube to start messing with the view count, the trailer went from several hundred views, to 29! Stay tuned for more coverage at Thank you all for your support!

  2. Shelly Dockery says:

    This was good. Thank you.

  3. Ohanapecosh says:

    Doctor Neides, Very informative and thank you, but Hey, Be Careful Out There! I’ve read/heard that the death rate for alt. and functional medicine Drs. is suspicious and has risen sharply, is that true? Plz watch your step!

  4. Jesse Collins says:

    Great report, I really believe this issue of medical integrity is crucial for our success as a society. Conflicts of interest built into the system seems to be the norm and the health of our people is being compromised. It is, as it always was, primarily our responsibility as individuals to oversee our own health. Unfortunately there is more deception than honest transparency and open studies at the highest levels of discussion in our society now it seems to me. Which has not and will not yield optimal results considering this skewed basis that results in faulty assumptions to subvert the public’s opinion and keep the gravy train rolling until the biscuit wheels fall off, so to say. Mothers and parents responsible for their children’s health have a hard time weeding through the vast superficially planted information widely disseminated to find well rooted advice on how best to move forward with the health of their family in today’s society.
    I particularly found the good doctor’s comment at 20:23 to be inspiring. “Allowing people to thrive, achieving our highest quality of life; it really drives our society to a whole other level where everybody’s benefiting. Not just the select few who are able to game the system.” And am also thoroughly disturbed by the current situation we’re in now described just prior where the host’s early death or decrease in quality of life is of no concern to the dealers as their are plenty more lambs to slaughter in their view. Little to no honest alternatives are presented by the main stream (blocked by legislation, lobbyists, and privately funded organizations fueled by the current monopoly) to the patient or public at large to create choice and open competition encouraging better results and overall value over time.
    Chronic diseases and the doctor’s three main causes in his view were discussed at 23:10 as follows: 1-Inflammation, 2-Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, and 3-Inability to detoxify completely. Robert Barefoot who wrote The Calcium Factor and Death by Diet was being interviewed on a late night showing on PBS years ago. His advice as an excommunicated doctor encouraged me to take a personal interest in my own health and diet. I stopped getting coral calcium awhile ago when the quality of the product was noticeably decreasing from my supplier. However, I took to heart the concept of preventing “degenerative diseases” by providing my body with the proper nutrients and minerals it needs to function properly allowing passage of new cellular material in and waste material out from my system. I admit that with my AP biology studies of the bilipid layer and calcium’s supposed role it only really confirms just how little I know but that I know something important is going on at a cellular level. I take an assortment of Herbalife vitamins currently.
    Further I will encourage those who are already using vitamins to engage in an activity to stimulate detoxification and of course continue to resupply your body with what it requires to help heal itself along the way. There are studies that show their is a strong correlation between patients who practice tai chi and improved health. Chen style tai chi is what I personally practice (and should more often for that matter) and had the honor of learning under Cheng Jin Cai. Through regular and consistent practice using the correct techniques developed over centuries in China by the Chen family with guidance and corrections along the way, I was able to achieve a level of exercise where I truely believe my body was able to expel toxins including heavy metals. There are easier ways I suppose, but none the less I promote detoxifying.
    Finally I will note that although Bob Barefoot was thouroghly slandered and lost his license to practice after pushing for change too hard, to my knowledge he was allowed to fade into the sunset of the American consciousness without a premature death. My tai chi teacher was actively promoting tai chi as an alternative health benefiting method in Houston where big medicine is really BIG (like everything in Texas, right?). After returning from a trip to California where he was an honored guest promoting tai chi with regards to health and wellness, he started to complain to me about pains in his abdominal region. Later that year he was diagnosed with a rapid form of pancreatic cancer. After a series of unfortunate events including eating a mango after undergoing chemo and being rushed into a blood transfusion at the hospital and then left unattended where an adverse reaction started but the transfer was not stopped due to protocol and time elapsed…he passed away much sooner than anyone would have expected him to live. His good will and desire to teach others something that can truely benefit their lives, lives on in me and others who had the pleasure of his company and listened to his wisdom. I wish you the best and thank ya’ll for sharing this message.

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