Richie Allen Show: Journalist Claims Some Pro-Syrian Activists SPYING On Assad for Western Intelligence Agencies!

Richie Allen is joined by his guest Jamal Daoud, to discuss the situation in Syria. This is a must hear interview that delves deep into the so called ‘activists’ and ‘journalists’ who are operating inside Syria.

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Show Notes 

Richie Allen April 25th interview with Jamal Daoud

Sibel Edmonds: The Fog of War – Syria & More

Syria Under Siege: Guarding Against Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Newsbud Responds to James Corbett’s Smear Campaign

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  1. spiro skouras says:

    I have to say I respect Richie Allen, he is always fair and never gives a free ride or panders to anyone or their agenda. It would be good to have him on the show sometime. The second half of this interview gets very interesting!

    • Harald Meling says:

      It seems Beeley has contacted her lawyer because of death threats originating from Jamal Daoud.
      Would it be a story?

      • spiro skouras says:

        Mr. Meling,
        I already responded to several of your questions on twitter. Like I said there, that is between them and I’m not getting involved in that. I did not write an article about the Beeley Bartlett supporter who made a death threat video against Syrian activists that was later praised by members of their own group. Here is the link to that conversation.

      • Herald, I think that would be great. A court case will bring out (expose)everything- including shady funding and background for these lunatic operatives. I wage my bet: you will see no such a thing. Why do you think they did not go after Guardian, Channel 4, Middle East Monitor, BBC, Richie Allen, and hundreds of other news organizations whether MSM or alternative? Because they know their shit will come out, and they know that they have ‘ZERO’ ground/case. Now, I have received several reports from twitter/Corbett researchers regarding your posts and bad-mouthing Newsbud (and myself). I am going to try and be gracious here and give you an opportunity to get out of this amazing site/community. You will be Number 28. We have nearly 4000 subscribers here. Since our latest expose on human-waste B-B we have gotten rid of 27 viruses (trolling and blinded idiots) and have had a net gain of 71 new subscribers for the month of April. What I am trying to say: We are cleaning house, and seeing your idiotic attacks and comments out there we’d like to see you leave and join the lunatics here (I invite all members to read the comments posted by people like Herald and 7 other despicable Corbett Fund-ers here: see for yourself the ones we have disposed of): (We now call it Newsbud Garbage Disposal- where removed ugly people get recycles). In 2013, due to our coverage of ‘The Intercept’ we had to remove 80 ignorant people, so this is not a new practice.

        • spiro skouras says:

          Thanks Sibel,
          I was not aware of Harald’s comments there, he accuses Sibel of being a ‘dissinfo agent’ engaging in a ‘controlled demolition of truth’ to ‘bring down corbett.’ This is complete GARBAGE and I personally am offended, I can only image how Sibel feels. I don’t think this is the right place for Harald. Its ironic how Harald speaks of ‘true colors being revealed’ My recommendation, is to send Harald packing. You dont go around bashing Sibel and Newsbud then try to cozy up here like its all good.

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