The ‘Hidden’ Pentagon Budget Deal & the Traitors in Congress

Newsbud’s founder and editor Sibel Edmonds and Spiro discuss the closed-door Pentagon budget deal. They also cover interventionism, foreign aid and the sellouts on Capitol Hill who claim they represent the public.

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Show Notes  

Watchdog Says Billions In Afghanistan Funding At Risk Of Misuse

Here are the countries that receive the most foreign aid from the US

U.S. foreign aid: A waste of money or a boost to world stability? Here are the facts

Tracking Billions of Dollars in Foreign Aid in One Map


The Number of Homeless People in America Increased for the First Time in 7 Years

Number of homeless vets rises for first time in seven years

Number of Americans Without Health Insurance Rose by 3 Million in 2017: Gallup

Healthcare Crisis

House Lawmakers Close Pentagon Budget Hearing to the Public

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  1. catherine ladd says:

    Our real reason for the continued occupation of Afghanistan is to insure the uninterrupted flow of opiates to the EU and US.

  2. chris claus says:

    Newsbud team I appreciate your factual work, you are showing backbone and courage.Stay with your investigative truth finding mission ,keep going with the uncovering of the wrongs as you do and your starlight will become brighter day by day.
    Go on, hard works pays off.

  3. Gregory Hofmann says:

    @29:30 you are talking infrastructure… Michigan repaves it’s roads with 2 inches of blacktop over deteriorated 40 year old broken concrete when it comes time to support the incumbent politicians. In two to four years it’s for shit again. Thank you for nothing you for-shit-politicians.

  4. P. Brooks McGinnis says:

    Hi Newsbud; The American economy is balanced on a very fine edge. The private bank that is the Federal Reserve has created a unknown amount of money; but for sure 21 trillion is owed. These bankers collect interest on this money they create out of nothing, out of thin air. The Federal Reserve can not be audited.

    Please do more current reporting on the Federal Reserve. Perhaps talk about America’s non-audited gold supply also?

    Meanwhile the Federal Reserve is rising interest rates. This will trigger defaults from some homeowner mortgages and business ventures.

  5. Gary Putz says:

    Let me start with saying that I have been going to Newsbud’s site since the very beginning and have seen a lot of great reporting here but things have definitely changed as of late. Unfortunately, I am now seeing a resemblance like what is plain to see with Alex (Pro Zionist) Jones which puts all your integrity in question now.
    Here are a few things that bother me about this video:
    Why is it that when you were talking about foreign aid, you only said that we give Israel over 3 billion per year when they are without question given more than any other country? And why is it when you were talking about us giving these other countries money that are doing unjust things like Saudi Arabia attacking Yemen you fail to mention Israel’s inhumane attacks on the Palestinian People?
    Anyone who studies world events and our foreign policy knows that Israel pretty much owns our government and is by far the greatest threat to this country.
    Why is it that both of you put so much emphasis on Rand Paul for what he is doing wrong when there are so many others that are so much worse like John McCain and Lindsey Graham? Although I am not a huge Rand Paul supporter, there are much, much, much more corrupt people in congress that need that emphasis.
    Why is it that you criticize Ron Paul’s organization? To me, Ron Paul is the greatest patriot of my lifetime. He was pretty much the lone voice for liberty in congress for many years. I have been watching Daniel McAdams for a long time now and I have never seen any flaws in him. What is it that you have against him?
    I noticed in another recent video you were criticizing James Corbett. That’s another man that I believe does excellent work.
    If you wanted to criticize what I see as “Controlled Opposition”, why wouldn’t you go after someone like Alex Jones?
    I want to say again that I have been quite impressed with a lot of your organizations reporting in the past but with some of your most recent videos, it puts you under suspicion as being linked to the establishments “Controlled Media”. I hope I’m wrong, but it sure doesn’t look that way.

    • steven hobbs says:

      Hey Gary,
      I’ve been around for a while too, each of us arrives here with a particular filter on “truth” including the presenters. Reasoned dialogue is part of the process, as is a personal investigation of our frames of reference, information validity, and historical remembrance. For the most part, I’ve found presenters on a mission of investigation, discovery, and revelation. There is much here to disagree with, no doubt. It is sort of a contestation of ideas where everyone is invited to step up, speak up. Over the years I’ve only experienced one incident I classify as editorial misconduct. And, it’s not been repeated. Since I’m a bit of a mischief misfit that is a good score by me. BTW, don’t care for Ron Paul’s philosophy being fairly disgusted by it (save non-war spending). A. Jones disgusts profoundly more than RP (father or son). There is a lot revealed on this site about Israeli perfidy. Take a look. Best,

      • Gary Putz says:

        Hi Steven,
        Over the years I have spoken to many people like you that don’t agree with Ron Paul’s philosophy, but in most cases it was because they didn’t really understand what he was all about and instead were manipulated by main stream media into thinking that way. Ron Paul, like myself, is a strict constitutionalist. Our country was built around the constitution to keep us from ending up with all the problems we face today (a tyrannical form of government). The Constitution is supposed to be “The Supreme Law Of The Land”. This means that all these illegal activities from our government such as the writing of illegal laws, foreign aid, their interventionist foreign policy and especially the acceptance of the corrupt Federal Reserve, should not be happening. I believe that if the people of this country would actually study the constitution and hold our government to abiding by it, our problems would be very, very, very minimal.

        Rand Paul is definitely not like his Dad. That was quite obvious when he supported Mitt Romney and put the beanie on his head and hand on the wall. Anyone who says an attack on Israel is like an attack on the U.S. cannot be trusted and should not be in office.

        As far as Alex Jones goes, he used to put out a lot of great information but he has also done a 180 and is obviously “Controlled Opposition” now. Just look at all his salivation over Trump and avoidance of Israel subject.

  6. Henry A. Kirchdorfer III says:

    Dear Sibelius and spiro;
    Thank you for all your hard work. You ask the same question that I have been asking for years. Why are we sending all our tax money to other countries when we need the investment here. I could list all of the needs but you look around and we all can see it in plain site.
    I urge you two and all of your viewers to first read web of debt by Ellen Brown. It is a four hundred year HISTORY of the privat banking system that we all have become enslaved by.. second; read confession of a economic hit man by John purkans. Both of those reads will explain why we give so much money to other countries. The money system as we know it is nothing but a massive Ponzi scheme designed to benefit the multi national banking interest. Ooh politicians are enslaved by this system. Ellen Brown not only explains the system and it’s problems but soulutions as well. A must read to further our understanding of the state that we find ourselves in.
    Thank you
    Henry a. Kirchdorfer III

  7. steven hobbs says:

    Hey Sibel & Spiro,
    Great download of info. Break it down Sibel! Yes, a brilliant isomorphic metaphor john’s = citizen public; pimps = lobbyists; whores = politicians. The only problem, who runs the lobbyists? Who are their fixers? Please continue this analysis. Maybe we wear black on 4th? Intersectionality of peoples struggles in the streets?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, both of you seem to propose using state apparatus, i.e. voting, to make things right. Do you really believe this system can become humane with “term limits”? That it can be reformed? Even with proportional representation, fairly juried districts, the same day voting, or random selection of citizens setting laws, that it will be possible to get to fairness? These are great suggestions, however, without change of capitalism, I doubt they will hit their mark. Best,

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the feedback, I think this form of ‘capitalism’ has evolved into a fascistic system with the mega corporations i.e. google, facebook, military industrial complex etc. working in tandem with the government and banks. But you may be correct, it may not be possible to change the system from within the way it was meant to be done now that it has become so corrupted with special interests etc. while using the rule of law and the constitution as window dressing. Eventually this US dominated system will come crashing down and they know this, I think they will actually help to initiate the decline (already happening) so that it can be managed and directed towards a desired outcome, a new system of control, through the Hegelian Dialectic. But that doesn’t not mean we are powerless although we may be along for the ride. Everything is a cycle and I think many people feel that this current cycle is ending and with it, a new one will be born. Something we may see in our lifetime.

  8. John Phillips says:

    Dear Sibel
    Don’t change! Aside from your phenomenal brain between your ears, it is your passion that ranks up there with your intellect and is one of your most admirable assets! I’m amazed when people are all too sensitive to strong language. Strong language is justified at times!

    Another point…it is not a journalist’s job to “side” with any one issue, but to present the facts as they are without bias.

    Thus, I don’t always agree with you and/or your contributors or staff (or James C), but why would I want to look to people that don’t challenge my intellect and world view.

    Lastly, politicians are just that politicians; and today their job is to get reelected, not to serve the people or the constitution. Whether accepting bribes…I mean contributions from lobbyists or influential people or groups….it is the same. Influence that the common Joe and Jane does not have.

    Ron Paul flipped on the nomination of Pompeo. A classic example of his lack of support for the Constitution and the People.
    Best Regards

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