Nikki Haley for President?

If a recent Quinnipiac pill can be believed, most Americans approve of Nikki Haley’s performance at the United Nations. In total 63 percent approve. Both men and women, Republicans and Democrats look on her favorably. Only 17 percent disagree. Haley’s favorably rating out performs that of her boss, who comes in at 39 percent. This is astounding and also scary. If the poll can be believed, Americans approve of her combative approach to diplomacy and side with her on the neocon approach to foreign policy, including challenging Russia. She is hailed as the voice of America by the National Review, a primary outlet for neocon intellectuals. The publication insists Haley has become America’s great truth-teller, flouting diplomatic conventions to speak plainly and with toughness about the provocations of Iran and the rights of Israel. According to Donald Trump’s favorite news network, Fox News, Haley’s speech at the UN condemning the enemies of Israel and the United States, a strong case can be made that Haley will be the first female president in 2020. Polls are fickle, subject to change and even manipulation, but if this latest poll on the approval of Nikki Haley is correct, she may actually have a shot at the presidency. As Obama demonstrated, it doesn’t matter if a Democrat or Republican sits in the Oval Office—the wars, constitutional violations, and crimes against humanity continue. Foreign policy under Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren may appear to be kinder and gentler, but at the end of the day the establishment calls the shots and the same agenda dominates. Meanwhile, the American people remain largely clueless, especially in regard to foreign policy. The propaganda media performs its role effectively—dramatizing false flag chemical attacks with photos of suffering children who are not suffering but are unwitting props in a scam to get the American people behind never-ending war.

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  1. John Phillips says:

    Ummm. Polls are used to “tell us how it is” and how to think….front loading public thinking; not a vehicle to understanding “what we think.” That’s what surveillance is for.

    Are you aware by playing extensive clips of Haley’s speeches…you may, in affect, be providing her a platform for her disinformation? Report on what she is doing and what she says….best not to allow her to say it herself; although I understand the need to provide full accounting.
    Best Regards

  2. David Creighton says:

    CFR == Traitor

  3. Jeff Martin says:

    Is it any wonder that most Americans are ignorant of American foreign policy. I follow it pretty closely and most of the time I can’t figure it out. Hailey stands up in the UN and states that if countries don’t tow the American line, we’ll bomb the crap out of you. Some diplomacy, eh!? Hailey is worse than John Bolton (I didn’t think that was possible.)

    As far as polls go, they lost all credibility during the 2016 Presidential election when they predicted a Hillary landslide. So, just ignore them as propaganda.

    The other take-away from Kurt’s great article is that Syria was never, and is not. a threat to the National Security of the US. It was simple on a list of countries the neo-cons want to crush for the New World Order. If the US Deep State doesn’t quit goading the Russian bear, we won’t have a National Security issue to deal with. America will have smoking holes where major cities used to be…

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