A Million War Criminals

During a conference recently in Japan, former president Barack Obama said he wants his foundation to create a million young Obamas to carry on his legacy. He described it as a relay race in human progress. If you drink the Obama Kool-Aid, you probably believe Obama reversed a bankster engineered recession, created an unprecedented number of jobs, prevented Iran from getting nukes, killed the supposed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, and made health insurance a right. None of this is true. Obama advanced endless war, mass murder, and crimes against humanity. If we take him at his word, Obama wants to create a million war criminals to follow in his bloody footsteps. The propaganda media knows better than to ask Obama and his underlings about his war crimes, so for the most part Americans, who are stupendously incurious about the rest of the world, remain largely ignorant of the murder of women and children in their names. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is a stark reminder that the elite and their minions reward those who engage in the darkest and most brutal atrocities in the name of empire. Meanwhile, critics of this hidden reality are denounced as Russian agents, trolls, bots, useful idiots, traitors, and peddlers of fake news that threaten democracy.

Never mind democracy, as defined by the ruling elite, is mass murder, rape, pillage, and untold suffering and misery.

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  1. Pompous ass!! A murdering pompous ass.

  2. steven hobbs says:

    Hey Kurt,
    Excellent reminder of Obummer perfidy. It gets worse no matter which party. The kakistocracy capitalist state continues.

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