Tariffs & Trade Wars Are Initiated Out of Weakness

The Trump administration is applying aggressive trade tariffs against friend and seeming foe alike in these days of heightened yet manufactured global economic “events, dear boy, events”, to quote former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.  China’s getting the brunt of the tariff abuse, and is returning tariff pressures in kind while ramping up its drive toward achieving further, wider economic independence and geopolitical influence.  Reasons given by Washington for its tariffs are nothing new, however, whether the accused culprits are the Chinese, or allies such as Europeans powers, Canadians, Mexicans and others.

Why tighten the tariffs and wider trade war vices now, though?  Is it because foreign economic antagonisms are egregious to the point of being unbearable by the world’s strongest economic power?  Are non-US actors ultimately NOT supposed to compete ‘too effectively’?  Or are tariffs applied to distract away from an imminent, deep global recession, due largely to the world not having credibly escaped from the so-called Great Recession of a decade ago?

In this 20th episode of Money & Fear, and in the show’s detailed Show Notes listed under the videos on our website, we’ll review the disturbingly magnifying trend of hurled tariffs between the US and the East while weighing how China may be going about defending itself and mobilizing to ‘capture fish while waters are being stirred’ internationally, so to speak.  The Japanese experience post-Plaza Accord of 1985 will be weighed alongside weighty risks expressed in the US and wider West over such seemingly rash actions of economic warfare.

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Show Notes

How Europe should respond to Trump's steel tariffs

E.U. Leader Threatens to Retaliate With Tariffs on Bourbon and Bluejeans

Steel Braces for Trump Threat

Trump rolls out a massive list of tariffs for $50 billion worth of Chinese products

U.S.-China Trade Tariffs Could Set Back Much of Trump Job Gains, Says Study

China's About to Give Global Finance the Chance of a Lifetime

Study shows tariffs against China would destroy thousands of American jobs

The National Retail Foundation website

Trump's massive new tariffs could have distressing consequences for your beer purchases

Trump's newest trade policy has been tried before — and it was terrible for the US economy

US-China Trade Talks End Without A Deal After Trump Hikes Deficit Cut Demand

China seeks to learn from mistakes of 1985 Plaza Accord

Two Decades of Deflation: Impact on the Japanese Financial System

China won’t repeat Japan’s Plaza Accord mistake

In Silicon Valley, a gathering urges Washington to rethink view of China

China's tariffs would hurt Apple and these other US companies

Dow plunges more than 550 points as Trump-China trade war threats escalate

Dow tumbles as many as 700 points amid mounting trade war fears

Alibaba Group, China - Website

Possible trade war couldn’t come at a worse time for US, says Alibaba co-founder

Trump trade team visiting China just got bigger

“It became necessary to destroy the town to save it”, unknown, Vietnam, 1968

Britain Embraces China's 'One Belt' Initiative; Washington Offers Warning

China’s rise as a regional and global power: The AIIB and the ‘one belt, one road’

Andrew Polk – Trivium China

Alternate Unemployment Charts - ShadowStats

Where the current economic boom ranks in American history

U.S. Economic Expansion Could Become Longest on Record


Marx, Hegel, the Enlightenment and Magic

'Full spectrum dominance': Donald Rumsfeld, the Department of Defense, and US irregular warfare strategy 2001-2008


The Art of War

The 36 Stratagems, in Detail

The I Ching

The Mozi

Go: More Than a Game

Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition

The Grand Chessboard

Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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  1. Many of the points you make about the “tariffs war” Trump is starting are probably valid. But he didn’t create this de-industrialization situation – others did. Others who haven’t had a storm of bizarre calumnies thrown at them by the US intelligence and law enforcement organs and “news” media. Can you find articles by Krugman warning about technology transfers and production transfers to China in past decades? Krugman mostly favored the Clintons, US labor unions and gay rights.

    What would you recommend? I would recommend massive interventions knocking the USD rate down 20, 30 pct, until the trade deficit goes away. I would recommend rapid US disengagement from Korea, the middle east, and ceasing all forms of interference and intervention in other countries’ affairs.

    If Trump or any other President did big systemic moves like that, how long do you think it would take before he went the way of Kennedy, Nixon?

    • Pye Ian says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      1) Trump’s not in charge of anything; he’s thus a distraction from the others you reference, which are ‘beyond (behind) Parties’, which, too, are distractions. If anything, Trump has been assigned by the Establishment to oversee an overdue correction process that’ll involve mass consolidation of assets across the industrial & information spectra;

      2) I’d concur with the foreign disengagement ‘duties’, which have sapped debt-driven spending while costing Americans necessary training, savings, investment tiers, et al. Not sure how much the currency war forex rate ‘knock downs’ would truly mitigate medium to longer term macro-issues, though. Perhaps a) negotiate a ‘re-set’ debt-wise with the rest of the world while b) performing said military/intelligence/logistical/’soft power’ draw-downs…


    excellent presentation.probably the best video presentation i have seen in years. outstanding

    • Pye Ian says:

      Thank you, Jonathan. Please spread the word about our show & Newsbud in general!

    • David E Burden says:

      I completely agree with you on this. In fact, Pye, and one other guy named Brandon Smith of Alt-Market are just about the only people I pay attention to on these kind of things that have to do with the economy. The talking heads of the Lame Stream Media, or corporate government colluding media, either have no clue about what is really going on, or they are purposely lying about it.

      As usual, you were hitting on all cylinders on this one. Thank You Sir.

      • spiro skouras says:

        Hi guys,
        Thanks for the feedback, we are happy to be able to deliver nothing but the best to our valued community, after all, without you, the members, none of this would be possible! So we should be thanking you! Thank you! I have always found it difficult for any financial news and analysis to hold my attention for more than a few minutes at best. I think this is for a couple reasons. One, usually financial reporting only covers a small percentage of what’s actually going on and why. This practice can be seen of course in all types of news coverage, local, national, international etc. and of course, in the sound bite age of news, 99% of the time is spent pandering for a political agenda, which you will not find here at Newsbud. Reason two, I guess largely stems from reason one, but most of the financial news I see is BORING! Not Money & Fear. Also, in light of the breaking news about Deutsche Bank, it looks like Pye’s analysis was ‘on the money.’

        • David E Burden says:

          You’re right Spiro. In fact, Pye is on top of these things and is always right in his predictions as best as I can see. I believe, based on the evidence I have seen thus far, that the fact that he is also well versed in Geopolitics is a huge contributing factor. This helps him tremendously in his understanding of what is going, and why, in my opinion.
          That seems to be a shared trait among the Newsbud staff collectively, it is amazing to me how Sibel managed to gather together as many experts in Geopolitics into one organization as she has, but I also realize that you, with your organization skills, had a hand in this also, so thank you too.
          I can’t even stand to watch or listen to the financial pundits what-so-ever anymore. Nor much of any of the MSM et al. I’ve gotten spoiled by being a Newsbud junkie I suppose.
          Keep up the good work Pye, and the rest of the team.

          • Pye Ian says:

            Thank you for your kind words, David and Spiro, and for your watching & reviewing our content here on Newsbud, David. Greatly appreciated.

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