Former CIA Operative & FBI Whistleblower on Covert Illegal Ops. & Out of Control CIA

In this edition of Probable Cause, Sibel Edmond’s guest is Verne Lyon, a former CIA operative involved in Operation Chaos, in addition to covert operations in Cuba.  Lyon is the co-author of the brand-new book Eyes on Havana - Memoir of an American Spy Betrayed by the CIA. Edmonds and Lyon discuss Lyon’s new book and the ongoing illegal covert operations conducted by the CIA domestically and abroad. This is a must see one-hour exclusive interview only available at for members. Nonmembers can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

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Show Notes 

Eyes on Havana - Memoir of an American Spy Betrayed by the CIA

Betrayed by the CIA: The Framing, Kidnapping, & Imprisoning of an Agent Who Just Wanted Out

Book Review: "Eyes on Havana"

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    It’s nice to see more of the participants come out and she’d some light on the coercive culture, from recruitment to engagement in “influencing” other nations. My political awareness started by digging into the insane actions in Nicaragua, even after Congress voted down support for the CONTRAS. And, even above and beyond the stealthy, illegal support, including running guns and drugs, the USA’s military put an embargo on Nicaragua, using ships to block trade. The USA tied the embargo to the results of the next election. Vote for ourcandidate, we lift the embargo, otherwise starve.

    And now, all of you people who say, with such contempt for the choices of another nation, “Go live in Venezuela, if you like socialism!”, please understand the very complex corruption that occurs to their economy, from external sources, such as… Guess who!

    That co moment is not meant to endorse socialism. It’s meant to ask people to stop oversimplifying their convictions and recognize others SHOULD BE free to choose for themselves, without so much “influence”. There are many tools, and many contexts.

    Thanks for the great interview!

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thanks for the comment Robert.
      I really enjoyed this interview as well, I thought Sibel did great and Verne Lyon is such an interesting person, with lots of stories to tell. Both Edmonds and Lyon, have had extremely interesting lives and both have been through a lot. Both of their books are on my must read list.

      • Robert Diggins says:

        Thanks, Spiro. I really appreciate the interaction you and other producers provide in the comments.

        Just thinking back to the mid 80’s, I’m reminded of The School of the Americas, where we would bring in dictators-in-training and educate them on various coercive methods, such as the use of death squads and terrorism. There used to be ongoing protests outside its gates. I remember that they changed their name, maybe in the 90’s or soon after, but I haven’t followed up on what’s going on thete now or if it’s still used for the same purposes. (And I forget that I can “Google it”)

        I wonder if it’s mentioned in Lyon’s book, which is on my buy list as well.

        I would be interested in other members’ memories of the era and any knowledge about the School.

        And, does anyone remember a US government official (I think), who took a gun out of a paper bag and shot himself on live TV? I can’t remember who that was, or what it was about. I searched for it about 10 years ago, but didn’t find anything. Does anyone else remember that happening? I think it was in the mid to late 80’s.

        There’s so much to learn by revisiting the events around that time. It’s when I first heard about the “Shadow CIA”, which was made up of Dulles and others Kennedy fired. That was the first concept of the “deep state” that i learned about, and part of the reason I said to my wife, “Those f*****’s did it!”, on the morning of 9/11.

  2. TruthHunter says:

    I find his view very limited. He obviously doesn’t like Donald Trump. So he obviously thinks Hillary would’ve been a better choice. He is obviously still working for the CIA just like Snowden. They are definitely a sneaky bunch. He didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. Sibel you should try and get a hold of someone with real information like Cody’s Snodgrass. He will open people’s eyes. The CIA/FBI is not very happy with him. They want him dead, if he isn’t already.
    Between the CIA/FBI and many other government agencies in America and around the world they have become the largest most dangerous criminal organization world has ever seen. Most of them work for the highest bidder. Why do you think that lowlife scumbag George Soros is allowed to get away with the things that he does? For all I know George Soros may be their banker. I know George Soros and his NGOs have been working directly with the CIA for years. Not much surprises me these days.

  3. ruth slater says:

    At least the man is honest regarding his motives to signed on with the CIA rather than fight the war with conventional military. Cowardice seems to characterize his choices when he decides to inform on college students and ultimately his trip to Cuba where he did not stop his team from attempting to poison innocent children.. He tries to make it clear “cement ” isn’t poison thats how delusional he is in his own behavior . Thats disgusting in it self . Then he becomes a “hero “because he writes about it . He was part of the problem not the solution of the CIA horrific actions. I agree with TruthHunter he didn’t tell us anything we didnt already know . He talks about we dont have any other mechanisms in place for these issues , HOW ABOUT WE CHANGE OUR FOREIGN POLICIES ? START THERE .i think Sibel is way too smart for this guy .I think this man is too old school on his analysis he isnt a person of new thinking at all and thinking of having him back on in the future is a waste of time and an insult to our intelligence . He thinks like CIA and it shows why he was recruited in the first place and that wouldnt be anything to be proud of.

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