U.S. Army’s Surgeon General Wants To Microchip Soldiers & Diplomats

Army’s surgeon general recently said soldiers may soon have implantable health monitors and robotic surgeries will be done remotely. We look at the potential pro’s and con’s of this type of technoogy. Plus the hottest stories of the week.

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Show Notes 

Soldiers may soon have implantable health monitors and robotic surgeries done remotely

US alerts its diplomatic staff in China over ‘abnormal sounds and symptoms’

Will Body Monitoring Implants Be The Future of Healthcare?

Defense research agency seeks to create supersoldiers

The Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments On Humans 

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  1. Nonelilian says:

    Attack on natural laws:

    Forced Vaccinations, Microchipping, Mental Hacking: MLK Ultra

    Natural Laws:
    Nothing is suppose to be in our minds (We naturally guard our minds for a reason, because naturally nothing is suppose to be in or affecting it so do animals) and our lives. Natural laws: include no slavery of our minds and lives. All the above can attack are minds in one form or another and or our mental health. Natural laws include the right to refuse all the above so why does the government think they can enforce them.

    The Right NOT to Kill: (Including the Bible for Believes) One can only logically kill another in self-defense, naturally, making this the only Natural Law or conscious acceptable form. Therefore: Not giving soldiers the right to refuse going to war, is to force soldiers to fight and kill others based on other people’s decisions. Why soldiers do not vote on war and nor have the right to refuse fighting in any war, is the way the deep state and all governments have gotten way with using soldiers to kill others for their own interest, outside the peoples refusing of war. Along with side swiping Congress.

    I feel this lack of understanding on natural laws is the problem with the world and America.


  2. Lance Baker says:

    Very professional and informative information that has been keeping the people informed of big government, big farma. And keeping them in check ! Thanks Spiro for you updates and ongoing investigation of the REAL NEWS available! Keep up the good fight ! Lance R. Baker

  3. Lance Baker says:

    P.S. proud of everything you are doing !

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