Newsbud Exclusive- The Lowest of Low: The Blurring Line Between Education & Indoctrination!!

The line between education and indoctrination appears to be quite blurred in California where administrators and teachers are increasingly pushing an agenda based upon indoctrination. One of the most recent examples involves Gregory Salcido, an El Rancho, California high school history teacher who equated joining the military as something akin to eating “Cat sh#t or dog sh#t” (Teets, 2018). Not surprisingly, this “classy” educator is also an aspiring politician, a member of the Pico Rivera City Council (Pico Rivera City Council, 2018). Salcido asked this question at the end of a 6-minute profanity laced diatribe directed at one of his students for committing the unconscionable offense of wearing a U.S. Marine Corps tee shirt to class. Salcido’s comments and behaviour typlify a shift that the American educational system is going through. One where critical thinking has been replaced by propaganda and indoctrination. Schools are no longer a place where children go to learn; they have become a place where teachers peddle their viewpoints to captive, unsuspecting minds.

The intent of Salcido’s comments was not designed to stimulate any form of meaningful debate concerning the nutritional value of consuming “sh#t”. His sole intent was to publicly humiliate a student and dissuade him from joining the U.S. Marine Corps upon graduation. The first amendment most certainly affords teachers like Salcido the right to express their opinion in class. The standard applied to Salcido’s first amendment right as a teacher to Freedom of Expression revolve around whether his comments materially disrupt the educational interests of the school district (FindLaw, 2018). In this case Salcido’s conduct, actions and political views, while acting in the capacity of a teacher for the El Rancho High School, do not conform with the school district’s policy concerning civility in community relations nor do they serve any education interest. (El Ranch Unified School District, 2017). In fact, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for the state of California has provisions to remove Salcido’s accreditation to teach in the state based upon his use of profanity in the classroom (Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 2013). Section 44434 of the code states: “Each city or city and county board of examination may for immoral and unprofessional conduct, profanity, intemperance, or evident unfitness for teaching, recommend to the city or city and county board of education, the revocation of any certificate previously granted by the board of education in the city or city and county” (Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 2013). Consequently, Salcido’s comments and actions most certainly disrupt the educational interests of the school district and violate the standards for Freedom of Speech. [READ MORE]

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  1. James Williamson says:

    What’s wrong with Salcido? (Even if I mostly agree with him…) Whenever I see a “grown” person exhibit such displays of emotionalism toward (or contempt for) a student’s behavior (even if it was more serious than donning the “wrong” tee shirt, I think to myself, in general: do Americans ever grow up? In the age of rampant and rabid hyper-individualism, this is the inevitable result, I believe. A sorry state of affairs.

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