The Lies of Mike Pompeo

On May 21, Trump’s new secretary of state Mike Pompeo provided details on how the United States will escalate tensions with Iran following the US rejection of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Pompeo’s Heritage Foundation address recycled lies and distorted the truth about Iran. Probably the most outrageous distortion concerns al-Qaeda, the original Frankenstein of terror incubated and turned loose on the world by the CIA. Not mentioned is the fact the US planned to work with Iran shortly after 9/11 to stop the movement of al-Qaeda fighters crossing the border into Afghanistan. This idea was nixed by then Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. President Bush then cited Iran’s alleged cooperation with al-Qaeda in his co-called Axis of Evil speech prior to the invasion of Iraq. Secretary of State Mike Pomeo’s address at the Heritage Foundation is a mile marker along the road to war with Iran. It is spiked with lies, misrepresentation, and fantasy.

In the months ahead, we’ll see a recycling of the previous neocon propaganda tactics, a reconstruction based on the bullet points of Pompeo’s address. Now that John Bolton is in charge of foreign policy and an anti-Iran advocate heads up the State Department, the US will build a case for an invasion, possibly in concert with Israel and Saudi Arabia. This is John Bolton’s last chance. If Democrats take back the White House in 2020, he will no longer drive foreign policy. Trump and Bolton’s worst nightmare is a resumption of the JCPOA and relatively less open hostility toward Iran.

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Show Notes

US Decides to Accept Iran’s Help against Al-Qaeda but Offer Nothing in Return

US Refuses to Exchange Information with Iran about Islamist Militants

Bush Labels Iraq, Iran, and North Korea an ‘Axis of Evil,’ Ending Cooperation with Iran

Neoconservative Advocates US Bombing of Iran

Much of Al-Qaeda’s Management Council Detained in Iran, Held as Bargaining Chips with US

Zinni: Bigger Issues Than Iraq Confront US

WHIG Puts Out White Paper On Iraq

US Immediately Rejects Comprehensive Peace Proposal by Iran’s Top Leadership

US Rejects Al-Qaeda-MEK Prisoner Exchange with Iran

9/11 Commission Staffer Discovers Material Possibly Linking Iran to 9/11 Figures Unnoticed in NSA Archives

9/11 Commission Chairman’s Comments Lead to Flurry of Reporting on Iran, None on Pakistan

US Policy Shift in Iraq Aimed at Rolling Back Growing Iranian Influence

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