Italy, the EU, Banking & Systemic Risks Rising

Recent Italian political turmoil triggered telling volatility in stock markets globally, yet much is at stake regarding wider economic stability in this, a decade after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. I.E. We’re not out of the woods yet from the debt-drenched mayhem of ten years ago, if you go by true, rather than assigned & advertised statistics, and the very nature of solvency for many institutions and thus political calm is all linked to delicately managed perception, rather than to core economic or certainly auditable financial fundamentals.  Should opposition, euro-skeptic governments come to the fore in economically beleaguered nations such as Italy, the EU project would be threatened and, in turn, confidence in both systemically and systematically important mega-financial institutions would turn on a dime.

In this 22nd episode of Money & Fear, and in the show’s detailed Show Notes as always listed under the videos on our website, expect an immediate reviewing of causal relations between political friction within a nation or region and the frail stature of overleveraged finance delicately supporting its political infrastructure, alongside those of counterparties across the Atlantic Ocean.  Would Italy dropping the euro currency, leaving the EU or certainly both in turn cause, say, a collapse of its banking sector, which in turn would domino to take out Germany’s largest lender Deutsche Bank, which in turn would negatively affect US megabanks, those who’ve brushed toxicities under Deutsche’s rug for years while treating it like a red-headed stepchild?  Is all this inevitable anyway, and hence are the ‘smartest money’ crowds & most privileged planners arranging for a necessary sense of “controlled chaos” to achieve more synthesized ends?  The latest Bilderberg Group meeting was held just last week in Turin, Italy.  Yes, Italy, not coincidentally.  I wasn’t in any of its meeting rooms, but know enough to know that the 0.0001% do not believe in coincidences…

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Show Notes

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The Road to Ruin by James Rickards

Alchemists of Loss: How modern finance and government intervention crashed the financial system by Kevin Dowd and Martin Hutchinson

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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