Why Neocons Hate Russia

On December 26 1991 the Soviet Union imploded and deprived the US its most formidable adversary. Nearly 20 years before the fall of the Soviet Union, a group of neocons attacked the idea of detente, a lessening of tension between the two superpowers. A handful of prominent neocons, including Ben Wattenberg and Irving Kristol, with the backing of the evangelical Christian Zionist movement, pushed back against the peace process and the winding down of the Cold War. The neocons took advantage of Nixon’s preoccupation with Watergate. They moved to establish themselves as the masters of US foreign policy, an effort that would mature with deadly consequence during the second Bush administration. The maintenance of external enemies is key to the ideology of both neocons and the national security state. In the beginning it was communism and the domino theory. This was followed by a wholly manufactured Islamic threat. The final objective includes gaining control over all precious assets, most prominently access to oil and required strategic resources. Short this access, the petrodollar will shrink and die, and the indispensable nation will fall like the Roman Empire.

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Show Notes

Foreign Policy Initiative

How the Neocons Shaped America's Russia Phobia

Chronology of the Ukrainian Coup

US Democrats, Neocons ‘Joined Hands’ to Demonize Russia and Create New Cold War

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  1. William Field says:

    Cheers…& I think there is even a utube Vid of Vic Nuland at an event boasting the Ukraine Revolution cost US $5Bill…Nice to get a new report from Kurt! Champion!

    • Jeff Martin says:

      As I recall, $5 Billion in gold was transfered from Ukraine to US… For safekeeping, don’t cha’ know.

      • William Field says:

        Didn’t know….seems this is true. From China Daily: Quote “23 November 2014.
        On 07 March 2014, an unmarked transport plane was on the runway at Borispol Airport east of Kiev.
        Four trucks without license plates and two Volkswagen minibuses arrived, people in black uniforms, masks, and body armor stepped out, some armed with machine guns.
        They loaded the plane with more than 40 heavy boxes.
        =Later it was confirmed, that acting Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk had agreed, to transfer all 33 tons of the nations gold reserves, worth 1.8 billion US$, into custody of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

        This is a striking analogy to both Iraq and Libya, which had their gold reserves confiscated by the USA after the USA/NATO conquests.

        Most of the gold in Ford Knox (4,578 metric tons), and Manhattan (7,000 metric tons), is probably gone, used to finance US military efforts.

        Analysts avoid the term “stolen” and use instead the phrase, that the “gold has been overcommitted.”

        In an effort to meet their rising debt obligations, central banks around the globe have been printing money at a frantic pace. ”

        Distrust between central banks, and lack of faith in fiat currencies, is growing and many central banks try to bring their gold back home.

        Equador wants its reserves back, there are initiatives in Switzerland and Netherlands to repatriate gold.

        Germany wanted some of its gold back, but allegedly logistical requirements prevented the NY Fed from returning Germanys 300 tons of gold.

        After a year of waiting, the NY Fed only sent 5 tons, and it weren’t even the original bullions.

        The Bundesbank admitted that the gold sent back had to be melted down and tested for purity because it weren’t the original bars.

        Venezuela was luckier, it got its gold reserves back, though it took the NY Fed nearly five month to scrape the 160 tons of gold (valued at around 9 billion US$) together and deliver it to Venezuela.

        Back to Ukraine.

        The price of gold in Ukraine reached its absolute historical maximum — a gram of gold is sold at 665 hryvnia.

        Since the beginning of the year the price of gold almost doubled.

        Valeriya Gontareva, governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, acknowledged:

        “There is practically no gold in the depositories of the National Bank of Ukraine. There is a small amount of gold bullions, but they comprise practically one percent of the gold and forex reserves.”

  2. Aaron Crowell says:

    Not the KJV bible, I think you mean the Scoffield Bible. Pre Trib Rapture is NOT in the KJV . Get you facts straight, try reading the book first.

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