Newsbud Exclusive- The U.S. War Industry: Fortification, Profiteering & the Opportunity Costs of Needless Spending!!

The U.S. war industry consists of the corporate behemoths that manufacture weapons of war and matériel for the Pentagon and its allies. The U.S. war industry runs the Pentagon, not the other way around. As a result, the globe is experiencing endless for-profit war.

An informed public can remedy this situation. Understanding trends in military spending is a crucial part of forming an educated, mobilized citizenry. This analysis for May 2018 focuses on fortification, profiteering, and the opportunity costs of needless spending.


Force Protection involves taking a variety of steps to make it harder for enemies to attack a military site. It basically entails setting up a strong defense.

In March, NetCentrics Corp. (Herndon, VA) received funding to provide the Pentagon’s Force Protection Agency (PFPA) with information technology. Part beat cops and part ill-tempered mall cops, the PFPA basically guards the facilities belonging to the Department of War.

On 23 May, Grunley Construction (Rockville, MD) received over $16.2 million to build new security facilities for the PFPA. Grunley is not building an austere guard shack, but rather a formidable complex that includes an indoor firing range, facilities for K9 units, and areas for various capitalist legal procedures. Part of the construction will demolish existing structures and build upon the North Basin of the Pentagon’s contiguous property.

Serco Inc. (Reston, VA) is one of the War Department’s go-to corporations for force protection services. In February, Serco was tasked with sustaining force protection at U.S. Navy facilities worldwide, following up on a contract issued a year earlier. In April, Serco was tasked with improving Electronic Surveillance Systems for the U.S. Navy, in coordination with other military branches and government agencies.

Perhaps these contracts are merely distinct precautionary measures. Perhaps. Or maybe certain government officials within the U.S. oligarchy realize the people are awakening. Such officials would know that the citizenry recognizes the degree to which war profiteering is draining the treasury, sacrificing family and friends on the altar of endless war, and killing millions of innocents abroad. [READ MORE]

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