Surreal UK Deportations: The Government Cuts Off Its Nose to Spite Its Face!!

In this edition of Probable Cause, Newsbud’s founder and editor Sibel Edmonds’ guest is Saleem Dadabhoy, a successful businessman in the U.K. who employs twenty British citizens and is now facing deportation after being served with a controversial provision 322(5) of the Immigration Act, despite winning multiple appeals and no criminal history. Join Sibel Edmonds as she tackles this ‘Kafkaesque’ immigration scandal with a call to action!

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Show Notes  

'Credible and honest': the company director facing deportation to Pakistan

Deportation risk for skilled migrants

UK Home Office targets migrant entrepreneurs over tax

Skilled migrants targeted by UK Home Office over minor tax issues

Government U-turn over anti-terror provision used to expel migrants

"I'm Just A Number For The Home Office": Company Director Facing Deportation

Indian diplomat warns UK over skilled worker numbers

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  1. John Phillips says:

    Umm. While I don’t lack empathy for this man being screwed by the British government, I’m left scratching my head wondering….”is this the most important immigration example we face?”

    With I.C.E. is running amok tearing families apart and separating children from their parents and holding them indefinitely, and the United States pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council says it all.

    This man is educated (something seemly required to be heard on this site), can defend himself and has resources (money) etc.; however, those being detained at the US boarder are often poorly educated, don’t have support or money, and cannot protect themselves…..They have nothing.

    Remember, the educated have resources beyond anything most people of the world can even imagine and we are expected to feel sorry for this guy and look past the neediest of the world. And where has the needy come from…..the corporate business world…this guy’s world. How’s does the cast system work in India and what options do the “untouchables” have?

    Gee…he’s dealing with his 3 year old daughter getting treatment in a hospital…..tough as that might be….
    Trying being someone without any of the options this man has.
    Best Regards

  2. Jeff Martin says:

    It’s obvious to me, the UK doesn’t want the best and brightest of immigrants. Although Sibel never asked Saleem what religion he followed, I surmise he was NOT Muslim. The UK Government has a love affair with uneducated and savage Muslims that will breed the native population out of existence.

    ICE doesn’t make arrests at the borders. They arrest legal green card or illegals who are ALREADY inside the country and conducting illegal activities.

    ICE is under the strict standards of Performance-Based National Detention Standards 2011 (PBNDS 2011)(Revised 2016). Under Section 2.1, Admission and Release; 7. Each newly admitted detainee shall be kept separated from the general population until health, housing and custody classification is completed but not longer than 12 hours.

    Under Section 2.2, Custody Classification System; 3. Any detainee who cannot be classified because of missing information at the time of processing (e.g., the results of a criminal record check) shall be kept separate from the general population. Once the needed information is obtained, classification shall be expedited, and the detainee may be housed in the general population, if warranted.

    Now for the children: Section 2.6, Hold Rooms in Detention Facilities; 3. Males and females shall be confined separately. 4. Minors (persons under 18) shall be held apart from adults, except for documented related adults or legal guardians, provided this arrangement incites no safety or security concerns.

    Are these precautions unreasonable?

    Now the US Border Patrol: they are tasked to apprehend aliens along the land borders and between POEs (Point of Entry) due to suspected criminal activity or violations of U.S. immigration law, such as illegal entry into the United States or presence in the country without lawful immigration status, and transports them to Border Patrol holding facilities, where they undergo processing before being removed, released, or transferred to ICE for
    long-term detention, among other scenarios.

    The BP guidelines are similar to ICE. ICE has the luxury of knowing who the detainees are, the BP does not. Many “parents” detained with children, do not even know the children’s names. So separation is required as these detainees are not the children’s parents. Many detainees have no documentation on them. Without fully identifying who these people are, you just can’t kick them loose to wander the US freely. More and more illegals are showing up at the border as OTM (Other Than Mexican). Who are they?

    Stop listening and reading the Lame Stream Media about the immigration issue. They have a bias towards open border and no immigration laws whatsoever. Just look at Europe. That’s where the US is going to be in a few years if the US doesn’t get a handle on illegals running into our country at will. It’s not a matter of being nice to illegals, it’s about national security. Coming into the US illegally, is just that, illegal. It’s a crime. It’s also an injustice to those who waited patiently for years to come to this country LEGALLY.

  3. John Phillips says:

    Clearly you know nothing about the dominant religion of India….and what does religion have to do with it anyway?

    “Illegals” What a convenient term. Haven’t you ever done ANYTHING illegal? Really…are you that pure?

    So, you wish to make the argument that the ICE actions are just! Okay…

    When ICE and our law enforcement begin arresting the Wall Streeters, the Banksters and applying the law of the land and our Constitution to our elected officials and the truly lawless….then and only then will your “laws” argument be sound. Otherwise it’s just the oppressor oppressing the weak. Take it up the chain to the wealthiest instead of down to the neediest.

    I read all sides of this and other issues. What do you read….seems that you read only the worst about what I know to be extremely hard working people! You can’t get Americans to work as hard and be as TRUST WORTHY as Mexican nationals and South American immigrants.

    Guidelines, policy, laws…these are the tools of fascists…..

    I’d rather see a bankster go to jail than some poor slob who was dealt a losing hand from the beginning and never had a chance.

  4. Robert Diggins says:

    I find myself, generally, on the side of the more vulnerable. But, that is a relative term. Each of the situations mentioned in the comments have victims, who are more vulnerable than the abusers.

    As for security, economics, etc., I don’t think looking at any of this through the lenses of incompetence is helpful. We are looking at purposeful policy/actions.

    If we understand that most of the ethical, hard working, desperate people DON’T WANT TO LEAVE THEIR HOMES, COMMUNITIES, LANGUAGES, AND CULTURES, then we should focus our laser at WHY. NAFTA for starters. Also, trafficking of all sorts.

    Any “terror” groups/operations ARE ORCHESTRATED! They aren’t blowback, another blurry lense. The same goes for trafficking.

    We really need to understand that the gov/mafia of compromised dirtbags are running these shows. And the shows are connected.

    Please watch this again and again, until it stinks in:

    Watch “Special Report- State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’” on YouTube

    We have the goods on this cabal. Evidence, corroboration, and means, motive, and opportunity. Please spread awareness of this extremely prescient and backed up narrative. It applies to the bigger picture of orchestrated terror, trafficking, stand downs, and the takeover of our government.

    Children who just crossed a desert or pregnant women, or simple, desperate, migrants trying to help their families survive the corporate ruin of the Mexican/Central American Ag Economy, should be given resources, in terms of food, shelter, and investigation into their circumstances and help finding their families, before refugee decisions are made.

    We dont need to compare victimhood. These professionals’ stories just highlight more orchestrated corruption. Also, I have experienced changes in social status, myself, and can say vulnerability and suffering are relative, in one sense. I think we can find principles upon which we can find common ground, no matter how you define a pawn, a victim, or a criminal.

    Fight the divide and conquer psyops. Punch up!

  5. Justine Darowska says:

    Why? There is a long standing discussion among the working classes in the UK. The government(s) have been promising to reduce immigration. It is just a numbers game. It is much easier to get rid of people like this one because can in no way claim to be a refugee and he has proper paperwork. Poor uneducated trafficked economic migrants a) often destroyed their papers to get here, so deporting them is difficult, b) can therefore hide their identity and country of origin so they call into the ‘refugee system’ and can stay for almost ever. So the immigration figures can only be reduced by getting rid of these guys because illiterate trafficked claimants hang around forever. The result will be to turn immigration into a wholly negative experience for the UK with no benefit to the country.

    Oh, writing to our MPs elicits the answer ‘we can ‘t comment or interfere in individual cases’. I know, I’ve tried.

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