Newsbud Exclusive- A Shadow Government: Gazing Down the Rabbit Hole & Pondering…What IF??

The election of Donald Trump was without a doubt the strangest and most controversial presidential campaign in the history of the United States. Trump and Clinton are, without a doubt, two of the most polarizing candidates ever to seek the US presidency. A significant portion of the electorate didn’t vote for Trump, they voted against Clinton. Despite media claims to the contrary, Trump won legitimately and significantly over Clinton.

The United States is made up of 3,141 counties (Leahy, 2016). Of these counties, Trump won 3,084 of them and Clinton only 57 (Leahy, 2016). If you look only at the 62 counties in New York State, Trump won 46 and Clinton only 16 (Leahy, 2016). These statistics clearly illustrate the stark reality of why the United States utilizes the Electoral College instead of the popular vote when electing the president. The electoral college prevents states with the largest populations from determining the results of every election.

Despite the legitimacy of Trumps election, his presidency has faced unrelenting and coordinated opposition from both republicans, democrats and the media. A recent study by the Media Research Centre shows that over 90% of the media coverage of Trump is negative (Harper, 2018). This negative coverage of Trump is 3 times greater than that of Obama (Dedard, 2017). This truly is unprecedented! The big question would be “why is Trump being targeted so aggressively”? Trump is the first candidate to become president with no prior political experience. Trump came from the private sector with no political experience. He wasn’t anointed by the political elites, he didn’t kiss the ring of any of the party elites, he did it on his own in a very unorthodox but highly successful manner. He is unscripted and unfiltered, often saying exactly what’s on his mind. The message that got him elected into the Whitehouse reflected the frustration so many Americans faced day to day in their lives. He says exactly what he thinks and doesn’t care what people think of him. Trump is the first non-politician to become president and he did it by not playing by the established rules. Those in power don’t like the fact that Trump doesn’t play by their rules. Consequently, he represents a threat to the them, their power and the status quo. The elites are working together to get rid of Trump, minimize his power and to maintain the status quo. Given these facts, Americans should be asking themselves some fundamental questions!

What if…there really is a deep state and a shadow government? Prior to the Clinton Email scandal and the Russian collusion investigation, the majority of Americans might have scoffed at the idea of a shadow government and a deep state. Only conspiracy theorist wearing tin foil hats would dare have thrown those terms around publicly. However, given the recent Department of Justice Inspector Generals (DoJIG) findings concerning the Clinton Email investigation, it increasingly looks as though the existence of a deep state and shadow government may not be so crazy after all. Most people have heard the terms “deep state” and “shadow government” but don’t understand exactly what they are. The shadow government is often considered to be the consolidation of all the intelligence organizations of the United States Government. Collectively, they use the unconstitutional power of Government to secretly run the legitimately elected government. Kevin Shipp, a former CIA analyst and whistle-blower, claims that the deep state and shadow government are real and do in fact exist. The shadow government consists of the CIA, NSA, FBI, the main stream media and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The shadow government works in conjunction with the deep state which is the military industrial complex, military industrial congressional complex, defence contractors, intelligence contractors, the International Monetary Exchange, the World Bank, Wall Street, foreign lobbyists and the Treasury. They augment the power of the deep state existing in the secrecy it created. Their goal is to perpetuate the ongoing system of unjust enrichment for its members and to ensure the power and control of the shadow government.

The concept of a shadow government and deep state seems to be difficult for many Americans to comprehend. However, given all the recent disclosures concerning Trump, the Clintons, the Russian investigation and the Email scandal there certainly is a case supporting their existence. [READ MORE]

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  1. Mark Nusbaum says:

    “These statistics clearly illustrate the stark reality of why the United States utilizes the Electoral College instead of the popular vote when electing the president. The electoral college prevents states with the largest populations from determining the results of every election.”

    This is an utterly undemocratic statement – what he seems to be saying is units of land should elect presidents and not people, and those units of land exist through a political process with its own intentions at the time of the creation of those units. A popular vote election ensures that the person getting the most votes wins the election, one person one vote, and land is immaterial. The electoral college tweaks that to give more voting power to people who live in states with higher per capita land area, and then further distorts that by making elections winner-take-all in these arbitrary land segregations. I lived in California in 2016 and so had less impact on the election than anyone in any other state – we get fewer electors per capita than any other state because of the formula, and the result of the state’s election was a forgone conclusion, Killary winning by the largest margin of any state for either candidate. So I was effectively disenfranchised.

    This guy’s definition of the deep state is wrong as well; the deep state is simply the forces impacting the actions of government which are not elected or result from elections, are not the public state. The deep state is the compilation of forces that make the government act in ways not in compliance with the people’s democractic will. The shadow government isn’t a great term, but it really is the same thing as the deep state, the largely-unrecognized forces that drive the actions of the government. I think it’s more accurate to say the intelligence services are effectively the operational arm of the deep state, in part because they are only to a limited degree responsive to the will of the elected state, because of the blanket of secrecy that they are provided with. The CIA has always been much more responsive to the will of oligarchic forces than it has to the will of the people.

  2. Mr Nusbaum;
    The United States is a Constitutional Republic where the President, Congress and the federal courts share power in accordance with the constitution. The division of power between the branches of government, federalism, is what makes the American constitutions system a singularly unique means of governance. The United States is not a direct democracy. It’s most certainly is a democracy put not a pure democracy; it’s a constitutional federal representative democracy. As such, when Americans vote they are voting for other Americans, electors, who are appointed by the states. The electors pledge to support the presidential candidate the voters have selected. The intent in creating this was to satisfy each states demand for representation while balancing sovereignty against the risk posed to the majority from majority rule. If we didn’t have this, populous states like California, New Your and New Jersey would decide every election. “This guy” never said: “units of land should elect presidents and not the people”. “This guy” did say the federalist system works well in a country like the United States because it forces presidential candidates to go to smaller states. This makes the concerns of Iowa farmers somewhat as important as the concerns of a New York banker. If you find that “undemocratic” there really is nothing else to debate! America doesn’t want populous states like California deciding every federal election.
    “This Guy” was unable to find Mark Nusbaum’s definition of the deep state when I was researching for the article. Consequently, I was forced to use Kevin Shipps definition. I know citing Kevin Shipp, a career CIA officer, whistle-blower and author with 2 books published on the subject of the deep state and shadow government probably was a poor choice but “This Guy” just couldn’t find a Nausbaum article to cite. Got a source for your definition? I’ll email Kevin and let him know given his experience it doesn’t meet the Nausbaum test…he needs to know his definition is wrong.

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