CIA Whistleblower Exposes Black Ops Targeting School Kids’ Milk!

In this edition of Probable Cause, Sibel Edmond’s guest is Verne Lyon. A former CIA operative involved in Operation Chaos, in addition to covert operations in Cuba.  Lyon is the co-author of the brand new book Eyes on Havana - Memoir of an American Spy Betrayed by the CIA. Edmonds and Lyon discuss Lyon’s new book and the ongoing illegal covert operations conducted by the CIA domestically and abroad. This is a must see one-hour exclusive interview only available at for members. Nonmembers can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

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Show Notes 

Eyes on Havana - Memoir of an American Spy Betrayed by the CIA

Betrayed by the CIA: The Framing, Kidnapping, & Imprisoning of an Agent Who Just Wanted Out

Book Review: "Eyes on Havana"

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  1. Mark Ribbit says:

    Great interview Sibel!
    Sibel you asked the million dollar question to Mr. Lyon at the end of your interview and I’m glad that you did.
    “What would you advise congress if you could in terms of what should be done with the CIA?”
    Mr. Lyon said basically that “It should continue to collect and analyze intelligence, but get rid of its covert operations capabilities. No more secret attacks. Don’t assassinate foreign officials.”
    He didn’t say if he thinks its OK though to assassinate national officials?

    Despite all that he has gone through with the CIA it seems he is still prepared to defend them and the U.S. in their function as ‘world bully’.
    He doesn’t get that the M.I.C. loves the fact that Russia, China, Korea, the Middle East countries etc. are stirring up the pot.
    This is engineered by the U.S. It is desired by them.

    He admitted that the CIA would never give up its covert operations arm on its own.
    His advice to congress should be to get rid of the CIA period.
    Sever your allegiances to the organization once and for all.

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