Breaking: Insiders Reveal Secret Deal to Topple Iran Government!

In this edition of Probable Cause Newsbud’s founder and editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Spiro Skouras, as Edmonds reveals information obtained by multiple insider sources about a secret deal that was made to remove Iran’s current government by force! You will not hear this anywhere else! Stay tuned for related coverage exclusively for members at

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Show Notes

India Folds Under Pressure, Halts Iranian Oil Imports

US zero tolerance for Iranian oil imports a blow to Japan

Truckers display new face of popular protest in Iran

France: Iranian Diplomat, Five Others Arrested In Plot to Blow Up Anti-Regime Rally in Paris

Rudy Giuliani calls for Iran regime change at rally linked to extreme group

Who is the Iranian group targeted by bombers and beloved of Trump allies?

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  1. The war on Iran nears …. “The increased presence of troops in Afghanistan and America’s removal of ISIS terrorists from Raqqah to Afghanistan are the beginning of the manoeuvres to start the offensive on Iran. They are gathering on Iranian borders to aid the takfiri invasion of Iran through the Arabistan region (Ahwaz). Such a region is heavily backed by the GCC axis who aim to overtake the Iranian oil manufacturing plants under their control. War is inevitable and only gets closer as time passes.”Rouhani will be removed from office and if he doesn’t let go of his seat of power with some respect, demands will come from the Wilayatul Faqih front to move him out by force.

    • Andreas Hedqvist says:

      Please think about what you are writing. Ground troops on the Iranian border? That is just stupid. Take a look at the geography for a second and you’ll realize how completely nonsensical that is. The Syrian criminal endeavor is coming to an end and the US will withdraw and Israel will not be able to wag the dog like before. Reconstruction of Syria by China, Russia and even European countries will also benefit Iran with new transportation hubs, ports and links enabling the China-Russia-Europe integration which the US/UK have so desperately tried to prevent over a century.

  2. Really like to see someone to put together the involvement of Freemasons and military industries, secret services of any country that sees Iran as the central player and dominant culture and a leader for most of Muslims in the world since except couple of them most other rulers and governments are very much disliked due to their ties to foreign interests. It’s said that if you see hungry Muslims, rest assured that the rulers are corrupt and dishonest. We could add energy agriculture and banks and pharmaceutical s to the list but if afew are explained we could figure the rest.
    Please put a channel together that people who want to do something to show our discontent with the world and policies practiced could share ideas as most people just have no idea what is going on but will be easier to share easy steps and practical choices with. Peace is ours to get

  3. Mark Ribbit says:

    Thanks Sibel and Spiro for this breaking news story. I will do my best to spread the news
    to as many as possible.
    It seems like the west is aiming for plan A to take place, but what would the MIC actually prefer?
    And are these two plans the only options possible?

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thank you for your support Mark, Stay tuned for an in-depth hour long discussion and analysis with Sibel and Pye coming out very soon!

  4. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    Sorry this scenario and plan is not new and if set in motion it will fail miserably. The entire story is an Israeli concoction that fails to include the current rapid changes in geopolitical sentiments around the world. If you take a few steps back and look at the entire US/UK meddling in the Middle East it is quite obvious that the overall strategy is an attempt to stop the Chinese Eurasian integration program, primarily the one belt one road project. It is a decades old geostrategic conflict which is apparent when reading Brzezinski. Right now Europe is showing signs of having had enough of US bombastic and quite frankly tyrannical policies and it is very clear to many European governments that the current government in Iran is working for reforms, completely contrary to the zionist fake news garbage being echoed throughout western media. If this type of insane plan is set in motion in Iran the idea that Israel can sit on the sidelines and watch as they have done in the past will not fly. Everyone and their uncle knows that Israel is the architect and when China gets physically involved Russia will no longer restrain itself either. Don’t forget how Russia defused the Turkish coup and are working closely with Iran as we speak. There is a reason why Russian aerospace forces are currently expanding cooperation with Iran and coordinating activities in Syria also together with Iraq.

    Whatever is going on inside the United States right now better get resolved quickly because the US is becoming ever more isolated and increasingly being viewed as a rogue state. The financial stranglehold the US has enjoyed over the rest of the planet is now evaporating and continuing with threats of sanctions and trade tariffs will soon no longer work but only backfire. This kind of uncertain dark cloud combined with the Israeli Sampson option has many countries worried and is a relic of a bygone era. The US needs to adapt to a changing world and work towards positive economic solutions not least for itself. Stop the madness and get rid of the sick zionists who are stuck in their war, terror and mayhem scenario playbook.

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