The New American Civil War and Martial Law

According to USA Today, civil war has arrived in America. Trump’s illegal immigrant separation policy resulted in demonstrations across the country. His press secretary and Homeland Security boss were harassed. California Democrat Maxine Waters has urged supporters to stalk and harass Trump staffers. It’s possible some deranged person or persons will interpret the call for resistance and civil disobedience as an excuse to seriously injure or kill Trump’s staffers and supporters. As the riots in the 1960s and more recently in St. Louis and Baltimore show, violence, arson, and destruction of property on a large scale is possible. In 1987, we caught of glimpse of what’s going on behind the curtain of official secrecy. During joint congressional hearings into the Iran-Contra affair, Texas Democrat Jack Brooks asked Lt. Col. Oliver North, Reagan's point-man on the National Security Council, about a plan to suspend the Constitution, round up dissidents, and impose martial law. The corporate media wistfully announces there is a civil war brewing in America but says nothing about what will happen after cities are torched or politicians attacked and possibly killed. They are oblivious to the possibility of a military takeover and a suspension of the very Constitution and Bill of Rights they depend on to guarantee the right to a free press.

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  1. Amber Sayman says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if, through whatever means, the establishment/deep state aimed to exacerbate existing political divides as much as possible in order to stoke the flames of Civil War and justify the kind of military takeover you speak of. I picture this new COINTELPRO phenomenon in the form of a digital topography of ideology that can be effectively gerrymandered in order to maintain (or in this case destroy) political order… this idea is so nefarious. If the end goal is the disruption of all organic activism, what can anyone *do* about it aside from being aware?

    • Jeff Martin says:

      That is what Operation Jade Helm 15 was all about; “Mastering the Human Domain.” And Full Spectrum Dominance. Even back then Michael Hayden was warning us that the Russians were behind the disinformation on what Jade Helm was really all about. Well we now know Hayden was, and is, a liar. Besides, why would a former CIA director be a spokesman for an Army exercise?

      I don’t think all these people advocating violence really understand what they are asking for.

  2. John Phillips says:

    “Kent State Shootings” Really? Today we call that a Massacre or Mass shooting, during which the United States National Guard KILLED four (4) unarmed American students! What the hell is going on here? Softball?

    The Patriot Act was fully drafted and ready for implementation the day of 9/11.

    A thinking man or woman would understand….the cake is baked.

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