Watch: Hillary Clinton’s Most Outrageous Lies Exposed!

In this episode of Newsbud's Off Limits with Spiro, we examine the biggest lies of Hillary Clinton.

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Show Notes

Insiders Reveal Secret Deal to Topple Iran Government!

CIA Playbook: What’s About To Go Down in Iran

The Shift & A Secret Deal on Syria: Trump vs Clinton

The Clinton’s Swamp

The NSA Hacked the Election Not Russia

The Real House of Cards

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  1. this seems a little more like click bait than i hope to ever see here…
    and it doesn’t seem really unbiased… where is the story about the Russians who have been indicted?
    having been a long-time follower of boiling frog, (and paying member) what I love is the deep probing news, that really uncovers the story to its root.
    this video seems to be more of a jump on and us vs. them bandwagon.

    • Andreas Hedqvist says:

      I disagree with your assertion. The question that many people ask now is on what grounds was this Rosenstein indictment based? We know that the FBI did not perform any server forensics themselves and we also know that the alleged hack was not perpetrated via the internet which begs the question – how exactly are these 12 Russian individuals implicated? The truth will be revealed sooner or later.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Mr. I Man, Thank you for speaking freely and for your feedback. I am very happy to hear you enjoy our in-depth extended video reports, I do too! Unfortunately, not everyone shares that with us, whether its due to time constraints, attention spans, or just personal preference. Regardless, this report was on topical news, based on current events and I wanted to offer a different perspective versus what I was seeing everywhere. I think I can speak for the entire Newsbud team when I say we are certainly not on any bandwagon, Trump or otherwise. To answer your question about the report on the 12 Russian indictments, I think you will see that story covered to death, just about everywhere else. This is sort of a ‘turn off’ so to speak when it comes to our coverage. Personally, I think its for show, possibly leverage but certainly a distraction, unless there is finally hardcore, bullet proof documentation that the accused are guilty and ultimately responsible for this circus of a special counsel that has wasted millions of tax payer dollars. I do really appreciate your support! Thank you

  2. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    Good report Spiro, thank you.
    Watching this whole Trump-Russia collusion story from afar (I’m in Europe) it is now painfully obvious what a farce it has become. I actually feel embarrassed for good decent Americans who have to endure this nonsense. The congressional hearings have become a circus spectacle and the mainstream media coverage is so biased and vile that it borders on comical. Aside from the obvious fact that Hillary is being protected due to her possessing control files on just about everyone within the beltway there are deeper levels to this. We know that Mueller was one of the gatekeepers for the 911 investigation and this I believe is the big elephant in the room. That is probably also what lies beneath the Awan brothers’ sanctioned spying on Congress – a safety net against any god forbid honest and patriotic members stumbling over evidence that could expose this false flag of the millennium. The entire scheme is becoming unglued now and I hope action is taken before these traitors become desperate and set something in motion that cannot be stopped. The size and scope of it all is coming into view and what puzzles me more than anything is how well the cognitive dissonance program still seems to be working. I hope the reality shock doesn’t last too long because we’ve seen what happens when entire populations have their beliefs decimated, such as the Soviet Union and East Germany, it can take decades to mend.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Andreas, thank you for your feedback. You made some very good points and I can’t help but feel this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the level of widespread corruption throughout the system. The system has become toxic and its consuming everything in its path. Also, I feel this circus is feeding into this unprecedented and growing divide in this country. Has there ever been a time, aside from the civil war when the US was more polarized? Or divided? The majority of news outlets I see, both mainstream and alternative are playing into this divide and conquer strategy as well. What and when will be the catalyst or breaking point? Or is there one? Or maybe the machine will just keep chugging along while it chews us up and spits us out. Because thats whats going to happen unless we do something… Thanks for your support

      • Andreas Hedqvist says:

        Thanks Spiro.
        Something changed my whole view yesterday. From having been quite pessimistic for over a decade now I am all of a sudden feeling very optimistic about America. Media is trying desperately to manufacture fake narratives but it is no longer working. The wave of individuals who are now coming forward in the #WalkAway movement is fantastic. Everyone I’ve listened to so far have expressed their views eloquently and clearly with deep thought. I’m actually very impressed and now think there might be a chance of a President Paul someday.

  3. Gregory Hofmann says:

    Washington horse and pony shows to cover for israel. I Boycott israel.

  4. The madness is exponential. This anti=Russian thing, is insane. US#IN_SANE. Watching congress ‘establish-the-narrative’ without actual proof that ‘Russian’ ‘cyber-influence’ on social platforms is anything other than normal internet trolling leaves no room to doubt that madness has taken hold. All those decades of fear-mongering the children to get under the desks has born strange and Idiot fruit.
    Still. If select committee and congress can still believe the 19 Hijacker ‘collapse’ myth, Boston Strong and LasVegas Myths; ‘Russian Collusion’ is a cinch.

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