A Wake-Up Call for Iran: The Real Cost of America’s ‘Liberation Wars’

In this edition of Probable Cause, Newsbud’s Founder & Editor Sibel Edmonds delivers a powerful message to the Iranian people, based on the bloody track record from America’s ‘liberation wars.’ Edmonds documents the real cost of these foreign interventions as she examines countries like Syria, Libya and Iraq, both before and after being ‘liberated.’  See the full report exclusively at Newsbud.com or you can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on demand.

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Show Notes

Insiders Reveal Secret Deal to Topple Iran Government!

CIA Playbook: What’s About To Go Down in Iran

The Shift & A Secret Deal on Syria: Trump vs Clinton

CIA - Al-Qaeda Operations Center in Iran’s Backyard Exposed

Iraq Protesters Storm Airport, Oil Offices Amidst Energy Crisis; Foreign Companies Begin Evacuations

Iraq declares state of emergency amid ongoing violent protests

Violence continues to plague Iraq with 205 casualties recorded by UNAMI in June

U.N.: Violence, armed conflict left 94 Iraqis dead in May

Unrest In Southern Iraq Continues As Government Cuts Internet

State Department Travel Advisory: Iraq

Seven years after Obama's 'worst mistake,' Libya killing is rampant

Why Libya's Future Is a Haze of Cigarette Smoke

UAE-backed Haftar in takeover of Libya’s oil ports

Libya's Tripoli Security Chief Kidnapped by Local Militia – Reports

State Department Travel Advisory: Libya

How Syria’s Death Toll Is Lost in the Fog of War

4,759 Civilians Killed in Syria in the First Half of 2018

Syria rebels feel abandoned by U.S. in southwest, where civilian death toll climbs

U.N. urges Jordan to open border as 320,000 flee while Russian jets hit southern Syria

Syrian Refugees (Internal & External)

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Thanks again for the inspiration! Your perspective is so necessary and shared by many. But, we need reminders of how prescient or past is to our future.

    Note on the most excellent George Carlin: While his point was still delivered with exceptional wit, I noticed that he said something that has confused people in the USA, since the 80’s, when I was in Jr. High and had to correct my friend’s mother (my friend was mad at me about this for a while, but eventually came around), because she thought the USA was fighting the CONTRAS. It sounds like “rebels”, but they were definitely an arm of the Empire. So, maybe, if I may be so bold, “CONTRA Killers are called Freedom Fighters” should be understood as killers who are CONTRAS, not as people who kill CONTRAS, who were actually fighting to protect the freedom they had exercised, as Sandanistas. Maybe he wrote it correctly, but missed the accent or pause in his delivery. Something like a pause between the two words would have been more true the theme of that excellent bit. At first I thought he might have been confused about the CONTRAS, but, I realize it probably was just a delivery issue. Or maybe it was just me. I wouldn’t normally try to criticize such an awesome talent, but I instantly remembered the confusion which existed at the time. So, I decided it’s worth pointing out, for the benefit of the audience, to halt any further confusion about just who we supported, with The School of The Americas, and many similar black operations and illegal drug and arms trafficking, which continue to today, for our continuing “Liberation” efforts.

    Thanks, NB. You’re on a roll with this series and getting the word out about the common people of the world having a common predator and reason to empathize and unite, shattering some false dichotomies. This is the best!

  2. P. Brooks McGinnis says:

    No More War
    Here is a Free Book on “No More War”

  3. Benoit Gérin-Lajoie says:

    Hi dynamic duo !
    your analysis of the situation is always spot on, as usual BUT… I don’t know what to make of Sibel’s plea to Iranian people at the end of the video. All great sound philosophical advices and principles but no practical advice. Please reassure me and tell me that you had not in mind to imply and suggest to the Iranian people to… topple their government !!!
    Best regards

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