NATO and the Stable Genius

During the election campaign, the corporate media made a big deal out of Trump’s criticism of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Trump didn’t criticize NATO’s mission. Instead, he told Europe to ante up. The president came close to criticizing NATO’s mission. In a March 2016 tweet, he said the organization is obsolete and it’s mission should be changed to support counter terrorism efforts. NATO didn’t end its mission after the Soviet Union collapsed. Instead, it expanded its operations into the newly autonomous Central and Eastern European nations. It now has 29 members and is recognized as the fastest growth of the US sphere of influence in modern peacetime history. It’s the world’s most powerful military alliance. It’s also a powerful political and lobbying institution. NATO asserted its new relevance when it joined in Bill Clinton’s plummeting of the former Yugoslavia. Clinton and NATO established the model for modern annexation and occupation. Donald Trump said NATO is obsolete. This is certainly not the case. NATO is a valuable asset. It serves as a reserve army for US interventions. Donald Trump won’t end NATO. He may yet get more money out of Europe to pay for the organization’s operations, but he won’t leave NATO on that account. NATO is too valuable as an enforcer. It wasn’t established to check the Soviets in Europe. It was created to enforce the economic dicta of the global elite, the financial and corporate class, handed down by the IMF and the World Bank.

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