Newsbud Exclusive- Immigration: Why Have Laws If You’re Not Going to Enforce Them??

Of all the laws the United States Congress could choose to ignore, why overlook US immigration law? The economy has been tough for years with millions of Americans living hand to mouth. Ignoring enforcement of the tax laws would benefit the American people far more than ignoring immigration law. Congress continues to kick the can down the road and refuses to enforce existing immigration laws or amend the laws currently on the books. The inability of the US Congress to take any coherent and meaningful action on immigration reform has created the current immigration crisis America is facing. The current situation is a lose/lose proposition, not only for Americans, but also for the millions of illegal immigrants living throughout the United States. Illegal immigrants come to the United States with the false hope that that they will someday become citizens. Once here there is no pathway to citizenship for people who have entered America illegally. Pro illegal immigration supporters are exploiting these people; preying on their false hopes that someday they might become citizens. It is cruel and inhumane!

Nobody knows the number of illegal aliens currently residing in the United States. Experts cannot provide an exact number but believe there are somewhere between 12 – 20 million illegal aliens living in the United States (Raley, 2017). The lack of any central database tracking the number of illegal aliens entering and exiting the United States makes calculating a definitive number impossible. Regardless of the actual number, all Americans should be extremely concerned as to what is unquestionably a substantial number of immigrants living illegally in the United States.

The media portrays the immigration crisis as a Republican vs Democrat issue. Their intent is to divide the population into manageable groups and control the narrative. Democrats are portrayed as benevolent beings who only care about the safety and well-being of a hardworking group of people who are doing America a huge favour by doing the jobs Americans refuse to do. Republicans are portrayed as malevolent racists who are preventing poor people from entering America in search of a better life. Most Americans blindly join their party and dutifully spout the party line concerning immigration policy. Unfortunately, both the Republicans and Democrats only concern regarding immigration is on the money their position generates from the base and the power it continues to bring to their respective party. Neither party cares about the health and wellbeing of the illegal immigrants and their search for a better life. They are more of a commodity that can be leveraged to raise money and control power. Controlling the narrative allows both parties to frame the debate as “Good Vs Evil” which only serves to further polarize its members against each other. The polarization allows both parties to raise money from their base as they jockey to consolidate and maintain power. If the US Congress really wanted to solve the immigration crisis, then it would have been resolved long ago. The political elites are using the media to manipulate the American people to raise money and maintain the status quo. They have no real interest in solving the problem hence their continued inaction to correct it [READ MORE]

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  1. Sandra copeland says:

    Israel, United States, France trained a soldier that became a leader of Mexico’s worst cartel (Loz Zetas) and the cartel manly stole oil from Pemex to sell to the United states and the theft of oil was so bad (supposedly) that we had to privatize Pemex. Wikileaks that the United States Trained the leader of the Zetas and prove that Pena Nieto was already planing to sell Pemex but telling the public that he was not going to privatize Pemex. Hillary Clinton pushed Mexico’s energy reform that would change the Mexican Costitution in order to privatize oil and the water for Fracking. While Mexican People where trying to survive the drug war that was backed by the United State. They stole Pemex, Pemex was literately owned by the Mexican People because during the Mexican revolution Mexico took back their oil for Private interest and in order to pay for Pemex the Mexican People gathered their gold and silver jewelry, table, chairs, chickens, pigs, silverware, little kids gave up their toys….. all to be converted into money so the could be for Mexico and it’s Future generation. Then when Big oil left they took their engineers with them and forbid them to help the Mexican people. People who didn’t know how to even know how to read or write but worked a longs side the engineers got to work and got Pemex running.

  2. Sandra copeland says:

    Israel, United States, France trained a soldier that became a leader of Mexico’s worst cartel (Loz Zetas) and the cartel manly stole oil from Pemex to sell to the United states and the theft of oil was so bad (supposedly) that we had to privatize Pemex. Wikileaks that the United States Trained the leader of the Zetas and prove that Pena Nieto was already planing to sell Pemex but telling the public that he was not going to privatize Pemex. Hillary Clinton pushed Mexico’s energy reform that would change the Mexican Costitution in order to privatize oil and the water for Fracking. While People where trying to survive the drug war that was backed by the United State. They stole Pemex, Pemex was literately owned by the Mexican People because during the Mexican revolution Mexico took back their oil for Private interest and in order to pay for Pemex the Mexican People gathered their gold and silver jewelry, table, chairs, chickens, pigs, silverware, little kids gave up their toys….. all to be converted into money so the could be for Mexico and it’s Future generation. Then when Big oil left they took their engineers with them and forbid them to help the Mexican people. People who didn’t know how to even know how to read or write but worked a longs side the engineers got to work and got Pemex running.

  3. Sandra copeland says: this is my source.
    A former Israeli soldier was deported from Colombia for alleged links to a criminal network suspected of drug trafficking, child prostitution and tax offenses that spanned across several countries in Latin America.

    Forty-three-year-old Assi Moosh was expelled by Colombia and returned to Tel Aviv under escort by immigration officers last weekend. In a statement confirming the deportation, security officials said: “Police in Santa Marta, capital of the Magdalena department, hereby announce the removal of an Israeli citizen who owns a spa hotel frequented by many foreign tourists. Deportation procedures have been commenced as per law and will be carried out due to the Israeli’s conduct, which has harmed Colombia’s national security.”

    Colombian news agencies reporting on the deportation revealed details surrounding the expulsion of Moosh who was exposed as being part of a group of ex-Israeli soldiers that had turned a small fishing village in Taganga into a “sex and drug den” from their base in a luxury resort that was known to locals as “little Israel”.

    El Heraldo, a regional newspaper, revealed Moosh as the head of an “international network of human trafficking, micro-trafficking and sex tourism”. The Israeli gained a reputation locally for organising private parties in a room within his hotel. From their base in “little Israel” Moosh is reported to have run similar clubs exploiting drugs and children in Cartagena, Bogotá, Medellín, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil.

    Local sources reported that Moosh was arrested when he arrived in the immigration office in Santa Marta accompanied by a group of armed men. It’s believed that he had been trying to obtain Colombian citizenship.

    According to the national police, Moosh had raised suspicion after it was discovered that his permits for tourism and hotel operation were obtained through a third party, enabling him to carry out criminal activities undetected for a decade.

    Locals are said to be “relived” by the arrest. Residents told journalists that Moosh “had been one of those who destabilised the social order of the people.” Many felt he should have been arrested long ago.

    The mystery for many locals, according to El Heraldo, was the Benjamin hotel. Residents of Taganga described the resort as a “bunker” run by Moosh “exclusively for Jews”. While it’s unlikely that many of the locals would have actually seen the inside of the luxury resort, the feeling that it was an unwelcome place for non-Israelis has even been reported by visitors on TripAdvisor. “Not Israeli? Forget about it” wrote one visitor who had given the hotel two stars in the review. “First off this is a good hotel/hostel but if you are not from Israel I wouldn’t go there my wife and I were made to feel very uncomfortable even had people come up to us and say ‘are you from Israel?’ I said ‘no’ to their reply ‘then why would you come here’.”

    Reports of how “ex-soldiers turned a Colombia fishing town into a sex and drug den” had been on the media’s radar for a while. In February Colombia Reports uncovered the tension within the popular tourist region caused by the Benjamin hotel. The report found that “Benjamin [hotel] employs and accommodates almost exclusively Israeli citizens, and was officially opened by 20 rabbis brought over especially from Israel”.

    Security in the hotel is reportedly coordinated by a Willington Vasquez, who, according to the report is also known as “Manuel, a former member of a paramilitary death squad”. Locals from Taganga complained that the Israeli “tourism entrepreneurs” were running a drug trafficking network and prostitution business.

    The friction between locals in Taganga and the Israelis was also reported in 2012. “Four Israeli ex-soldiers are the new ‘masters’ of Taganga” was the headline in the El Tiempo. The paper alleged that the Israeli “businessmen” were selling cocaine and sexually exploiting young girls.

    A journalist from El Tiempo investigating the allegations spoke with local officials, residents and the Israeli businessmen who pleaded innocence saying that “the community is wrong, everything is false”.

    But the report proved otherwise. The authorities said that they were “clear several Israeli ex-soldiers who arrived in that village” were “leaders of criminal gangs”. The authorities complained that the Israelis took over social premises, violated rules on tax payments and permits and were involved in selling drugs and sexually exploiting children.

    The ex-Israeli soldiers became known as “the untouchables”. El Tiempo journalists travelled to the area and discovered that some of them were living in a concrete mass, guarded by eight security cameras. Others carry arms and move in 4×4 trucks flying the Israeli flag.

    Testimonies from villagers and local authorities, who, El Tiempo said requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, exposed the drug and prostitution industry that had blighted the small fishing village.

    Their standoff with the ex-Israeli soldiers led locals to create a committee and to request help from the Santa Marta administration.

    Mayor of Santa Marta at the time, Carlos Caicedo, told El Tiempo that the situation in Taganga is serious and that he will ask the Israeli embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to review the legal status of the ex-military personnel settled in the Benjamin hotel.

    Residents of Taganga appealed to their government to end the criminal activity in their village and a request was also made to the Israeli embassy, according to El Tiempo, to sanction the criminal behaviour of its nationals.

    As for Moosh, it’s reported that Colombian authorities have imposed sanctions on him which prevent him from returning to the country for at last ten years.

    Also known as Assi Ben-Mosh, he has been connected with drug trafficking and sexual exploitation throughout Europe and in Japan and has been investigated by police in Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Thailand, India and Brazil.

  4. Tim Ferner says:

    My article focused on the issue of illegal immigration in America. Your responses are focused on justify illegal immigration because of perceived injustices done by the American government in central and south America. I disagree 100% with position and here’s why.
    1. Most of your argument is based upon the assumption that the United States government has caused internal strife and unrest in Mexico and other countries in central and South America. Consequently, peoples from these countries have a right to escape and come to America. First, I don’t think your supposition is correct. The instability of the governments in these regions have allowed graft and corruption to flourish. Citizens within the affected countries have taken no action to correct the problems. Even if the United States was involved in training peoples within these countries they would have been invited and hosted by the governments. Training like this is done via bilateral or multilateral training agreements. You infer that the United States invaded these countries and covertly trained these people which is absurd! The United States government would train personnel designated by the host government in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bilateral training agreement. Any problems or issues would be the responsibility of the host nation not the United States. People who have not worked for the government or done multinational training assume all sorts of things and envision all sorts of classified scenarios. The rules, laws and congressional oversight force things to be transparent and accountable even at the classified level.
    2. The United states military and law enforcement organizations is composed of a good cross-section of the American population. People that are selected to engage in the training programs you allude to in your posts are from all sorts of backgrounds. Consequently, if there were illegal things taking place as part of the training there is a significant probability that the word would get out. People that work in classified programs hear all sorts of rumours about what they are doing. They can range from being very accurate to out right bizarre. Foreign training is scrutinized to ensure adherence to existing laws. So the likelihood of covertly training groups of people throughout central and south America without the knowledge and consent of the host nation is negligible. So if the US trained members of the drug cartels or anybody else it was done with the knowledge and consent of the host government.
    3. Despite you continued persistence in painting the United States as a bad actor…it is not! It is a good country filled with a large number of compassionate people. The issue of illegal immigration has tried the patience of a good portion of these people and the issue has diminished their compassion. I don’t need people illegally brought into the country to clean my house or cut my grass. If Americans are too lazy to do certain jobs than America quite obviously doesn’t need whatever that product or service might be. I do not support importing poor people into the United States as part of a new paid slave class ( and yes a disproportionate number of illegal aliens are in fact poor…otherwise they would follow the law and enter the US legally). The United States is not doing these illegal aliens any favours by pretending that someday they might become citizens. The likelihood of that occurring is quite small and leading them on is cruel and inhumane.
    4. The United States allows a certain number of unskilled individuals to enter the United States. The American taxpayer bares the burden of this in addition to the 12-20 millions illegal aliens currently living in the US. No other country in the world has this kind of problem. Equally, no other country treats illegal aliens as well as the US despite the ongoing MSM distortions in truth. Even extremely liberal countries like New Zealand expels illegal aliens quickly from their country. The United Sates has no obligation to take any more unskilled labours or refugees than it currently does.
    5. People that want secure borders and orderly immigration are not racist. They just want to see the laws enforced or the laws changed. Illegal immigration is a problem and will remain a problem for all parties until this occurs. Like many Americans…I dont care about the causes of illegal immigration, I just want it to end.

  5. John Phillips says:

    So, you dropped my comments and they were respectful. So, Sybel you’ve become the overseer, the decider of truth and favor BS like that from this guy. Until we as citizen force the law on the wealthiest, the most powerful and the most corrupt and most maligned legally…we have no chance.

    You’ve lost it to the money….too bad, so sad

  6. Mr Phillips;
    Who died and left you the arbitrator of truth? You are espousing your opinion. You present no facts to support your opinion. In the case of labeling “this guy” a racist you have libeled me. Just because you don’t like my opinion doesn’t mean mine are racist. I couldn’t give a toss about your opinions nor you feedback. I’ve maintained a respectful tone despite the libelous nature of your comments and think you comments should remain for all the world to see. They speak volumes about you. If anyone has lost the plot…Id certainly say it isn’t Sibel; its you!

  7. I am a racist because I want the law enforced. Forget the fact I am married to a foreign national who had to go through the whole green card process. In 2018 the richest 1percent of Americans will pay more than a fifth of all taxes in the U.S. (22.9 percent), but this same group will also receive more than a fifth of the nation’s income (20.3 percent). The poorest fifth of Americans will pay a small fraction of the nation’s taxes (1.9 percent) but will receive a small fraction of the nation’s income (3.5 percent). How much tax should the rich have to pay according to John Phillips? 75%? 90%? Why? Would you work hard if your tax liability was 75%? I wouldn’t! Your position is absolutely absurd! The “Rich” don’t get freebies…Wealthy people understand that it’s not how much money you make, but how much of that cash you keep. Earning a fat paycheck is fine, but it doesn’t mean much if you end up paying all that income back to the government in the form of taxes. If you have a problem with what the rich are doing legally take it up with your elected official and have them change the law. What they are doing is perfectly legal under the current law! I believe everybody should pay the same rate of tax regardless of income…what the rich pay is way too much and what the poor pay isn’t enough.

  8. John Phillips says:

    Dear Retired Lt. Colonel Tim Ferner
    Respectfully. Is it taxes or the application of all laws your concern?

    First, the Constitution of the United States does not allow for income tax! Plain and simple, taxes ARE against the law. The wealthiest’ taxes are based on investment income with tons of loop wholes, while you and I pay “income tax.” They are two completely different monsters, but you know this.

    The facts are….the laws, which ever law you choose, are NOT applied equally across all economic, racial or social sectors of the USA. The wealthiest walk while the poor get thrown in jail…for whatever reason or law they broke.

    I don’t need to support common facts. Anyone can fill a whole page with words, but communication is the key. With all your words, you failed to dissuaded this thinking man. I don’t disagree that the poor pay far less TOTAL tax compared to the wealthiest I disagree with blaming them for the economic ills of the US.

    Do you read what you write…try reading this quote from above with an open mind and tell be again what you stand for.
    “what the rich pay is way too much and what the poor pay isn’t enough.” Read it again, please?

    You fail to recognize why poor people are poor. Largely not their fault given no one chooses what family or social framework or Country they are born into.

    Warren Buffet agrees with me. The wealthiest pay far too little tax. The tax laws are written by lawyers of the wealthiest. And the wealthy brake or take advantage of the law all the time. To deny this is to deny reality.
    Best Regards
    John C Phillips-Retired

    Thank you for allowing my commentary.

  9. Mr Phillips;

    Its futile to continue to engage in debate because we are on opposite ends of the spectrum on this issue and probably every other legal and social issue. Taxes are not against the law! I don’t want to pay them anymore than anybody else, but they are legal and the source for finance of the government. There are a variety of costs for being a citizen of the United States…taxes are one. Your opinion is that taxes are unconstitutional. That argument has been disapproved. Whether you pay taxes or don’t pay taxes is between you and the IRS…far smarter people than yourself have lost that argument and gone to jail so do as you please. Your opinion is based on the premise that all federal income tax laws are unconstitutional because the Sixteenth Amendment was not officially ratified, or because the State of Ohio was not properly a state at the time of ratification. This argument has survived over time because proponents mistakenly believe that the courts have refused to address this issue. The Sixteenth Amendment provides that Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on income, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration. U.S. Const. amend. XVI. The Sixteenth Amendment was ratified by forty states, including Ohio (which became a state in 1803; see Bowman v. United States, 920 F. Supp. 623 n.1 (E.D. Pa. 1995) (discussing the 1953 joint Congressional resolution that confirmed Ohio’s status as a state retroactive to 1803), and issued by proclamation in 1913. Shortly thereafter, two other states also ratified the Amendment. Under Article V of the Constitution, only three-fourths of the states are needed to ratify an Amendment. There were enough states ratifying the Sixteenth Amendment even without Ohio to complete the number needed for ratification. Furthermore, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the income tax laws enacted subsequent to ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment in Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R., 240 U.S. 1 (1916). Since that time, the courts have consistently upheld the constitutionality of the federal income tax. So your opinion on the legality of taxes is not based upon fact. If you refuse not to pay your taxes when you have a tax liability (which is based on income and your filing status) is illegal and you will go to jail! As you so eloquently say: “To deny this is to deny reality”.

    Again, you are assuming a level of familiarity with me in the discussion that is not there. You and I don’t know each other so don’t presume you know my thoughts or feeling on anything. You seem to be under the erroneous perception that because you have the first amendment right to freedom of speech that my same first amendment rights are void unless I agree with you. Wrong! If you re-read your posts, every time I exercise my first amendment right your response is to call me “Racist” or “BS”. I don’t have to be right whereas you become feral when your comments are challenged. Equally, I provide facts with my argument whereas you provide: “I don’t need to support common facts” with yours. I don’t a give flying toss about your thoughts or dissuading the “thinking man”…my facts support my position. If you don’t want to believe them…great!
    I don’t fail to recognize anything about the poor. Again, you know nothing about me. I come from a lower middle-class background. I went in the military to go to college otherwise I would not have been able to afford it. Everything I have, I earned through hard work. Nobody gave me anything. In America, everybody has the opportunity to succeed. Nobody is plotting against anybody else to stop their success. How one turns out is the result of the amount of determination and effort put in. I know in America today, people need to have somebody to blame for their shortfalls and failures. It always has to be somebody else’s fault because in America today there is no accountability. I don’t think the rich should be penalized for their success. They worked hard and risked their money through investment and should pay the same tax rate as those who have not worked as hard. Yes, every society will ultimately have people that fall through the cracks and need support. The taxes that we all pay and which you so ardently claim are illegal are used (in part) to support these people. I firmly believe “what the rich pay is far too much and what the poor pay isn’t enough”. A flat tax rate where individuals pay a percentage of their income is fair. That’s my opinion…and again…I couldn’t give a toss what you or anybody else thinks of my opinion.

    In your opinion, Warren Buffett agrees with you. Your a “thinking man”; would a “thinking man” quote Buffett or any other rich man if they didn’t support the “thinking man’s” argument? No…of course not! That said Buffett is hardly the expert to cite to support your argument! He talks a good game. Warren Buffett earned $11.6 million in 2015 and paid taxes of $1.8 million. However, his net worth is $64.7 billion. That means in 2015, the world’s greatest investor only produced income of 0.018% of his assets. Is he slipping? How was his income so small compared to his many billions of dollars? I would wager that Buffett’s TOTAL taxes paid over the past 50 years amounts to less than 1% of his current net worth. Buffett does everything he can to make all his income come in the form of stock price appreciation. He uses the unrealized income tax loophole to achieve an effective tax rate on his income of something like 0.1% a year. One could argue that Warren Buffett is the greatest tax dodger of all time in the way he treats dividends (Hornsby, 12 Oct 16). He set up Berkshire Hathaway because corporations get more favorable tax treatment for dividends that individuals. Buffett issued stock in Berkshire Hathaway so that he could control the company that’s effectively wrapping paper for the huge stock and business holdings he owns. Since you, the “thinking man”, agree with Buffett; in essence you agree with all the tax loopholes you so ardently are complaining about?
    America can not economically survive mass illegal immigration. Every county in the world has immigration laws and the legal and moral authority to enforce them. Enforce the existing laws or change them. I cant be any clearer than that. “To deny this is to deny reality”

  10. David E Burden says:

    Normally I would not enter into this discussion, mainly because it is extremely time consuming, and for the most part, a lesson in futility. That being said, both parties to the current debate about taxes and law would do well to look up and study, (with an open mind), the 2015 IRS case in Lufkin and Houston, Texas. Actually settled later of course.

    Yes, in the past, I have posted single comments that would dwarf what both of you combined have already posted, and I doubt that anyone read even half. Therefore, instead of painstakingly doing the research and laying out my findings for all, (also taking into consideration that I’m getting old and my health is failing), I think it best if I just point toward the information and let those who care to, do their own research.

    Most won’t!

    I’ll attempt to post a couple of links to get you started, but if they don’t post for some reason, I believe most of you are intelligent enough to find the pertinent information. Being willing is another matter of course. Just use your favorite search engine to look up “IRS v John Parks Trowbridge, JR.”.
    By the way, not to spoil the ending for you, but ……………… this case did go to the Supreme Court, and the IRS lost. [That alone should get your attention.]

    In fact, if the entire case is reviewed and studied carefully, (actually following the links and references from one information source to the next, and the next, and the next), it answers many questions about the true status concerning law and the judicial system in the united states of America, and gives detailed records with dates and case numbers.

    I’ll go so far as to say that the information in this case is important to every person in this country, which is precisely why you have likely never seen nor heard of it before. It has the potential to change your life, but that of course is the problem. It has nothing to do with entertainment. So nobody pays attention. Most are too comfortable with the Status Quo to risk finding out that they have been, and are, being lied to.

    Here are the links:

    Sadly ladies and gentlemen, there are many people who DO choose to ‘Deny Reality’ on a regular basis, but the sadder fact is that the overwhelming majority simply lack the needed information to understand reality, and are too apathetic to even seek it out. HINT: It’s NOT on TV.

    The shortest, and the longest journey begins with the first step. You can’t change that which you fail to understand.

    To those with the courage to learn, Happy Researching.

    • Sir;
      I sincerely hope you researched the entire case and are not basing your opinion on the 2014-2016 articles cited. I would advise anybody contemplating using these cases in the future as justification for not paying taxes to due extensive research on the cases specifically looking at 2017 decisions and 2018 opinions. Equally, I would highly recommend discussing the case with a qualified tax attorney if inclined to use as justification for not paying taxes. That said; I admire anybody with the audacity to argue the merits of their case based the specifics presented. They certainly are living in their own reality and should be applauded. BRAVO!

      • David E Burden says:

        Colonel Ferner,
        I did indeed study the case thoroughly, including downloading the PDFs and cross checking everything I could with verified sources. I did not, and do not, base my decisions about taxes, (or much of anything), on any single source of information. In fact I don’t even have a dog in the tax fight anymore. I don’t participate any longer as I have no earned income.
        I was not trying to offer my opinion on taxes in any way. My point was concerning the legal system. How it has been corrupted, and the fact that most people don’t even realize the fact, nor care to know. They just blindly believe whatever someone who was supposed to teach them once said. I have spent many years relearning things that I was wrongly taught at an early age. A huge amount of what I was told as true, turned out to be utter lies, propaganda, and outright “Pasture Patties”.
        My motto is “Trust no one completely , and verify everything”.
        Mostly I was just attempting to get more people to wake up and pay attention. I consider it borderline criminal how much ignorance and apathy we have in our society, and I lay the bulk of the blame for that squarely at the feet of the entertainment industry, promoted by an out of control government.

  11. John Phillips says:

    Both of you misquote me…for a start. A willful disregard to my input on this debate…or is it a debate?

    To imply I “Deny Reality” or am ignorant of the facts simply because I disagree with your position is ultimately the greatest disrespect afforded on this site and Sibel should watch for this. She should seriously consider discontinuing your participation with Newsbud. This is far more troubling than occasional name calling.

    For the record. I don’t watch TV, I read a great deal, but obviously not what you read.

    Lastly…both of you seem to support not paying taxes….at least by those who can defend themselves.

    I’m done with this…you have more time to waste than I and your closed minded position verges on religion.

    • Sir;
      Debate? Your version of debate is to personally attack individuals whom you disagree with…you are an advocate of “free speech for thee but not for me”! Disrespect? Re-read your posts…you libeled me…you called me a racist…my opinions BS…an opined that Sibel: “should seriously consider discontinuing your participation with Newsbud”. All I have done was respond to your comments with facts (that you dont like). Nobody disrespected you Mr Phillips…your comments show you have no self-respect. You are right, the exchange is troubling because it clearly demonstrates the problems America faces…apathy, censorship and a real effort to shut down debate. The threat to America comes from within and every American has an obligation to do oppose that threat. I think if you re-read Mr Burdens post you will see he supports your position…not mine. I don’t think him and I agree on much if anything. Paying taxes is the cost of being an American and I would never advocate not paying taxes. My comments to Mr Burdens are acerbic…if you can not differentiate that…well that is you your problem not mine! I’ve treated you with dignity and respect and attempted to engage with you in a meaningful way. That said, it is hard to take an individual seriously when they call you a racist. There are likely 22 Million illegal aliens in the US now ( enforce the law or change it. If thats closed minded…so be it!

    • David E Burden says:

      This is precisely why I hesitated to even comment. My intention was not to debate, but rather to offer another source of input. “Food For Thought” as it were. I don’t even recall offering an opinion in support of, or against, either of your arguments.
      I did not mean to infer that you personally didn’t read, or that you got the bulk of your information from the TV. I simply meant that far too many people do. For what it’s worth, I don’t watch any broadcast TV either, haven’t for years. I’ve never in my life even seen a football game. Seriously.
      Further, I did not intend to assert that either of you gentlemen were in denial of reality, but rather that there are a tremendous amount of people who do so on a regular basis.
      Lastly, I was not trying to argue for, nor against paying taxes. My entire point was about the shoddy and illegitamate status of our legal system, along with the negative ramifications to our society, associated with the lack of knowledge and participation in said society. Disinformation and apathy have led us to our current sorry state. IMO
      I have no doubt that both of you are well studied men, that much is obvious by the caliber of your writings. I regret if anyone thought I had any reservations about that. In fact I had hoped for some comments about the information I was trying to share. I know how I interpret the information, but I’m not always right, and I like to get other people’s perspective on things of that nature.
      My apologies to anyone who misunderstood my intent. I’m just trying to do my part in getting people to start paying attention to reality instead of all of the mind numbing entertainment incessantly foisted upon the body politic. I’m trying to get people to THINK.

      • John Phillips says:

        Ret. Lt. Colonel Tim Ferner (Ret.)

        I have a great idea!

        I’m not sure if you served in Vietnam, but I have a great idea to solve the immigrant issue with all these thousands of brown-skinned brown-eyed people marching toward the US border…napalm!

        Remember the footage, or when you witnessed the dropping of four or six napalm canisters along a road full of people and vehicles in Nam? It just boils along killing and destroying anything in its path.

        Perfect solution for all the brown-skinned people ready to invade our country that have no intention of paying taxes! Easier than shooting them. Simple. No fuss. Not much to clean up afterwards.


        Kill Kill Kill…I love it. Noting like the smell of death in the morning!
        Not Respectful at all
        John Phillips

        • John…surpised you have the time to write such a well thought out and pithy response. You still overseeing the Floridian election recount? Very sad commentary concerning the state of your life if you are joking about burning people with napalm. If you find humour in your comments I feel very sorry for you. If you’ve ever seen a scorched body I doubt you would find it humerous. I hope you get the help you need in dealing with your mental health issues.
          My sympathies are with you as you seek the assistance you so desperately need. If you get some time off from the election recount I can recommend some good mental health providers down there in forward county.
          Our thoughts are with you in this time of need.


  12. I think this response by Mr Phillips epitomizes the problems America faces today. Lefties like Mr Phillips are totally unhinged an incapable of any form of rationale debate. If you don’t agree with the points I make in the article, fine…argue the merits of the points I make. “Deep thinkers” like Mr Phillips automatically resort to “attack and deglitimize”. There is no logic or rationale in his argument. Like a spoiled child who cant get his way, Mr Phillips spits the dummy…”Kill…Kill…Kill” and rants incoherently about napalming “Brown” people. Funny how people like Mr Phillips always resort to playing the race card…typical of lefties loosing and argument based upon the facts; “Your Racist against…the BROWN people”. You got me Mr Phillips! Well played. Only problems is I’m married to a non-American…a person of colour. Don’t you look stupid? If you want cheap labour…a new slave class…good for you! I don’t. Americans are lazy and I don’t agree with the ideology of importing anybody to do the jobs Americans are too lazy to do…PERIOD! If Americans won’t do a job then it doesn’t get done! America is a sovereign country, and NOBODY has the right to enter unlawfully. Just as you have the right to promote illegal aliens coming to the United States, I have the right of opposing their presence. I oppose all illegal aliens…white, black, brown, yellow whatever hyphenated group you want to argue for…anybody coming to America needs to do it legally. Why not put on your “Big Boy Pants” and argue the merits of your position instead of resorting to playing the race card? Pathetic! America has turned into the cess pool it is because of people like you who lack the capacity to think critically! By the way…I live for the respect of people like you. Yea, right!
    For the record; nobody knows if you comment concerning napalming illegal immigrants is a really poor attempt at sarcasm or something more sinister? Its akin to talking about a bomb in the airport. Given the current security climate Not very smart on your part. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a visit from law enforcement concerning your idiotic comments.

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