War on the Horizon? Iran’s Strategic Strengths & Weaknesses

In this edition of Probable Cause Newsbud’s Founder & Editor Sibel Edmonds lays out some of the war strategy scenarios for Iran, in addition to breaking down what potential weaknesses may be exploited by Iran’s enemies. The US is pushing hard against Iran on all fronts, find out the latest developments, as top expert Sibel Edmonds deconstructs what is becoming a major geopolitical hotspot and the growing tensions between the US and Iran. See the full 43 minute episode exclusively at  Newsbud.com or you can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

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Show Notes

Insiders Reveal Secret Deal to Topple Iran Government!

CIA Playbook: What’s About To Go Down in Iran

The Shift & A Secret Deal on Syria: Trump vs Clinton

CIA - Al-Qaeda Operations Center in Iran’s Backyard Exposed

A Wake Up Call For Iran: The Real Cost of America’s 'Liberation Wars’

Iran’s Western Border: Iraq, Israel Bases in NE Iraq & Kurdish PJAK

Turkey & NATO’s Encirclement of Iran via Turkey

Azerbaijan: NATO, US, Israel

Israel's Largest Arms Clients: India, Azerbaijan and Vietnam

US Message to Assad: "We Will Pull Out Of Syria If Iran Withdraws"

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  1. Ken Wooley says:

    We live in dangerous times… https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/07/26/cia-fbi-doj-plot-to-overthrow-the-president-of-the-united-states/
    Evil is doing a full court press in a desperate attempt to take over the world.

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