Trump – Putin & the Deep State

In this Roundtable discussion, Newsbud's Founder & Editor Sibel Edmonds and Professor Filip Kovacevic examine the current political climate in the US, as the Trump Administration nears its halfway point. The two analysts also deconstruct the current geopolitical climate in the wake of the Trump-Putin summit, as tensions between the US, NATO and the EU continue to grow. Do not miss this jam packed one hour episode exclusively at, or you can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

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  1. Saaid Wahb Alsaeedi says:

    Sibel , I am so fortunate I found this amazing channel. You are amazing! In the first video I saw, because you are a woman I was suspicious, because woman mind cannot understand stuff correctly, and because I oppose women in leading roles, but you captured me with your wisdom and knowledge and the real passion and emotion you have when you talk ,

    I would like to say I noticed recently that there are many fake Iranians on YouTube commenting on every video and news mentioning Iran. They pretend to be Iranians and speaking in their name, cursing Islam, muhammad and Allah, and cursing the religious Muslims, representing Iranians as enemies of religion and of the government and as hating Islam and Allah. It’s obvious they don’t represent even 5% of Iranians, but they keep show up in every video that mentions Iran, I am sure they are Israelis or Americans.

    I have a question, in case “Plan A” will take place and there will be a coup pretending to be anti western and not related to the west , and only motivated by nationalism and love for Iranians to save Iranians from the economic crisis. However, everyone understands that the crisis itself is external, I mean because of US pressure and sanctions, so if these generals pretend to beb anti Americans , every smart Iranian would ask himself why immediately after the coup the sanctions were lifted ? And every smart Iranian will understand that the whole coup was a western one

  2. Sandra copeland says:

    Poor people are fighting and winning in Mexico

  3. “Clash of the Elites”
    Saaid is either a plant or is stepping directly into the ‘clash of culture.’
    …TRUMP just has to convince those interests his actions apparently oppose, that there’s money in it and no prosecution; and whappo ! second term.
    Good report. Thanks. NATO/DeepState bombing of Yugoslavia, a seminal moment. Remembering how cleverly OBAMA was packaged after BUSH cautions too much made of ‘black-hat/white-hat TRUMP vs the swamp narrative. How deep does this go?
    Proof is in the pudding, and truth is still hungry.
    There is nobody I know thinks war with IRAN is a good idea.

  4. Shelly Dockery says:

    Great discussion. I think Trump is the accidental president. He knows this. Unfortunately because of this, he didn’t vet anyone entering into his cabinet. He didn’t know many of these people he chose. They were chosen for him. Pence was the individual doing much of the recommendation for his cabinet picks. Pence is who Bush was to Reagan. The deep state placed Pence as Trump’s VP. Trump wanted Christie. The establishment Repubs said no way. Plus, they made Trump make a deal with them that they would choose his cabinet. That is how Trump ended up with the Neocons and the Never Trumps in his cabinet.
    Bannon who is very aware of what was/is really going on, also relied on Pence to pick the cabinet. Bannon knows better, but I believe he too was taken by surprise with Trump’s win. Plus, Bannon is person non grata in DC. They also were surprise that they were not welcomed in DC. And they thought if they simply accepted the establishment, the establishment would “get on the Trump train.” seeing that the train wanted to make America great again. They thought wrong.
    The only persons Trump chose in his cabinet were Sessions and Flynn. Both of whom the establishment tried to get rid of. They did with Flynn, and they got Sessions to recuse himself. Trump also, doesn’t really know what he’s doing. He has no ideology and no real backbone. Therefore anything the establishment says, he falls for it for the most part. He respects Ryan, Mitch and the bunch of crooks not even realizing that they are not on his side. The establishment has figured him out. He has not. He’s only bucking them on trade and immigration. He’s kinda getting his way with trade but on immigration he hasn’t moved the needle at all.
    I think Trump can be trusted to a point. The issue is, he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. He’s not informed enough, he has no knowledge of history, politics, or on much of anything that it takes to really put metal to screw and tighten the oligarchs and sink them. He’s just swimming in the swamp, moving around hoping something sticks. He does have some allies on the outside though. They are helping him move the needle. What he should start doing is declassify documents that could help to sink the oligarchs and the frauds. Yes, it would create some tense times in the US, but that is what it will take to start draining them down the toilet. Other than that, they will sabotage everything and finally get their way.

    Now here this kicker, Republican and Democratic establishment are working together to ensure that more Democrats get in the house so that they can impeach Trump.

  5. Benjamin Vos says:

    Excellent conversation. At some point Filip Kovacevic mentioned the battle between the poor vs the rich. In other words, the battle between the haves and the haves nots.
    I am based in Amsterdam, and living in one of the most wealthy country on earth, The Netherlands. But at the same time the number of people joining a union is at an historic low point. Although corporate profit is at it’s yeartime high, wages are not increasing. Why ?
    The Netherlands was long time praised for the ability to solve economic problems together by government, representatives of the corporations and representatives of the workers. Currently judges are doubting if the still existing unions representing less than 20% of the workforce can be considered as the legal representatives of the workforce. Even employers are not happy with this situation as they do not know who to talk to when it comes to wages agreements, labour conditions etc.

    On a large scale, why is Amazon in a situation it can have its workforce work for really low wages and make billions of profit, while there is no union to speak up for the workers? And that’s just one example of many.

    We as the people have all the power, not the elites. In Holland we have 2 ‘green’ banks and I’m a customer of one of them. This bank will only invest or support sustainable projects, making sure the following generation will have a planet to live on and prevents corrupt payments. If we as the people follow the money and stall our money only in safe places a lot of problems will be solved.
    Why don’t we demand all pension funds only to invest in sustainable projects, taking all shareholders into account ?
    I don’t believe the political class has the power to change matters into something good.

    We do, as consumers.

    Keep on doing the good work.

  6. thank you newsbud

  7. John:

    You are out of line here with your attacks on Ms Edmonds. Open commentary is one thing, and we encourage it in our community here, but it must come with respect. If you cannot be respectful, then you should not be a part of this community.

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