BREAKING: Major Escalation Pushing US-Turkey to the Brink of War Over CIA Imposter Pastor Brunson

In this breaking news report, Newsbud's Founder & Editor Sibel Edmonds translates for the first time bombshell reports breaking in the Turkish press about the American pastor, Andrew Brunson, being detained in Turkey. Edmonds destroys the western media’s narrative and exposes how the Brunson case is tied to covert CIA operations and how the controversy surrounding the case could lead to more than just diplomatic tension. Support by becoming a member today so we can continue to bring you news and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

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Show Notes

Breaking: Insiders Expose Rogue Elements in CIA-State Department Blocking Release of American Pastor Andrew Brunson

Brunson dosyasında 66 yeni şüpheli

US sanctions 2 Turkish officials over detention of US pastor

Why the White House just announced sanctions on Turkey

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  1. Jan Rosbäck says:

    Thank you Sibel for putting a light on this kind of international modus operandi. When executed through years an decades nobody ever get the real picture, not even the culprits. I have been through this during some 30 years, changing locations and countries avoiding their intentions. Once the “security services” start an operation they never stop, this is Deep State in real action. The possibility to put a stop on this came with the internet 25 years ago and finally people are waking up. Great job Newsbud!

  2. “Brunson to be killed in Turkish Prison, to be blamed on Turkish Government…causing further escalation ..”
    BROWDER//SOLOMON’s accountant,
    killed in Russian Prison
    blamed on Russian Government
    causing further escalation .
    Browder and Fuller, up a tree……..G – L – A – D – I – O

  3. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    Excellent report as usual Sibel and Spiro. Thank you.
    I don’t think we can expect too much from President Trump unfortunately. Let’s be honest, the guy is a puppet who is not a strategic thinker and certainly does not appear to understand what is going on around him. He is good at throwing out low IQ messages against the mainstream media and create headlines with kindergarten tweets. As you pointed out this is a key and pivotal time for Turkey to decide where it wants to go, with the east (China/Russia/Iran) or the west (EU/UK/US). This really shouldn’t be a difficult choice and China is right now pushing by entering the Syrian last showdown in Idlib.

    What we are witnessing is the impending collapse of the western global dominance and both the US and EU will implode onto themselves unless they immediately stop all the sick games and destructive meddling. It is sad to see how far we have fallen into the abyss of lies and backstabbing. Israel doesn’t even need mentioning here being at the very bottom of the pit. I expect this news to hit at least German, Austrian and Swedish media soon considering the large number of people with Turkish connections there.

  4. Timur Aydin says:

    At the time when the USA started to become hostile to Turkey (about 2008), it wouldn’t have been wise for Turkey to complete disconnect from the west (leave NATO, close all NATO bases, abandon EU accession) and start forming close ties with Russia. That would have just taken out USA as the major influencer and would have put Russia in its place. Instead, Turkey was patient and continued to develop its military capabilities and pretty much contained the PKK theat within Turkey.

    As it is now, Turkey has become somewhat of a regional power house, and it can afford to keep ties with both the west and the east. This should not be interpreted as “being undecided and jumping ship on a whim”. Russia is doing the same thing successfully, it has good dialog with both the Syrian government and the Israeli government, which are two opposing sides.

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