Breaking: 5 Arrested in Plot to Assassinate US Pastor Brunson & the CIA Connection

In this breaking news report, Newsbud's Founder & Editor Sibel Edmonds uncovers bombshell reports of a plot to assassinate the American pastor being detained in Turkey, Andrew Brunson. Find out about the contract on Brunson’s life, the hit team that was arrested and why the media is blacking out this report! Support by becoming a member today so we can continue to bring you news and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

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Show Notes

Breaking: Insiders Expose Rogue Elements in CIA-State Department Blocking Release of American Pastor Andrew Brunson

Breaking: Major Escalation Pushing US-Turkey to the Brink of War Over CIA Imposter Pastor Brunson

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Brunson dosyasında 66 yeni şüpheli

US sanctions 2 Turkish officials over detention of US pastor

Why the White House just announced sanctions on Turkey

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  1. I don’t know if Brunson is an ‘innocent man’ at all, John. But the strategic use of ‘Christianity’ – evangelicals as ‘Intelligence’ cover – being just another vehicle or tool for infiltration/subversion/provocation and regime change, is a given.
    OF COURSE they are used.
    Facts are the coup WAS attempted. Most obviously and likely by Gulen and CIA and FULLER; who as stated by Sibel many times previously and most especially through the BOSTON bombing psyop, is a most important person in the ongoing operation. Whether Brunson is witting or unwitting is open to question by us out-of-the-loop with doubtless plenty calling for his innocence. We have to watch that part unfold. If he is murdered in custody [think:Magnitsky] it would certainly serve to quieten Turkish charges of US Intelligence links and assist the demonisation of Erdogan but, and I think this is the point trying to be made; TRUMP. Homegrown rogues trying to coup the President of USA using Brunson’s killing as leverage is the point. That is the accusation. This far away, all is possible. USAMO ‘aint the only government able to create outrageous PENTTBOM conspiracies, theories, and reality shifts for their own deeper state interests. Given the history of GLADIO b, Turkish security are very good at it. But Sibel saying out loud ‘Norine’ and ‘CIA” and ‘Operative’ in one sentence needs to be taken note of. ‘Sercan’ and 4 others in custody after a 3 million dollar contract is in the Yeni Asir article and I cannot just write that off as the ‘Erdogan gang’ making it up – not just yet. Whether sercan is serco or not we also wait to see.
    Given the nature of narrative construction around events, Brunson as bona fide pastor live or dead is no real leverage against Gulen/Fuller.
    But Brunson, CIA pastor, dead, against TRUMP, might be.

  2. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    The failed coup attempt was to a large extent due to Russia warning Turkey about what was happening. The mere fact that the US would instigate and set in motion this kind of operation against a close ally was a wake-up call to all of Europe. No matter what you may think of the individual Erdogan the fact remains that Turkey is now moving away from NATO and into closer tie with Russia and Iran. Right now the US is in a bind because France and Germany have agreed to a summit with Turkey and Russia about Syria in early September, without the US. What seems to elude the US and especially the neocon factions that appear to still run the show to a large degree, is how the strategy to sabotage the Chinese One-Belt-One-Road project is failing spectacularly. The main reason behind all these US Geo-strategic moves is to stop the cooperation between China, Russia, Middle East and Europe. What is happening instead is that the US is distancing itself from these countries and risks becoming isolated. One region where reporting is very scarce in western media is the western regions of China where Beijing is cracking down on foreign infiltration to stir religious conflict and this is directly connected to the Gülen terrorist network clearly shielded and funded by US intelligence. Once the Syrian region of Idlib is liberated the conflict is over and the US will have to leave and this is most probably what the summit in Turkey beginning of September is about. Iran and Turkey together with Russia and perhaps even China want to ensure gas and oil projects going both eastward and westward. This is a win-win proposition for all countries involved and is a major blow to the US and UK. The fact that France is involved here indicates that they have seriously reconsidered their stance on especially Iran. Personally I think it is too late for the US and UK to change their approach and work constructively here which would have been perfectly doable and welcomed by everyone except perhaps Israel. Too bad.

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