Geopolitical Game Changer: Who Will Putin Choose? – Israel or Iran

In this exclusive Roundtable, Newsbud’s founder and editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Professor Filip Kovacevic and Pye Ian. In this jam packed one hour Roundtable, the three geopolitical experts cover critical international developments as they analyze Russia’s position on Iran and much more. Will Russia side with Israel? Or Iran? Find out exclusively at or watch it now, at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

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Show Notes 

Mattis: US Not Seeking Regime Change in Iran

Trump Seeks to Revive 'Arab NATO' to Confront Iran

Donald Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran, Australian Government figures say

Arab NATO: Feasibility

Why increased US pressure on Iran appears to be backfiring

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  1. Faramak Zahraie says:

    I think folks are making the mistake of thinking we are back in the Cold War era, whence U.S. and Russia could divy up the world. That certainly was the post ww2 paradigm, from the Yalta and Tehran conferences. However, Iranian Revolution of 1979 put an end to that paradigm. And, I don’t think Russia is in any position to make deals over Iran; Iran’s strategic importance for Russia trumps and deal Trump has to offer. And, a Russian betrayal of Iran, would in effect put an end to Russia itself.

    Today, it is not U.S., Europe, nor “Israel” that is bringing countries together; Iran is, albeit slowly, but surely.

  2. Faramak Zahraie says:

    I think “taking over of Iran” by U.S. is out of the question. It happened temporarily during WW2, when Iran was weak. But, Iran has for all practical purposes defeated U.S. in Iran. And, we are witnessing its defeat regionally, all because of America’s own belligerence, at behest of Zionists. And, from here on we are seeing early signs of America’s global defeat, after JCPOA.

  3. Robert Diggins says:

    Thank you all.

    Pye, could you possibly put up a grid or bulleted list with those US economic figures, comparing the mainstream published numbers and the real numbers? Maybe a short caveat to the mainstream could be described at a high level, e.g. “Official unemployment numbers do NOT include those who are not receiving unemployment benefits or are no longer looking for work.” (If that’s correct). I think it would be a great reference. If you already know of a good summary for reference, which you have vetted, a link would suffice. At your earliest convenience. Many thanks in advance!

  4. Theodore Koerner says:

    A superb analysis of the current geopolitical situation of Iran. Perhaps the best I have ever heard on the subject. Thank you for the insights. Iran must steel itself against the coming aggression. Russia and China must stand behind her. I now appreciate how important this crisis is not only for the middle east but for the destiny of the entire planet.

  5. The war in Syria has only kicked off. Once Ibn Salman is taken out by his foes in the Saudi family, it’ll give the Muslim Brotherhood an upper hand over the Wahhabis. That’s when Jordan will unleash its takfiris into Syria having king Abdullah II become the Sultan. Once Abdullah II gains sultanate, he will gather the Muslim Brotherhood under his winds to start an all-out attack on Syria, Iraq and Iran. All Wahhabis will join the Muslim Brotherhood and form the Sufyani alliance. Media headlines keep promoting false agendas from all nations. Reality speaks otherwise.
    Have any of you heard of the Amman message back in 2004? All muslim leaders signed it including Khamenei.

  6. Amber Sayman says:

    FYI: All of your show notes links contain an extra “https/” in the URL and don’t open properly.

  7. Bo Nilsson says:

    Real power have to be discovered not red about. What really does Major Jordans dairy show us? What does John Taylor Gatto’s five and a half hour interview outlining of historic elite planing to do with anything?
    Carlin was right it is one big club an we are not in it. We need a gameplan where we have the initiative. Why is questions about what to do not on your agenda?

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