August Purge

Social media corporations first purged Alex Jones, and then went after a handful of libertarians. In the span of a few hours, all lost their social media voice. The social media giants have picked off accounts here and there for months, but they were just in the bull pen warming up. Facebook is now taking down pages on the advice of the Atlantic Council, a globalist think tank that receives funding from over a hundred transnational corporations, banks, fifteen foreign governments, and NATO. This isn’t about money. It’s about controlling the message. It’s about re-engineering the internet to make it difficult or even impossible for people to access information outside parameters established by corporations and government. The endgame will be criminalization of anonymity and encryption. It might not be long before the United States ends up with a system like the UK, France, and Germany. PC offenders are now fined, sued, and imprisoned across Europe. It has been a high crime in Germany and France for decades to question the official story of the Holocaust. Transcend certain bounds and the state will ruin your life. Probably some day not too far off in the future the global internet will resemble China’s Great Firewall—complete control by the state.

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Show Notes

Letter to Senator Chuck Hagel

U.S. think tank's tiny lab helps Facebook battle fake social media

Silicon Valley titans launch censorship tsunami against critics deemed offensive

Operation Mockingbird

State Propaganda: How Government Agencies Produce Hundreds of Pre-Packaged TV Segments the Media Runs as News

CNN and Psyops

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  1. Re: Operation Mockingbird
    – For the sake of accuracy:

    • I will admit the current and popular name in use is incorrect. She’s right, “Operation Mockingbird” was a surveillance program. However, as she admits, the CIA has controlled media for decades, this is not disputed, so why the criticism of the name, which as I noted is in wide use and is immediately associated with media manipulation? it was used by Alex Constantine and others.

  2. The purge is international. The Swedish ISP Bahnhof and clients of their email server Speedmail had to convert to Pentagon’s Outlook on August 17th. Swedish authorities, as lapdogs of Washington DC just follow orders. Like lots of other governments on a global scale

  3. William Field says:

    Seems to me if it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious eeh??,…really “Ron Paul”? So a patriot is now a “radical”?’s so Orwellian & HYPOCRITICAL…and “Russia” ?? what about Israel’s el al’s 5th Col’s influence ??? …’s all so ridiculous it is actually hilarious!….

  4. Purging are what the enemy of reason are good at.

  5. Jeff Martin says:

    Thanks Kurt, I had the puzzle pieces but you put the puzzle together in an understandable video. The social media giants can’t afford to lose the mid-terms, hence the info wars. They have to win that narrative so all Americans are believing the same propaganda. Insidious!

  6. Any chance that you can do an episode on Qanon virus? Anonymus exposed them last week…

  7. I’m writing this late, in the beginning of September, just before the Twitter hearings. These may produce reforms, or, more likely, simply defuse tensions. Whether their impact will expand is an open question to be answered in the future. Nevertheless, it appears that those concerned about societal collapse have been focused on the wrong apocalypse. The most immediate, if not most consequential, collapse may involve destruction of information access, due to state-corporate censorship and PC pressure. We need a techno_prepper movement, so dissenters can viably survive on the web and prosper even under a corporo-fascist and PC censorship apocalypse. Kim Dotcom?

    The conventional impression of any issue with political significance is substantially incorrect.

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