Currency War on Turkey, Dollar Flight and Massive Stakes

The transatlantic financial elite are nearly throwing the kitchen sink at Turkey, as far as currency & economic war is concerned.  Since the Coup of 2016 didn’t work in making Ankara heel before Atlanticist imperial desires, the money vice is now re-deployed, as it had been over the past couple of years, and in clumsy, desperate fashion, driving this strategically vital NATO member (barely a NATO member at this point, though…) further eastward into the waiting arms of Russia, China, Iran, and their rising number of Eurasian, southern hemispheric and Belt & Road Initiative transcontinental partners & allies.

Yet the harder the fiscal belligerence against Turkey, the more transparent the means deployed, and the weightier the fodder obtained by Turkey & its non-NATO friends in using the very force of said economic war against the initiators & inflictors of an intended currency collapse against the Turkish lira.  This sense of counter-attack by Turkey & its eastern partners thereby sets an example for other nations targeted by Washington & its allies due to noncompliance or obstinance over such items as energy pipeline mandates, wider global developmental priorities & the very essence of a continuing unipolar versus a multipolar world order.

In this 27th episode of Money & Fear, and as always, in the show’s detailed Show Notes listed under the videos on our website, we’ll explore the hows & whys of Turkey’s national currency plummeting, and responses to said phenomena already initiated or pondered by Turkey & its eager Eurasian sponsors.  Come get a taste of how the currency war sausage is made so that you can have a better fluency for the wider global menu.

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Show Notes

How Contagious Is Turkey?

Turkey Tumbles, Financial Markets Are Unnerved

Turkey is fighting against the speculators attacks against lira


Now Even US Allies Are Pushing for De-Dollarization of World Payment System

US Rules Out Removing Steel Tariffs To Turkey Even If Pastor Is Released

Trump: Our Relations with Turkey are not Good

Understanding the Libor Scandal

Who and what is moving the Turkish Lira?: Analysis

Newsbud Exclusive- NATO’s Currency War against Turkey: Comparative Resistance & Solutions

Opinion - Erdogan: How Turkey Sees the Crisis With the U.S.

Turkish State Media Exposes The American Empire & Its Media

Breaking: 5 Arrested in Plot to Assassinate US Pastor Brunson & the CIA Connection

‘Rambo’ U.S. priest promised top CIA role – report

BREAKING: Major Escalation Pushing US-Turkey to the Brink of War Over CIA Imposter Pastor Brunson

In Furious Rant Erdogan Lashes Out At Trump: "We See The Game You're Playing, We Dare You"

Talk Cold Turkey

Turkish Lira Crashes Through 7 As Erdogan Threatens To Unleash "Plan B Or C..."

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: “If the EU Sticks to Its Guns, the Only Victim of Washington’s Sanctions Will be Americans”

Should U.S. investors worry about Turkey?

Turkey steps up efforts to shun dollar

Debt Is Slavery: IMF Actions Should Be Considered Crimes Against Humanity

Speculators Won't Break The Turkish Economy, For Now

Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan açıkladı: Rusya ile konuştuk, Çin ile de konuşuyoruz

Economic manipulations will not work on Turkey, Erdoğan says

Sharia Gold Standard

Turkey Lira crisis to 'spark WW3' Erdogan phones Putin in emergency call as Trump hits out

Russia is dumping US Treasuries. Will China be next?

The Chinese Dumped Billions in US Treasuries in March

Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings

Turkey Joins Russia In Liquidating US Treasuries

Gross misuse of dollar by US will lead to its weakness and switch to national currencies – Lavrov

In Furious Rant Erdogan Lashes Out At Trump: "We See The Game You're Playing, We Dare You"

Russia Finance Minister: We May Abandon Dollar In Oil Trade As It Is Becoming "Too Risky"

Will Turkey be the first domino to fall?

Going 'Cold Turkey' - Who's Going To Be Buying Lira On Monday?

Is Iran's Economy Collapsing?

Why Turkey And Argentina Are Doomed, In One JPMorgan Chart

Global disunity puts economic order at risk, says Rothschild

Turkey blames Trump for attack on lira, says it won’t ‘kneel’ and has counter-measures ready

Erdogan urges Turks to dump dollar to support lira

Turkish Lira Crashes Through 7 As Erdogan Threatens To Unleash "Plan B Or C..."

Brunson affair taking economic toll on Turkey

Nationalist MHP leader slams 'attack' on Turkish currency

Turkey is fighting against the speculators attacks against lira

US-Turkish alliance reaches the point of no return - The sense of indignation among Turks should not be underestimated, which makes this an exceptional rupture

Russia proposes deal with Turkey to ditch US dollar for lira-ruble trade amid currency crisis

Turkey moves to calm market, opens probe amid lira fall

Turkish president says lira crash political plot against Ankara

Russian foreign minister says dollar's days numbered as global currency

TURKEY PUNCHES BACK: Erdogan Declares BOYCOTT Of U.S Electronics

Bank of China's Turkish subsidiary to issue first yuan bond this year

Economic manipulations will not work on Turkey, Erdoğan says

Turkey And Russia May Ditch Greenback For Direct Lira-Ruble Trade


NATO’s Currency War Against Turkey: Comparative Resistance and Solutions

A Case Study of a Currency Crisis: The Russian Default of 1998


Translating into Growth: China and Turkey start direct trade in yuan and lira

'US sanctions policy may push Turkey closer to Russia, China'

Professor Steve Keen on Turkey - PressTV


John Perkins’ texts

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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  1. William Field says:

    Excellent work, thankyou. Cheers!

  2. William Field says:

    FYI All,..Steve Bannon; long interview on Australian ABC TV last night…re “Econ War” “Econ Nationalism” ..& media “playing the man, not the ball”….very good!!..

  3. Turkey will not evacuate any of its Muslim Brotherhood takfiri terrorists. Rather, Turkey will expand into Syria with the aid of Russia to reach Damascus through Aleppo (Halab). That’s when the Jordanian Army enters Syria to aid the Muslim Brotherhood wing starting from Dar’a. Damascus falls to the takfiris for around 9 months until they descend to Iraq regions such as Baghdad, Kufa, etc.

  4. James Williamson says:

    Thank you, Pye Ian, for this crucial analysis.

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