Gold, Cryptocurrencies, Oil & Shifting Alliances in Modern Currency Wars

There’s so much false media noise over tariff wars, currency manipulations, Russian poisoning charges, supposedly shifty allegiances in Washington toward Moscow and other theatrical propagandistic concoctions that there’s very little chance the wider English speaking populace will view – let alone understand – the much larger macroeconomic and thus geopolitical stakes plaguing increasingly deteriorating relations between the US and its closest transatlantic allies, and the rapidly integrating Eurasian and globally southern hemispheric bloc of nations seeking to untether from the unprecedented strength of the US dollar in dictating world affairs.

That’s all by design. You’re not supposed to know that nations such as Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria, South Africa and a growing list of their cohorts are actively experimenting – and in rising unison – with ways of escaping the potency of western sanctions and currency wars, or certainly the roles of physical gold, oil, cryptocurrencies and rivalling international payment systems in said experiments.  It’s all rendered as either too complex, or outright implausible, to bother focusing on, and you’re thus herded back into standard ‘good guy/bad guy’ narratives so that you dare not start piecing things together over why the economy isn’t what they say it is while other nations – even supposedly ‘friendly’ ones - are increasingly antagonistic toward the so-called “Free World”.

In this 28th episode of Money & Fear, and as always, in the show’s detailed Show Notes listed under the videos on our website, details involving various tools used by foreign powers to position the world for peeling away from the US dollar as global reserve currency – and thus core economic weapon for punishment – will be briefly touched upon so that necessary nuance can be reinjected into your understanding of modern world affairs.  Because the stakes between war and peace have never been higher.

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Show Notes

Crashing currency chaos spreads across the Global South

Escobar: 'The Axis Of Gold' And A Persian Cryptocurrency?

The New Silk Roads are just pieces in a giant puzzle

ZH: Iran Sanctions, Emerging Markets, And The End Of Dollar Dominance

Iran Sanctions, Emerging Markets And The End Of Dollar Dominance

Dollar Poised To Soar As China Refuses New Plaza Accord

The anti-dollar awakening could be ruder and sooner than most economists predict - Gal Luft; co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security

First Delivery Through China’s Oil Futures Set For September

The Collapse Of Venezuela's Imaginary Oil Currency

Analysts: Iran May Use Secret Oil Shipments To Skirt U.S. Sanctions

Russia’s Oil Companies Thrive Amid Sanctions

Switching From Dollar to Gold: Iran Continues Its Struggle With US Oil Embargo

Can The U.S. Bring Iranian Oil Exports To Zero?

Iran plans launch of national cryptocurrency to ditch dollar in oil trade

Venezuela Entrusting Gold to Turkey Step Against Dollar's Hegemony - Politician

From Baltic Sea to Black Sea, Russia aims for a win-win - A major summit featuring Germany, Russia, France and Turkey is on the way

Germany Calls For Global Payment System Independent Of The US

Dollar out, Yuan in: Iran changes benchmark currencies

Iran sanctions raise interest in oil trade in yuan

Iran bans using dollar as base import pricing currency

From Nigeria to Iran, nations begin ditching dollar

Russia, Iran, Turkey mull unified payment system

Dollar Hegemony, Financial Warfare: Russia, China and Turkey Build up their Gold Reserves

How Iran Could Counter U.S. Sanctions

South Africa’s central bank agrees $4.8bn currency swap deal with China

$2B Nigerian-Chinese Currency Swap is 'Win-Win' Deal: Experts

Turkey Repatriates All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar

Venezuela Entrusting Gold to Turkey Step Against Dollar's Hegemony - Politician

Switching From Dollar to Gold: Iran Continues Its Struggle With US Oil Embargo

How Gold Helped Iran Withstand U.S. Financial Fury

US sanctions on Iran now include gold and carpets

Venezuela’s “Petro” Cryptocurrency: Money in Revolt

Venezuela-Related Sanctions – U.S. Dept. of State

Venezuela's New Petro-Backed National Currency to Start Circulating in August

Venezuela's New National Currency Will Be Tied to the Petro, Says President

Why Venezuela's Cryptocurrency, Petro, Is A Failure

Venezuela's Petro Cryptocurrency Is a Gift to Future Generations

Iran, North Korea and Venezuela turning to cryptocurrency to bypass US sanctions, experts warn

Crashing currency chaos spreads across the Global South

Bitcoin Hits $24,000 In Iran After Government Okays Mining

Cryptocurrency This Week: Uzbekistan Legitimises Bitcoin, Iran Recognises Mining As Industry, And More

Iran plans launch of national cryptocurrency to ditch dollar in oil trade

Blockchain Authoritarianism: The Regime In Iran Goes Crypto

How the U.S. Has Weaponized the Dollar

The US Is Making a Big Mistake by Weaponizing the Dollar, Putin Warns

Iran Wants US to Pay $110 Bln in Compensation Amid Nuke Deal Collapse – Reports

SWIFT shutdown: Russia ready with own alternative to international bank transfer system

Russia Prepares For SWIFT Exit With Blockchain

Is This the Real Reason the U.S. Is Worried About China and Russia?

EU Looking to Sidestep U.S. Sanctions With Payments System Plan

Deutsche Bank becomes a direct participating bank of China’s newly launched CIPS

Germany Calls For Global Payment System Independent Of The US

FT: Germany calls for global payments system free of US

China launch of renminbi payments system reflects Swift spying concerns

Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System

Russia and China are talking about linking currencies to end the US dollar's dominance

Iran, Russia Integrate Bank Card Systems

Iran, Russia to integrate national payment systems from August

Turkey to create Mir bank cards service infrastructure


Petro – Whitepaper

Oil On Gold:  Exploring a Hard Asset, Multipolar Alternative to the Petrodollar Standard

NATO’s Currency War Against Turkey:  Comparative Resistance and Solutions


TEDx: Crude Oil Price Manipulation

U.S. Crude Oil Price Manipulation - Tactics and Analysis

China's 'petro-yuan': The end of the dollar hegemony? | Counting the Cost

Nigeria: CBN's special auction to clear backlog of dollar obligations

Russia Insight: Dollar should not dominate the world - Russia & China joining forces to shake the dollar's monopoly

Putin grills Deputy Finance Minister to ditch US Dollar payment system for Russia's own Mir 16.08.17

Putin: US feeding off global dollar monopoly (RT: 2011)

Iran Launching a Cryptocurrency? This is Why! – Altcoin Buzz    

Rogue News – Jim Willie


The Gold Cartel:  Government Intervention on Gold, the Mega Bubble in Paper, and What This Means for Your Future.  By Dimitri Speck

The Road to Ruin:  The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis.  By James Rickards

The Death of Money:  The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System.  Ibid.

The New Case for Gold.  Ibid.

Currency Wars:  The Making of the Next Global Crisis.  Ibid.

Treasury's War:  The Unleashing of a New Era of Financial Warfare.  By Juan Zarate

Oil: Money, Politics, and Power in the 21st Century. By Tom Bower

Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power.  By Steve Coll

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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  1. Sounds like the TTIP’s new world order is right on schedule…

    “All hail our club members, The Communitarians” or so say the heads of State.

  2. P. Brooks McGinnis says:

    No More War

  3. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Pye,
    Thank you for breaking down the complex relationships of oil, currency, gold, and crypto as they relate to geopolitical maneuvering. The historical perspective is so appreciated for an understandable context. Looking forward to next. I’m curious about the above commodities as they rest in futures, material and/or fiat of central bankers.

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