The Club of Rome Doomsday Project

This October the Club of Rome will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The elite responsible for the Club of Rome and its Malthusian philosophy have long used the fear of external enemies and the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution to impose a political and social agenda on humanity. For the Club of Rome, you are the problem. We’re told if we don’t act now rising temperatures and seas along with increasing weather anomalies and crop failures will end humanity in the next twenty or so years. According to this doomsday scenario, the final chapter of humanity will be mega-droughts, famine, and widespread civil unrest. The global warming thesis is designed to control, depopulate, and rollback civilization. An Anthropocene endgame was designed to elicit fear in populations and ensure their compliance and complicity as a global totalitarian system micromanaged by a banker and corporate elite. If you want to learn about this organization and its Malthusian agenda, please subscribe to Newsbud and watch the entire video.

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Show Notes

50th Anniversary of the Club of Rome

Computer predicts the end of civilisation (1973)

Malthusian Theory Of Population

The First Global Revolution

Climate Change And The Astrobiology Of The Anthropocene

New Report: Man-made Global Warming Is a Farce

Gore Caught in Eco-Lies

Scientists Sign Letter Sent to UN Secretary-General Questioning Global Warming

Sunspot trends suggest global cooling may be ahead

Calls to punish skeptics rise with links to climate change, hurricanes

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  1. P. Brooks McGinnis says:

    No More War

  2. Robert Germano says:

    Newsbud is suspiciously starting to sound like infowars. Maybe the idea is to follow their successful formula of mixing truth with total tripe.

  3. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Kurt,
    Thank you for the remainder of the Club of Rome. It is an important topic of investigation. However, the moving rhetoric, music, and visuals appeal to emotion are lacking. For example, (4:30) “Human evolution and eventually civilization itself would not have occurred if humans hadn’t exploited nature.” Was human evolution occurring without ‘exploitation’ of nature before humans were “human”? Of course. What about evolution before the Anthropocene? Was that evolution? What is the reason to assume that exploitation is required for the evolution of human beings? Possibly the mistake here is assuming that humans can only be separate and exploitative of their environment and that is the only way humans can be human? Allow me to suggest that the beautiful artwork from the caves you generously provided was not a result of exploitation, in the same sense of exploitation after violent plunder of land expropriated for agriculture, giving rise to mathematics, all of which allowed for the beautiful Egyptian artwork. Perhaps, if you better defined your terms and were more careful about your assumptions and postulations thinking folk would find your presentations more intriguing and less off-putting. Didn’t watch the post all the way through as I became frustrated. Please excuse if I don’t get the overall content. I stumbled on rhetoric. Another example (6:18), “It is interesting to note about the time that the Club Of Rome began preaching depopulation and social programming philosophy the UK and Ireland experienced population decline.” Watdef*k! This is a technique of persuasion and propaganda. To speak of things that occur at the same time, as if causally related? There is only a correlation. Surely you know this. Yet you don’t present it. Maybe I’ll come back to explore more. For now, I need to cool off.

  4. John Phillips says:

    I find it interesting that the idea of population control and reductions in the global population to be such as issue for you. Must we jam all the people we can possibly conceive onto this one little island is space?

    Also, wise use of resources as an alternative to the USA exploitive consumer oriented use (waste) of resources would be a welcome change.

    You’re confusing approach tying the Club of Rome’s agenda to the realities of climate changes is more than I want address; although, it is enough to say, “you are hurting your creditability.”
    Best Regards

  5. Mark Nusbaum says:

    This non-journalistic far right-wing skree is really disappointing – are you desperately trying to recapture the Corbett crowd after James’ blindside attack on Sibel? A serious discussion of facts around the evolution of the overpopulation and climate change issues and narratives is something we really need, but this unsubstantiated right-wing paranoia is definitely not it. Funny how this narrative aligns so neatly with corporate agendas – capitalism rules, don’t worry about pollution, keep driving those cars, why aren’t you breeding more consumers? The world is overpopulated, only an idiot would claim it’s otherwise.

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