Oil, Khashoggi, and the Saudi Murder Machine

The murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has dominated the news headlines. Americans are outraged by this brutal act of murder and dismemberment at the Saudi consulate in Turkey and yet few seem outraged by the government helping the Saudis kill thousands of people in Yemen. The crimes of the cruel medieval monarchy in Saudi Arabia are permitted and swept under the rug for two simple reasons—first, the desert kingdom has a whole lot of oil, and second it’s strategically located in the Persian Gulf where the US has stationed its Fifth Fleet to counterbalance its enemies, most prominently Iran. This is the dynamic driving what the US will do in response to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Will Trump end the supposedly special relationship with Saudi Arabia? It’s a crucial link in the neoliberal order and a vital component of petrodollar system. Is it possible one dead journalist will endanger the special relationship?

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Show Notes

Saudis reject US threats over missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi, warn oil could skyrocket

Egypt: Al-Sisi Should End Rights Abuses

Trump says curbing arms sales to Saudi Arabia in response to missing journalist is ‘not acceptable’

Trump’s claim of jobs from Saudi deals grows by leaps and bounds

Rewriting Qur'an

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  1. Jon L Curran says:

    It is even more arabesque than that.

  2. Perhaps a follow-up could address
    1) Jamal Khashoggi (and his uncle Adnan) were among the biggest arms dealers in the world. The “journalist” moniker is cover only. Khashoggi has been an arms dealer for decades, well documented. Good pal of Osama Bin Laden.
    2) The power plays underway between various factions of the Saudi royals; without this it’s not possible to try to unravel who might be so afraid of what Jamal Khashoggi knows that they would have him killed.
    3) What factions are there within the current and past government, and where are there loyalties regarding various Saudi factions.

    That’s for starters! It’s good you covered the Yemen tragedy and the link to Saudis, US gov’t, and oil resources. However the arms dealing and the splits and the control of dark weapons are critical things to understand.

    Khashoggi was NOT PRIMARILY A JOURNALIST. That was a convenient cover story only. Look at his entire career and who he was close to.
    George Webb has documented these on his youtube channel.

  3. 3) above refers to current and past USA government players.

    • TopHat & All:I’ve been covering Khashoggi Case from Turkey, 24×7, from Turkey via Pinned Thread Twitter @sibeledmonds. I am inviting all of you to read the “Real” facts & analyses on this case through the entire thread (Reply Chain). The BS being published by MSM: Only BS. He was not who they say he was. He was not in Turkey at Saudi Consulate to obtain some divorce papers as claimed (He relocated to Turkey, started 2 Businesses (1 NGO as well), bought a house here, opened “big” bank accounts … Everyone follow, read, and share my pinned Khashoggi Thread at Twitter @sibeledmonds

      Now the reason you have not heard from me: Since Sep 10 I’ve been in Turkey (will be here for 1 year) to open Newsbud Mid East Hub. We are entering a very critical stage and I want to be able to travel in the region, be close to my sources and report what we won’t be getting from MSM & pseudo alt media.

      My computers, cameras and sound equipment were supposed to get here (via cargo ship) Weeks Ago. Based on the last notification they’ll be here on Nov 2. I signed a lease for our new office last Friday. This week we’ll paint and set it up, and in a week or two i’ll Ne publishing reports from here for only Newsbud community. Meanwhile, with only a dingy little iPhone I have been publishing nonstop via Twitter account @sibeledmonds. Thank you for your patience, and please don’t leave me alone at Twitter land (I’ll be banned there soon, meanwhile I need all your support over there).

      • Hi Sibel, great to know about these developments. Thank you for mentioning your twitter handle.

        FWIW, the info George Webb has been documenting over a long time is not MSM fluff–quite the opposite. It relates to not just resources such as the things Nimmo mentions, but also black weapons, possibly drugs, trafficking, etc. And in relation to Jamal in particular, leading the intelligence/public relations efforts to successfully create the MSM fairy tales we hear without end. All a complex story (interweaving of many stories) that is far from ended, and with loyalties perhaps in flux.

        On numerous occasions Webb has cited your work. Looking forward to hearing your take on things as they unfold.

      • Mark Ribbit says:

        Great to hear about the new Mid East Hub Sibel!
        I hope it turns out to be a big success. 🙂
        I’m looking forward to your first-hand, on-the-ground real
        news stories from the area!

        • Thank you, Mark. Yesterday we painted our new little office. My computers, cameras and sound equipment will arrive this coming week.

          Last night I gave my first interview on Khashoggi to Richie Allen Show. Pls check it out. Also, read the entire Pinned Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds Twitter. It is a long thread (been on the Case From Turkey Since the beginning) via reply chain.

  4. Mark Ribbit says:

    Kurt, exactly how do you believe the Saudi’s were complicit in the real 9/11 attacks, not the ‘official story’ attacks?

  5. Great to see you in the field Sibel !
    very cool.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ_XSd1SXXk&feature=em-lbcastemail
    Hayden was the ‘worst of them all!”
    Whistleblowers–>>Intelligence Assessment with Kevin Shipp Whistleblowers Roundtable with Bill Binney & John Kiriakou

  7. Maybe just can these three comments,
    Trash ’em. Throw ’em in the bin.
    Our intellectual elite continue to let us down.
    William Binney still believes the hijackers cut throats with box cutters.
    Kiriakou just pulled a play and got back his pension.

    • Robert Diggins says:

      Kiriakou “longtime friends ” with Graham Fuller (according to JK, in the screenshot I have), not to mention VIPS connection with both. Yuck. Rowley won’t respond, but who am I, so understand, but info is info and I see a conflict of interest, belonging to VIPS, with Fuller at the helm, and belonging to the public, as a Woman of the Year Whistleblower and all around anti-war activist. Deaf, dumb, and blind? Her? Or we?

  8. Judith Leaf says:

    I would like to hear Sibel’s explanation regarding Turkey’s turnover of the American pastor to the US. Was there a bargain or deal involved and did it have anything to do with the Khashoggi-Saudi affair?

  9. @sibeledmonds Replying to @domihol
    “My working hypothesis, after 37 days on #Khashoggi Case, in #Turkey: This is a joint Op by the #CIA, #Turkey & Certain High-Level #Saudi Gov Insiders Setting Up #MBS Fall (Another #Coup Method). This how they got #MBS Saying #Khashoggi was killed- He was “told” that he was killed.”
    Profound !
    This is a fundamental shift in focus. Thank you for the work that went into stating this result.

    • Remo, I am so delighted to see at least one Newsbud community member/partner following my coverage via Pinned Khashoggi Thread Twitter @sibeledmonds

      With no computer or camera (long story; all held as ransom by shipping co on the way to Turkey!), with only my cell phone and limited access to our site, that was the only way- 38 days of 24×7 Case coverage on the ground in Turkey.

      Now with my office space set, computer and equipment arrived, within a few days I should be able to crank up videos for Newsbud. That is, if I don’t get banned here (things been a big “dicey”).

      Thank you!

      • Mark Ribbit says:

        It’s good to hear your computer equipment finally arrived Sibel.
        I’m looking forward to watching your videos when they make it to your site.
        Fingers crossed.

      • Your news feeds are essential. Most definitely “following”. Maybe unnecessary t say (on home ground) but take care In the land of Ülkü Ocakları . To reiterate Mark: Fingers crossed . Plenty of ‘banning’ going on//photoshop/Khashoggi and fiance just like OBAMAS birth certificate//online crackup… 911 deception comes back into picture with this one ; SOTN posted this:
        https://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=106224 : concludes//’As this analysis strongly insinuates, the murder of Khashoggi was either authentically staged for maximum effect or faked for maximum effect. In either case, the message is clear: Anyone from officialdom who reveals 9/11 truth is toast! Or, they are dismembered and cut up over a 7-hour period — while alive — like they said Khashoggi was.’
        There is no movement on national news levels here showing any glimmer of your reporting. Deepsnake Wurlitzer very LOUD.
        Thank you Sibel.

  10. James Williamson says:

    Thank you, Kurt, for this invaluable information. If Americans only understand and appreciated the crucial and nuanced distinctions between the various players within Islam worldwide, it might be a very different reality for all.

  11. ^. ^//.

    Unfortunately. Some what he said is very false and show that video was done with poorly reseach. I do not know where to start duo how many things just false. Please do not throw opinions without good supports. Also i suggest speaking one subject rather jumping many subjects with low understanding of Islamic religion and even not speaking Arabic or visiting suadi.

    Chou ‘)

    • James Williamson says:

      You’re wrong, Huy. But if you have any legitimate information which contradicts Kurt’s report, you should present it, instead of making baseless accusations.

  12. As a study in the language of meme;
    given Sibel’s information, this is an interesting read.

    Quotes: “An unnamed former State Department official minced no words, saying MBS’ direct responsibility for Khashoggi’s murder is “blindingly obvious” to virtually everyone in the international community. No one but Trump and Saudi MBS loyalists disputes what’s indisputably clear.
    If a smoking gun CIA intercept is confirmed as accurate, it’s clear proof about MBS’ responsibility for Khashoggi’s brutal murder, what’s been indisputable all along.” “Covering for the crown prince, Trump turned truth on its head, saying the CIA “didn’t conclude. They did not come to a conclusion. They have feelings certain ways. They have not concluded, I don’t know if anyone’s going to be able to conclude the crown prince did it.”
    False! According to the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post, the NYT, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and other major media, Langley concluded with high confidence, after examining relevant evidence, that MBS bears full responsibility for ordering Khashoggi’s elimination.”
    are the quotes.
    >Unnamed and former StateDept. Official..
    >The Indisputability of ‘neocon/cia.NYT.WoPo, WSJ, Reuters etc, as source
    >’IF’.. “if a smoking gun cia intercept is confirmed…. ‘ IF confirmed’ allows a pattern to emerge in the conversation.
    To conclude with:” It’s significant that the CIA refuted the White House and Riyadh in its conclusion about MBS’ murder – a major development, indicating no confidence in him, likely wanting him replaced.”
    Seems to my thinking to vindicate the probability the conspiracy you are reporting, Sibel.
    is very real.
    Wanting not only MBS, but Trump.

    Making anyone reviewing your reporting with whatever is left of an open mind; a Trump and MBS loyalist.

  13. Robert Diggins says:

    Great comments, remo.

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