Khashoggi PsyOp Series- Introduction: Who, What, How & Why

Whether in the Khashoggi case or any other case, the four main components of real investigative journalism consist of fact-finding and analyses of who, what, how and why. After spending nearly two months investigating this story, on the ground, in Turkey, and with access to inside sources and research material in multiple languages, I can assure you, with one-hundred-percent certainty, that none of those questions have been answered by the media, despite their around-the-clock sensational coverage- intentionally. In my previous post I directed you to my pinned real-time coverage of this concocted case. As you can see, I have over 600 entries spanning 55+ days. And as you can tell, with so much info, so many angles and twists, it would be impossible to present my report in one long and comprehensive article and or video episode. Therefore, I am going to break down my work into 4 to 6 segments to present the key questions and findings, examine the four components of the story, and analyze the macro picture:

Who was or is Jamal Khashoggi?

He was the nephew of notorious global arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, an intimate friend and confidante of Osama Bin Laden, an active CIA operative, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, an intelligence official for Saudi Intelligence, a major participant in Arab Spring operations via several CIA and Soros-Funded NGOs and Think-Tanks. On the personal front he was a polygamist with at least two known wives (one in Saudi Arabia, one in the U.S.) and one alleged fiancé in Turkey, a notorious party-man who frequented billionaires’ harems of prostitutes in London, Istanbul, Dubai and Washington D.C., and a high-flyer with hundreds of millions of dollars in Dubai, London, New York, Malta, and Jeddah banks. A chameleon who drank like a fish and partied like Play Boy executives when posing with progressives and billionaires, while playing a pious Muslim and a staunch follower of Sharia laws when among traditionalist Muslim leaders.

Yet, when we look at the mainstream media portrayal of Khashoggi, we only read-watch-hear of a saintly progressive journalist who worked for the Washington Post and stood against the Saudi Kingdom. Why?

Who is Khashoggi’s Alleged Fiancé- Hatice Cengiz?

She attended a University in Egypt during the height of Arab Spring operations, and has been connected to several London and US-based Arab Spring Networks of NGOs. She is an active member of the Muslim Brotherhood with intimate ties to Qatar. This woman worked with Al Sharq, which is a known Muslim Brotherhood media outlet. Her past social media writings have been mainly in Arabic not Turkish. The Khashoggi family had never heard of this woman or the alleged engagement.

I have also documented how she changed her story on the Consulate-Entry day- . changing her story from waiting outside for 3 hours then making calls and leaving, to waiting outside and pacing for 11.5 hours, and after that notifying authorities, then back to three to four hours. Meanwhile, those who have reviewed the “entire” CCTV recording outside the Saudi Consulate were unable to see her anywhere near the Consulate after Khashoggi entered the building. There is the question of why she had one of President Erdogan’s top advisors’ phone number and made the first call to him, not the security forces. There is that infamous photo of the duo submitted to all mainstream media outlets by … “her’ which has been examined by several experts and determined to be “highly likely fake; photo-shopped).

And of course, there is the recent revelation by one of Turkey’s top generals, former Director of Turkish Military Intelligence Services, who claims she is a foreign agent and highly-likely a honeytrap.

Yet, comb through the media coverage and you will find only sympathetic coverage of a saintly damsel in distress- who happens to be the Only witness to Khashoggi’s disappearance.

Why did Khashoggi come to Turkey?

According to the media, unanimously, Khashoggi came to Turkey because of the following reason:

He went to the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C. where he was based, and asked them to provide him with documents showing he was divorced from one of his wives in Saudi Arabia, so that he could marry this Turkish woman Hatice Cengiz. The Saudi Embassy, set on luring him to Turkey in order to murder him, told him that they were unable to provide those papers there, and that the only place that could process this was one consulate: the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Within the first two weeks of this case I was able to establish this narrative concocted and disseminated by the media as completely FALSE. Khashoggi was Not divorced from his wives in Saudi Arabia. Not only that, he had just gotten married (via Sharia marriage) to his third or fourth wife in the United States. That’s for one. I also contacted administrators in the Saudi embassy and I was told that: 1- Khashoggi had never made that request- and that there was no record of such a request; 2- Even if he had, an Embassy in D.C. would have been able to process that request as one of the routine processes they regularly perform.  That’s two.

I then began contacting my sources here in Turkey, and found that Khashoggi was relocating to Turkey to establish his new base for a new business and a new NGO he was setting up here. That in fact he set up one NGO and one for-profit business here with … shady/questionable partners. Not only that, he had opened several bank accounts in Turkey with hefty deposits, and had bought a lavish residential flat in Istanbul with a value of nearly one million dollars.

Additionally, I also confirmed that while in Turkey, Khashoggi took a business trip to London, flew there First Class from Istanbul, and attended a spooks-filled glitzy conference sponsored by the Intelligence community and Soros NGO networks in preparation for Arab Spring Operations Part II.

Yet, the media coverage, despite having all this documented information on his relocation to Turkey, intentionally omitted all this highly relevant (and questionable) information from their concocted story, and turned it into a trip to obtain divorce papers for his coming marriage, which is entirely FALSE. Why?

What Really Did Happen to Khashoggi?

I could easily write a two-volume book series documenting the constantly-changing narrative on what happened on the day Khashoggi entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. The media has been changing the story and claims on almost a daily basis. Most importantly, not a single outlet has ever bothered to issue a retraction for stories that later were completely and officially debunked: From the iWatch story (debunked within the first five days) and video-recording of hours-long tortured Khashoggi (completely debunked but never retracted), to, body-parts being transported by Saudi diplomatic cars and then to Saudi Arabia via diplomatic planes- from Saudis throwing body tidbits into a well in the Saudi Consul’s residence, to, the entire body being immersed into an acid tub and melted with zero trace left behind.

In each case the story, always published as a major front-page headline, would be printed definitively, as a fact, based on one or two Unnamed sources, and with zero documents or witnesses cited.

Interestingly, up until recently, these Western mainstream media outlets would omit publishing factual reports coming out of Turkish media outlets, citing them as unreliable and government-influenced. Yet, these very same Western outlets, for the Khashoggi narrative, have been taking complete bs stories (with no named sources or documents) from some of the worst paparazzi media publications in Turkey, republishing them under their own signature and with warranty-assurance, and disseminating-marketing these FAKE stories nonstop. Why?

Why Did “They” Concoct the Khashoggi Story?

Around the third week of my coverage of this concocted story I started listing highly-possible reasons for this Khashoggi concocted shenanigan. Certain powers wanted MBS out and replaced with a new puppet prince for several reasons: MBS recent deals and agreements with China, MBS recent partnership with Putin and consideration of S-400 purchase, MBS getting a bit too confident and a bit hubris-ridden for the certain establishment’s taste…

Then there was this Iran issue: Was MBS going a bit Mild on Iran? What was the deal with the recent Iran comment on the possibility of getting a bit close to Saudi Arabia? Were there certain operation plans not to MBS’ liking?

There were also possible positive externalities such as targeting President Trump- with the concocted Russia-Gate fizzled, why not replace that divisive and distract-ionary with a new one: Enter Target Trump via Saudi-Gate.

And remember: Saudi Arabia is rich with many billions to suck from. With the forecasted financial crash in the U.S., how much Saudi investment could be sucked via blackmail? Supposedly Turkey has a $40+ billion hole in its finance books- Qatar stepped in with more or less $10 Billion, who other than Saudis to dish $30 Billion extra in investment to fill in the gap?

This is where my analyses combined with research will come into the picture via my coming video series. Please stay tuned. The video series will be available only for our community members- please subscribe to support this work and access the coming series, and via Vimeo. You can also Donate to Newsbud for media with integrity solely supported by YOU.

# # # #

Sibel Edmonds is editor and publisher of Newsbud, founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), and author of the acclaimed books Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, and The Lone Gladio, a Political Spy Thriller. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award. Ms. Edmonds is a certified linguist, fluent in four languages, and has an MA in public policy from George Mason University and a BA in criminal justice and psychology from George Washington University.

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Also, as with most MSM stories, especially the ones that saturate the news cycle for any extended time period, it seems that almost all faux-alt news sites and channels are led by the nose, basically limiting any thought provocation to a choice of pro/con some base emotional, team sport cheerleading. Such as “…so, was Trump right or wrong to respond/confirm/question any of the MSM narrative? ”

    This is so consistent and prevalent, it’s like on big faux-alt channel, sometimes. Think of The “Opioid” Crisis (dont say heroin, don’t say heroin, don’t say heroin) or the recent immigrant “Invasion”. Who’s being led by the nose by the MSM, every time? (Notice that MSM follow-ups at Newsbud are rare, and this might even frustrate some who are craving it. When it does happen, such as in this piece, it totally obliterates the MSM and there’s worthwhile substance underneath.)

    This same recycling of reactive follow-ups to the MSM does a real disservice to the public around the world. Not only does it implicitly, wittingly or unwittingly, validate the MSM narrative, but inherent in this validation are some very deleterious effects.

    1. Don’t think. Even though we make sure to add the obligatory “Do your own research. ” and “Come to your own conclusions. ” jargon that makes us feel like we’re not brainwashing you.

    2. Choose a side. After we whittle down the targeted toothpick out of this tree trunk, and tell you to do your own research, we’re going to be a force multiplier for the divide and conquer operation, which is rarely realized, much less challenged.

    Also, since Sibel’s reporting has been on Twitter until now, there has been the usual, and some unusual, shit posting. Comes with the territory, right? Well, I can say that this is yet another reason why supporting Newsbud and having, not only a platform with an excellent team of producers who really help a reader start to think about more facets of a story, but also a reasonable space for dialogue and an ethical funding model.

    One of the weirdest exchanges i’ve had for a while happened on Twitter yesterday. With base accusations of “Watch out for Sibel’s DISINFO” turning into “Yes, even my bodyguards know Graham Fuller” and “I’M GARY COHN AND YOU LOST” out of the same proxy account.

    While I shouldn’t take Twitter comments too seriously, I did find the self-stled German character who switched between bad English and French, accusing me of being Sibel, and replying to my statement, that the public greatly outnumbers the war profiteers, that (translated from French) “While megabytes are larger than kilobytes, it doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger horn”.

    These people have no idea about the actual ratios involved (and Moore’s law is going to be a real bitch, when they realize it), I do encourage people to support Newsbud, as a voice of the “megabytes”, until we can get POTUS to use an existing, simple but effective strategy for beating the MSM and really informing the public. It’s called the Emergency Broadcast System.

    My personal choice would be to have the entire contents of the infamous “Motherlode File”, which Sibel had started analyzing, per the request from the FBI Chicago Field Office (until she was non-renewed and removed), broadcast non-stop, on our public airwaves, as well as all cable news stations and even YT, since we already have proof of concept with their “Russia-funded” warnings on certain videos. Call it commandeering, during a national emergency.

    It’s my view that the sock and awe would unite the country even more than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. There would be shame and humility involved.

    Until then, I want to thank Newsbud, and especially Sibel’s efforts here, for being the best public broadcasting available.

    • Robert Diggins says:

      Oh, those weird replies were deleted a little while later. All that’sleft are my responses.

      I’m still left with my curiosity about why the Veteran intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) ate okay, having Graham Fuller on their Steering Group. Something to consider or maybe inquire about, the next time you hear from one of them.

  2. “”Additionally, I also confirmed that while in Turkey, Khashoggi took a business trip to London, flew there First Class from Istanbul, and attended a spooks-filled glitzy conference sponsored by the Intelligence community and Soros NGO networks in preparation for Arab Spring Operations Part II””

    Anything more on this Sibel ?

  3. Speaking of psyops and spooks
    ..of ‘nuance’
    Does ‘Luke HARDING’ ring any bells?
    Orwell sure was prescient.

  4. Sibel’s undaunted & perspicacious tenacity in pursuing this case & following all the “leads” down the blind alleys where they led, is to be highly commended. I am looking forward to the further adventures of the Jamal Khashoggi saga, as she reveals them. There is no doubt in my mind, he is living the high life in an “undisclosed location” while preparing for his next assignment for the clandestine services for which he has long labored.

  5. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Sibel & Team,
    You are on it! Be safe.
    Giving thanks to all who hang with agency and act with empathy.

  6. has the trail gone cold?

  7. Stanley Kitt says:

    I am struggling to find the follow up videos further to these excellent articles. Can anyone help me where to find?

    • Hi Stanley, I have a long thread (700+ for over 3 months of the case)on my twitter channel. I had to listen and be receptive to our audience here at Newsbud. It boils down to supply and demand- with only 7 requests and feedback it does not warrant follow up videos. It is a very sensitive case, and it would take a lot of work to produce a series on this- but it is not something of interest for our viewers here. And finally, thank you for your feedback and request (and for being one of a few perceptive ones to see the importance of this case).

      • Stanley Kitt says:

        Sibel, Thank you much for responding personally. I remain interested as to what happened to Khashoggi and why. Is he dead as alleged or still alive? If dead, were the Saudi’s entirely to blame or did the CIA/Mossad/MI6 or possibly Turkish intelligence have anything to do with it? And if the Saudi’s were indeed to blame, it seems that the fallout between the Americans and the Saudis has been minimal. On another note, are you still tracking the 9/11 Events, especially the recent Grand Jury proceedings as undertaken by the Attorney General of New York? I wonder if the full truth as to what happened and who did what will ever come out, despite the Grand Jury efforts. Any thoughts, and is the Khashoggi incident related to 9/11 in any way? Last, my wife and I have visited Turkey as tourists several years ago, and yours is truly a beautiful country with very friendly & hospitable people. Can you tell me how tourism is doing these days, and if it is still reasonably safe to travel there as tourists? We are thinking of doing it again, but tensions with the West seem pretty high. Keep up your very good work. I follow it daily. Stanley Kitt

        • Stanley, zero evidence on Khashoggi being dead. KhAs for Khashoggi’s connectikns to 9/11: please read my expose (Twitter chain) Re his past/history, Bin Laden & CIA links …

          Tourism is booming in Turkey. Based on indicators (Airline & hotel reservations, visa applications) this coming summer will be booming as well (assuming no false flag events between now and then).

          Turkey is far safer than let’s say US or UK. One of my coming videos will be an interview with an expat couple (British) on Why they settled here. You’ll enjoy that. Their top 3 reasons: People here, Safety, Food, followed by natural beauty/climate and healthcare (superb healthcare for free).

          Send me an email if/when you decide on your next trip here. I’ll give you all sorts of tips/suggestions. I personally don’t like big cities. Istanbul is a mega city (20+ million)- if I were you i’d bypass it (pollutes, bad traffic, …)- aim for the Aegean region: Fethiye, Kas, Kalkan, Marmaris. Again i’ll provide you with more if you and your wife decide to come.

          Lastly, thank you for your support and this note. I feel as if I am on a crossroads life situation: there are things I want (and would like) to do- will there be a synergy between those and Newsbud? Not sure. I spent years working with orphanages around the world (Including Vietnam) Before 9/11 and all this. That still remains to be my passion. Environmentalism and organic food Movement is another. Trying to counter this Divide & Conquer And hate-Based Politics/Media is another… We’ll see. I guess the next few months will provide me with the clearer view of ‘things.’

          • Bo Nilsson says:

            I much appreciate honest well to do journalists. Thank you for being that. You are needed.
            I see you also are interested in some of the field I am trying to make a difference i. Environment and organic food. I have traveled a bit and I share your compassion for our fellow man. So what to do?
            I am following a plan I made up after discovering how to beat the price of energy with a device I have invented. When I got that idea I wanted it to run on renewable fuel. I through digging found that there is enough biomass for food and energy both. By making biomass into a lucrative option we have a possible business system that I want to use to restore our farm soils and forests. People are beginning to believe in what I say. This year I hav e farmers that wants to turn their farms into what Elaine Ingham have. She has promised me help so I can get the biology right from the very beginning. Hopefully all will grow from there.
            When I started in 2004 I was naive. I have learned a lot from honest researchers since then. I wonder since you mentioned children have you come across John Taylor Gatto?
            I leave you now. Make your choice with love. Loving the world lets it show you how wonderful living can be.

            Take care,

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