China Witch Hunt: It’s Here!

The China Witch Hunt is here.

A joint project of the Asia Society and the Hoover Institute produced a study on China influence operations and how to counter them.

It’s titled Chinese Influence and American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance

It touts “transparency, integrity, and reciprocity” as the magic bullets to combat Chinese influence.

Unfortunately, past history and current reality tell us  when panic about a foreign threat roams the land, the dirty work of anti-influence campaigns in America is not a matter of transparency, integrity, and reciprocity; it’s more about secret denunciations, moral capitulation, and smears and blacklists to short circuit due process, all orchestrated by the national security services.

In other words, Witch Hunt!

This episode of China Watch provides a useful guide to how U.S. natsec witch hunts work, keying off the notorious FBI campaign against the University of California system in the 1950s and looking at the unfolding witch hunt in the US, which has kicked off with a campaign against Confucius Institutes—and the universities and colleges that host them.

It’s not about security; it’s about intimidation and providing a shield of impunity for the natsec establishment and its minions.

As a public service to academics, journos, and NGO-ites, this episode offers good advice on how to avoid the risk of getting caught in the China threat meatgrinder while still keeping one’s dignity.

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Show notes

Chinese Influence and American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance

Clark Kerr Oral History: The Loyalty Oath Controversy

Text of 1950 Loyalty Oath

Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power

Wikipedia: Thomas Arthur Bisson

The FBI, My Husband, and Me

New firewall prevents Pentagon cooperation with Confucius Institutes on American campuses

Closing a Confucius Institute, at a Congressman’s Request

Witchhunt in Oz

Sellout in Oz: Local Collaborators Betray Australia to Team Trump

August 2018 Republic of China Mainland Affairs Council Survey of Popular Attitudes on Cross Strait Relations

Pro-China Party’s Big Win in Taiwan Puts Tsai Future in Doubt

Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed

Special China Watch reports on Korea

Perhaps no foreign affairs issue in recent history has been so thoroughly misunderstood as the backstory of U.S. engagement with North Korea.  That’s because U.S. machinations relating to North Korea are about as dirty, unsuccessful, and embarrassing as can be imagined.

Here’s your chance to understand the context of U.S.—North Korea relations: a trio of special reports I have prepared on the untold story of U.S. duplicity and failure on North Korea.  Unknown, that is, to Western observers who rely on the selective historical memories of American policy makers and pundits; but deeply known and felt reality to North Korean and Chinese policymakers for whom U.S. bad faith and betrayal is the default setting in Korean affairs.

The Deep State Plan to Sabotage Korean Peace (full episode available on Youtube)

John Bolton’s presence on the White House staff is a red flag to Chinese and North Korean policymakers.  That’s because John Bolton’s core competency is sabotaging the stated and perhaps genuine intentions of the President of the United States to pursue peace on the Korean Peninsula, and substitute “active measures” to promote regime change. 

One of the most consequential failures in modern U.S. diplomacy (or anti-diplomacy) if you prefer, was a disastrous foray into financial secondary sanctions targeting North Korea during the George W. Bush years when John Bolton ruled the North Korea regime-change roost.  The sanctions gambit—targeting a tiny, China affiliated bank in Macau—backfired and literally birthed North Korea’s first atomic bomb.

It’s history that the Chinese and North Koreans know deep in their bones, even as the U.S. government tried to deny and ignore the reality of the fiasco.  To understand the deep distrust and reflexive caution of Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping in dealing with the United States, you need to know about the Banco Delta Asia gambit of 2005.

This is a non-paywalled China Watch offering posted on the Newsbud youtube channel per the link.  Please circulate it among your friends and encourage them to subscribe to Newsbud and get the full story of America’s North Korea boondoggle.

Shame in San Francisco: At the Olympics, South Korea Says “Enough” to a Century of Japanese and U.S. Betrayal

My Asia Brief audio report on the history Americans don’t know… but drives current events on the Korean peninsula.  Resentment at the sacrifice of Korea to U.S. Cold War ambitions and the Japanese alliance runs deep…and Koreans in the North and South are finally able to do something about it.

General MacArthur’s Conspiracy to Start a War with China! New Documentary Release & Interview! For purchase at Newsbud Store or for Purchase or View via Amazon or Vimeo

The Korean War was a desperate and dubious battle in which the US was ready to try anything and everything to overcome its strategic and tactical disadvantages.  Biological weapons, nuclear weapons…and Douglas MacArthur’s plans for a strategic breakout via escalation of the Korean conflict to a regional war.  Everything was on the table.

Douglas MacArthur made the first US attempt to parlay a Korean crisis into an existential confrontation with the People’s Republic of China.  With the US milsec establishment, his ideas are more popular—and dangerous—than ever.  My documentary uses first hand testimony and declassified archives to finally reveal the truth behind this long-suppressed event.

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  1. Pete Sahut says:

    Dear Peter Lee, I pay newsbud monthly to view China watch, but now that there are 2 videos per month down from 4-5, it makes more sense to buy them from Vimeo. It’s a pity because there is so much going on with China these days, and more contents would be ideal. I’d like to see more of China watch and keep supporting newsbud.

  2. Thank you Peter Lee . Facebook is operating in the US market with a strong helping of Google’s Chinese Dragonfly social media censor algorithm. Thousands of pages have been removed for unpopular criticism of the US government from false-flag shootings to 9/11 Truth. More than 15 wordpress websites were taken down for discussing and dubunking the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting with facts…not rumor.

  3. Peter, I have no problem with “quantity” of posts. I will continue to support Newsbud on the basis of quality at even one post per month.

  4. Mark Ribbit says:

    Good coverage Peter.
    Perhaps on a future video we could get your take on the Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou’s detention in Canada?
    There are many layers to the story.

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