Death of a War Criminal

On this episode of the Geopolitical Report, I take a look at the career and death of the Bush dynasty patriarch, George H. W. Bush. Following his death, the corporate propaganda media showered Bush with praise. He was portrayed as kind and gentle, a remarkable and humble former statesman. As should be expected, the media completely ignored the dark side of the first Bush administration and its pioneering of endless war. It began with Bush’s invasion of Panama and later Iraq. Minus news coverage and analysis by Newsbud and others, Bush’s bloody stain on history would remain largely hidden in the shadows. Newsbud provides essential information by a host of knowledgeable researchers and analysts, information either omitted or distorted by a corporate media dedicated to dominate the narrative of its masters, the hidden elite, the neoliberal cabal operating behind the scenes. Please subscribe to Newsbud and help us continue to bring you news and information swept under the carpet by the corporate alphabet networks and the gatekeeper alternative media.

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Show Notes

Nation bids goodbye to Bush with high praise, cannons, humor

Never Forget: George Bush's Wars Set The Stage For 25 Years Of Endless War

The Panama Deception

The Gulf War: Truth was the First Casualty

The Kuwaiti Incubator Baby Hoax

Media, Propaganda and Iraq

How PR Sold the War in the Persian Gulf

American War Crimes During the Gulf War

WAR IN THE GULF: Public Opinion; Poll Finds Deep Backing While Optimism Fades

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  1. It began where it ended.
    A well connected ghoul Lying in a coffin surrounded by the swamp,
    The only difference being
    at his initiation the swamp pissed on him.

    This time around the swamp pisses on US.

  2. Jeff Martin says:

    I say dig the bastard up and hang him by his friggin’ socks. No wonder we American citizens are hated so much. It’s because of our war criminal leaders. There’s no justice or rule of law anymore. Kill 500,00 children and you’re a war hero. I accidentally hit a pedestrian and I’m going to jail. The law is just for the “little people.”

  3. kenneth wennemar says:

    And this is yet another example of why the world will dance on the grave of our empire when it inevitably falls.

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