Leaving Syria

On this year end edition of the Geopolitical Report, I take a look at Trump’s surprise decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan. While this should be a welcome development, we should remain skeptical the withdrawal will actually happen. I examine why this is probably the case. I also take a look at Trump’s serial flip-flops and his disastrous foreign policy which is in direct conflict with his election campaign promises. As usual, the corporate media hasn’t bothered to look at this in depth and has instead exploited it to once again criticize the president. Most news coverage focuses on the foreign policy establishment’s criticism of getting out of Syria and Afghanistan, thus once again making arguments for sustaining forever war and failed policies. This is why Newsbud is important—to provide a venue for the other side of the news either omitted, spun, or glossed over by the script readers doing service for the warfare state. In order to make informed decisions, the people need information sources that debunk official lies and misrepresentations. That’s what Newsbud is all about. But we can’t do it without you. Please consider making a donation or subscribing to Newsbud so we can continue to bring you concise analysis of the political events that are now shaping our future. The ruling elite and their functionaries are now trying to make sure you can only access information vetted by their propaganda specialists. Newsbud stands in the way of that agenda.

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Show Notes

Trump breaks with his national security team on Syria exit

Trump’s Syria pullout was last straw for Mattis; others may quit Pentagon

Is The Federal Reserve Actually TRYING To Cause A Stock Market Crash?

Bernanke: Federal Reserve Caused Grreat Depression

Republicans rip Trump’s surprise Syria withdrawal in meeting with Pence

Will Syria Become a Path to the Next 9/11?

Pentagon Considers Using Special Operations Forces to Continue Mission in Syria

Top Secret: Why Pentagon Keeps Silent on Thousands of Airstrikes in Middle East

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  1. Jon L Curran says:

    Thank you Kurt for a well balanced summary of the current state of Mideast.
    I have wondering lately, if national and state governments haven’t been in large part fraudulent and criminal for centuries.
    We have all been taught from a very early age that government is good, that taxation and wars are legal and moral. Despite much evidence to the contrary. I hate to say it but, it doesn’t look like the good things that Trump has done will outlive his presidency…except maybe North Korean.
    While a few people are waking up, the vast majority will still believe that government is their savior.

    Who Are the Most Powerful People in America?

    • Jon L Curran says:

      Thanks., Harold, I have already read about Technocracy. The English are finding it very difficult to get out of the EU. The USA can’t seem to get out of the many wars/military engagements etc. It seems like the frog is half cooked already.
      I have no progeny, so I only hope to hang on for another 15-20 years before it all goes to Hell.

  3. kenneth wennemar says:

    Like most outsiders, he did not have a group of people who supported his ideas with plans to implement them starting day one of his presidency. He is a real estate shyster and conman who should have stayed in reality TV.
    Harvard and to a smaller extent the rest of the Ivy League have owned our government since the Reagan Administration. There will be no substantial changes until we have a new administration that doesn’t hire a plurality of Ivy League graduates.

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