Is a Yellow Vest Revolution Possible in America?

On this week’s episode of The Geopolitical Report, we look at the Yellow Vest revolution in France and the threat of neoliberalism, the media’s effort to memory hole awareness of this threat, and the state’s increasing use of violence. Is it possible this reaction to taxes, austerity, and unchecked globalization will spread to America, and if so will the national security state move to crush it, as it did to political movements in the 1960s and 70s and, more recently, the Occupy Wall Street movement. These are the sort of questions and manner of political discussion the corporate propaganda media will not touch. Only truly unrestrained media not beholden to the state and a criminal financial and corporate elite is capable of reporting what you’ll never hear on the propaganda media’s alphabet networks. Newsbud is free of corporate and foundation influence and doesn’t depend on obnoxious ads and popups for support. It depends on those who believe unrestricted information is a valuable resource in today’s world of propaganda, fake news, and political manipulation. Please subscribe or donate to Newsbud and help us bring you the truth free of dependence on the controllers and fixers now attempting to shut down free speech.

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Show Notes

Manifestations of anti-Semitism in the context of ‘yellow jacket’ protest in France

What is Neoliberalism?

France Shows Austerity Is On Its Last Legs In Europe

In France, political climate change

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  1. James Williamson says:

    Thanks for this, Kurt. Yes, one can only wonder how “zombified” the US public is. It might already be too late.

  2. #FreeMarziehHashemi #Pray4MarziehHashemi #FreePresstvJournalist

  3. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Kurt,
    Another delightful production!

    Did slow down at 13:43 in reference to “polls.” You say, “A large percentage of younger people support socialism, which gives rise to popularity of AOC. Another socialist of Bernie Sanders mold.” That “mold” is not described which leaves the viewer wondering, “What the hell”.
    Younger people (from my reading of the polls) do not have a negative view of socialism as compared to capitalism, which is different from being in favor of it — as you present. Splitting hairs, IMHO, most young people and uninformed academics have no grasp of Marxist critical analysis to interpret economic, class, or consciousness. You may be familiar with AOC & BS, and thus have knowledge of their socialist “mold.” When labels fog the forest, even the trees cannot be seen. Characterizing AOC & BS views (as you vaguely do) obviates the necessity of restating their propositions (however primitive) for a contest. To reduce confusion, please reduce generalizing 16:20: “They are a one trick pony believing all our economic and social ills can be alleviated by taxing the wealthy, especially the uber-wealthy.” I do not know of any socialist that would agree to such a simplified polemic.

    You continue, “Socialist wing of the Democratic Party,” and, “Socialism has long been a tool of the ruling elite.” At this point, the commentary of and objectification “socialist” is beyond frayed at edges confusion. It would seem, Democrats who are socialists (in your presentation) must hate themselves, and be split and splintered wondering where they are going with this s… Kurt, it is not that there is nothing to rail against. However, unfairly characterizing their views as you do creates strawmen while diluting your otherwise incisive commentary.

    I particularly liked the reference to Georgia Guidestones. Remarkable installation. The presentation of Neoliberalism is excellent, other than truncating “socialism” to propaganda as a means of burying the word. No question that puppet master will attempt to run the show on any new revolt or uprising, co-opting and supplanting it where possible. But that is no more reason to dismiss ”socialists’” views than it is to dismiss libertines’ or atheists’.
    Do keep them coming.

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