A Real Turkish Meyhane Experience: Connecting with Delicious Meze, Rakı & Dialogue!

Only one week to Bridge the Gap with Sibel Edmonds- Season One! And here is another highlight from one of my coming episodes: Turkish Meyhanes, similar to Greek Ouzeries and Spain’s Tapa houses, are where people go to have many varieties of cold and hot mezes, drink Turkey’s national alcoholic beverage, Rakı (very similar to Ouzo or Arak), and most importantly, to connect with each other through sincere and intimate dialogue.

My coming series encompasses not only politics, activism and philosophy, but also history, culture, farming, food, travel, music and much more. I’ll be sharing with you all things that connect and bind us to each other- no matter what the race, religion, nationality or gender.

Join me in exploring all things that bridge the illusionary gaps & divides, and bring us together for a better world and Peace. Subscribe to Newsbud YouTube channel, follow our updates via Twitter, and stay tuned for my coming updates and announcements on this exciting one-of-a-kind show!

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  1. James Williamson says:

    Indeed, Sibel! While the greedy and power-hungry psychopaths seek to divide us all, most of us simply want to live day-to-day and enjoy nature’s bounty, love each other, learn about our neighbors, and share in life’s richness, beauty and variety of culture, the arts, our heritages, including the shared promise of our children’s common future!

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