Brexit, Tax Havens, Money Laundering & That Missing $21 Trillion

$21 trillion in federal funds went outright missing between 1998 and 2015, with no one the wiser on where it went and more importantly, how.  A few keen minds have alerted alarm bells through their forensic research, yet government, its bought-off press & the checked-out public continue to simply walk past it.  “Nothing to see here, move on.”  Including you, young, daring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with your ‘woke tweets’…

Yet although solid, transparent audit trails aren’t made available, hints of where said funds could’ve flown to surface nonetheless via foreign money flows in offshore tax havens & related money laundering considerations.  Composite figures in the billions & trillions oddly overlap at times, not coincidentally.  When weighed historically, economically & geopolitically, secret jurisdictional legal & financial structures in ostensibly obscure locales like the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Guernsey & even Nevada & Delaware, could grant invaluable leads.  As could major national political referenda such as Brexit, for that matter, which, if it goes through, could worsen the fogginess of illicit money flows through certain institutions, to the benefit of the very wealthy & powerful, some of whom plan much wider global economic trends via ‘controlled chaos’ in the medium to longer term.

In this 38th episode of Money & Fear, we’ll strain to explore dots which boldly need some connecting between the worlds of high finance, money laundering on as high a plane as exists politically, and Brexit’s possible positioning for benefiting the planners behind it all, rather than the increasingly indebted, impoverished public at large.  Dare to think, dare to dream!  Otherwise, do as you’re told by the Powers That Be & suffer the wider approaching macroeconomic consequences without having tried.

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Show Notes

The Missing Money:  $21 Trillion dollars is missing from the US government. That is $65,000 per person - as much as the national debt! – Solari Report


British overseas territories in talks to keep tax haven secrecy

The Mega Rich Are Hiding At Least $21 Trillion In Offshore Tax Havens [Study]

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1MDB probe: Malaysia cops raid law firm linked to Goldman Sachs

Search for Missing $21 Trillion Comes Up Empty as Pentagon Fails First Audit in 71-Year History

Iain Dey: A money-laundering reputation we must lose

Is Our Government Intentionally Hiding $21 Trillion In Spending?


Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Tweet on the Missing $21 Trillion

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s $21 trillion mistake

The Misleading Claim That $21 Trillion in Misspent Pentagon Funds Could Pay for ‘Medicare for All’

WaPost fact checker gives Ocasio-Cortez four Pinocchios for Pentagon claim

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wrong on scale of Pentagon accounting errors

Backfire: How a Stupendously Ignorant Tweet From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Undermines Single Payer Healthcare

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Pentagon fails its first-ever audit, official says

Is Wealth Inequality Hidden in Tax Havens? Piketty’s Co-Author Thinks So

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President Joao Lourenço: businesses, arms deals and old ghosts (by Miguel Sanz)

It’s Time for a Coup in Venezuela

Here’s John Bolton Promising Regime Change in Iran by the End of 2018

The ‘spider’s web’: Britain’s global money laundering network

Brexit could make the UK the money laundering capital of the world

Tax blacklists EU hypocrites!

The naming and shaming of tax havens is fraught with folly - The Economist

When Banks Won’t Stop Money Laundering, What Can the Government Do?

Oligarchs and ‘unexplained wealth’: London’s rich Russians

Russian Billionaire Kerimov Beats French Laundering Charges

Oligarchs suspected of corruption face being forced to explain source of their wealth

The City of London’s approach to oligarchs is craven - FT

Run-down Britain and how we can fix it

Britain's enemy is not Russia but its own ruling class, UN report confirms

Brexit and the Future of Europe – George Soros

Regardless of the outcome of the Brexit referendum, the euro area will come out ahead

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HSBC to pay $1.9 billion U.S. fine in money-laundering case

JPMorgan Chase Fines Exceed $2 Billion

Deutsche Bank fined for $10 billion Russian money-laundering scheme

Danske Bank could be fined $8 billion after its huge money laundering scandal, analysts say

Europe Goes Harder on Money Laundering With Record ING Fine

Bank of Credit and Commerce International

Brexit or not, things will get worse unless neo-liberalism is brought to end

‘Millions still in poverty’: UN send poverty rapporteur to UK over austerity

Cracks are opening in the global monetary system Central bankers have bought growth by sacrificing financial stability

David de Rothschild on Brexit, banking and his old protégé Macron - The patriarch on Macron’s time at Rothschild, almost merging with Lehman — and why he’s inspired by the coach of Les Bleus

Brexit campaign chief accused of 'money laundering' by Cambridge Analytica whistleblower


Summary Report on “Unsupported Journal Voucher Adjustments” in the Financial Statements of the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development*

Money laundering: Council approves strengthened rules

National Crime Agency warns of Brexit money laundering risk

London, the money-laundering capital



Dr. Mark Skidmore – Deep State Cover-Up of Missing $21 Trillion Deeply Disturbing

$19 Trillion Missing | Dr. Mark Skidmore

Catherine Austin Fitts – Federal Government Running Secret Open Bailout

Catherine Austin Fitts – Establishment Stole $50 Trillion & Want to Keep It

The Black Budget | Catherine Austin Fitts

The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary) – Vimeo

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary) - Youtube

Government Missing Over 21 Trillion, Massive Pension Scam, Catherine Austin Fitts (1 of 2)

Inside Story - Taking on the tax havens – Al Jazeera

Super rich hiding up to $32 trillion offshore – Al Jazeera

Exhaustive Study Finds Global Elite Hiding Up to $32 Trillion in Offshore Accounts

Unsafe Haven: Trillions of offshore cash leaked, exposing rich & mighty

The new tax havens

Missing $21 Trillion Used to Manipulate Markets? | Rob Kirby

$21 Trillion Hidden In Tax Havens - RT

Report: The global rich hide $21 trillion in tax havens

Report: Super Rich Hiding $32 Trillion Offshore, Preventing $280 Billion in Tax Revenue

The Pentagon's Missing Trillions: What You Need to Know

$21 Trillion in Dark Money Will Cause Hyperinflation – Rob Kirby

Brexit: the tax haven effect | FT World

The Super Rich have evaded taxes on $32 trillion of assets hidden in secret tax havens

9-11 Pentagon missing $2.3 trillion Rumsfeld Exposed 9/10/2001

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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  1. James Williamson says:

    Thank you for this superb report, Pye.

  2. James Williamson says:

    Yes, as you pointed out, Pye, ‘The Spider’s Web’ is superb (and essential viewing). Until US Americans (and the rest of the world as well) begin to comprehend at least vaguely how our current globalist and “shadow finance” system functions, we’ll all remain slaves to it.

    • Amber Sayman says:

      I just finished watching The Spider’s Web! It was very well done.

      Thank you, Pye Ian, for doing such diligent work for Newsbud’s viewers. <3 This is real journalism – and so much more detailed and educational than anyone else. When I watch televised news, I am meant to feel either indignant or entertained. Newsbud leaves me feeling enriched and informed. So much better than the emotional roller coaster of beltway propaganda. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you all for your kind, thoughtful comments.

  4. tallsexyblonde says:

    Pye, thanks for a whopper of a program! — Admittedly I have to listen to most of what you say twice for it to really sink in, but I wouldn’t change it for the world 😉

    Coincidentally, I had watched the Spiders Web documentary in recent months, and my mind has been subconsciously mulling over the possibility of a connection between that and Brexit, so I am really pleased about this episode – it’s helped clear some smoke from view.

    Austin Fitts is a legend. I was not aware of her report regarding the 21T, so thanks for mentioning that. I followed your link to Solari to look at the report but only a summary version was to be found in PDF form, with sub-links to what should lead to the full report, but again the summary appears. A note from the updates, which I found ‘amusing’ was:

    “On October 4, 2018 federal government officials accepted the recommendation of the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) that the government be allowed to misstate and move funds in order to hide expenditures if it is deemed necessary for national security purposes. The new guidelines are to apply to all agencies, not just the black budget.”

    Keep up the good work.

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