Nazi Fascism and the Master Plan for World Government

On this episode of the Geopolitical Report, I take a look at the Nazi plan for world government and its realization in the creation of the European Union. The bankers and corporatists who funded Hitler and the Nazi socialists wanted a strong centralized government firmly within their control. Following the defeat of the Nazis, the plan was dusted off and used as a model for the European Union. Although this fact was mentioned by British political Boris Johnson and others, it is virtually unheard of and avoided by a corporate propaganda media and the government educational system. Only alternative media not beholden to the interests of corporations, their foundations and grants, or the wishes of advertisers, are capable of reporting freely with the fear of losing funding. Short of direct government intervention, alternative media free of these constraints is capable of reporting news and information the state doesn’t want you to see and has denounced as fake news. If this sort of information—understanding the methods and ultimate goal of the ruling elite—interests you and you’re tired of the lies and evasions of the corporate media, please consider helping us keep Newsbud a viable alternative to official propaganda and the incremental plan to reduce all of us to serfs forever in debt to a parasitical financial class.

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Show Notes

The Nazi Roots of the European Union

Boris, Hitler and the European Union

Nazis created 'basic plan' for European Union, Ukip MEP Gerard Batten says

The Dark Roots of the “Brussels EU”

The Politics Of Debt-Serfs And Tax Donkeys: Our Only Choice Is The Least Bad Option

European Enlargement - Toward the One World Government

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  1. William Field says:

    Brilliant hypothesis.. & annunciation…thankyou KN, I suspect a lot of truth & insight here,…however I’m not wholly sure,…I wonder if “Wester Civilisation/s” have not always really been about “Militarism” ..& “control” dressed up under the guise of “Freedom” & “Democracy”?…& if they have not ALWAYS had or created a “ready enemy”?… so thus via the old “enemy threat/protection” rhetoric/propaganda/trick managed to socially, if not also legally, compel assent!…..& I suspect they also need willing “troops” to fight for them too?….Sadly in fact we are NOT civilised, & worse still as long as Church & State control education & the internet I fear we will not move to a more civilised place… …we are still barbarians and it is 2019…so, so much for the “Western Civilisation” idea??….I posit the REAL game now, as always was, is to control public opinion….but the internet makes that hard ….& it has let the “Cat out of the Bag”…so now they are now aiming to incrementally increase internet filtering & censoring….and “criminalise” sensible speech & opinion ..& even harmless flippant comments or intended humour can lose folks jobs & fortunes & imprison…very effective way to silence dissent……can you believe this?… So I suspect same as ever, all about Empire & control…& Globalism is really just about “Empire” & World domination by a cabal of Bankers/MIC/Corporate Elites…& some say murderers & thieves..& I say they don’t care if they smoke even Europe itself & 50 Million people….They will prob be very safe & sound in Colorado or elsewhere! …YES we have a problem Houston.. & we better pull out of our “coma” fast because they know they can control Yellow Vests but the emergence of China & East & Russia is a different matter..& making real enemies of them might just be the catalyst they want!!… as they say “Rockefeller is dead” “Long Live the King”!

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