Turkish Activists-Farmers Unite in GMO-Free Seed Movement for Independence & Health

Sibel Edmonds joins the proud Turkish activists and farmers of Fethiye who stand against genetically-engineered and corporate-owned seeds, and work together towards independent farming and organic produce.

Come and join Sibel Edmonds in bridging the gap with our universal pursuit of health and food integrity!

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  1. Amber Sayman says:

    Beautiful! This reminds me of Olympia, WA’s farmers’ markets. We also have seed exchanges and co-ops. The co-ops are a little expensive, but the price (theoretically) goes down when more people participate. Come to Olympia, Sibel – you can recreate this whole thing in the United States. I feel the backbone of the body of people across the world is the same – we are all made of the same stuff. And the factors that affect harsh changes on us are all similar. I would love to see a future season of “Bridge the Gap” for other countries who are facing the same struggles. <3 Because this is truly universal.

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