Major Victories Against GMO & Mega Corporations in the Battle for Organic Farming

Sibel Edmonds talks with determined activists who’ve been gaining amazing victories in defeating the genetically-engineered and corporate-owned seeds lobby in Turkey.

Come and join Sibel Edmonds in bridging the gap with our universal pursuit of health and food integrity!

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  1. Sam Henderson says:

    Are there any very good documentaries you can recommend to learn about Ataturk and Kemalism? I was in Anitkabir but couldn’t get a complete grasp of his principles. I really liked the museum a lot. Ataturk’s image was everywhere in all the cafes. I was watching a series on World War 1 that I enjoyed a lot. Mustafa Kemal was a great commander. I wish I knew more about his time as a political leader/founder of the turkish state. It is not taught in US schools. And actually, come to think of it, I don’t remember hearing at all about Turkish history in American schools at all. I would love to know turkish history from the 1920 until modern times. I simply don’t know it. I really like how the food production is done as you showed it in your video. The face-to-face “human touch” as you described it really is what resonated with me most when I was there.

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