Green Trojan Horse: Socialism, Climate Change, and Depopulation

The progressive left is praising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal, a plan devised by socialists to save the planet from global climate change. It will require impossible changes—for instance, getting rid of our petroleum-based civilization—and plans to pay for it by taxing the rich. Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal hides a sinister plan—the creation of a global socialist government lorded over by a hereditary elite and its financial class. This is a forbidden subject and its mere mention will get you tagged as a crazy conspiracy theorist despite ample evidence the elite have used environmentalism for decades to force their agenda on humanity. Newsbud and a handful of other news and information sites believe it is important to talk about forbidden topics and taboos that expose the ruling elite agenda to turn the world into a prison planet where eugenics, euthanasia, and abortion will be used—along with war and bioengineered pestilence—to reduce world population. At Newsbud, we’re dedicated to bringing you the unvarnished truth despite the penalties now being used to destroy alternative media—deplatforming, demonitizing, and blocking all avenues of financial support, from having bank accounts closed down, and social media corporations refusing to allow us to advertise on their platforms. Newsbud is truly independent. We depend on your donations and subscriptions to keep us going and making a difference. Please take the time to make a donation or get a subscription. It’s imperative as many people as possible have access to news and information the elite and their corporate media deny you as part of its effort to keep you in perpetual ignorance.

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Show Notes

By 2030, We Will Pass The Point Where We Can Stop Runaway Climate Change

World Population by Year

A brief history of climate change

'Green New Deal' details emerge, as Ocasio-Cortez preps big reveal of WWII-level mobilization

The Greatest Redistribution of Wealth in History

“Green” Socialism is Still Socialism

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

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  1. Michon small says:

    We already have Socialism – only for the rich – its misnomered as Captilalism. Or Crony Capitalism. While OAC is an absolute fraud, but the desire for an alternative to crony capitalism is ligitamate. If capitalism meant socialism for the people in need I’d be okay with that.

    • What you just said is exactly what AOC is talking about so why are you calling a woman of such high integrity as AOC a fraud?! I’m so sick and tired of people on the internet slandering and insulting good people! What you said for the most part was a good thing but then you decided to spit on a good woman who’s trying to do exactly what you want! Obviously you don’t even know what she’s talking about about! But at least you want the right kind of socialism!

    • Robert Diggins says:

      At least some reason in your reply, Michon small.

      But we have a lot more socialism than the bailout scandals.

      Armed forces
      Post office
      Public works
      Public schools
      North Dakota State Bank
      South Dakota Cement Plant (now gone, but provided serious long term jobs and infrastructure supply for many years. And nobody knew it was “socialist”, because…TV)

      You know, we have many political parties in the USA. If someone from the Communist Party won the presidency, we would still be a constitutional republic.

      Our government is completely corrupt and compromised. That’s bad. The pirates who hijacked it are also training us to conflate ideological labels with everything imaginable.

      People need to get off the news cycle. It’s a stationary bike.

  2. Jon L Curran says:

    AOC = Usefully Idiot. Just a tool to move the agenda along. Unfortunately, we are all doomed.

  3. John Phillips says:

    I got to 11:08 and have had enough! It’s not your commentary on AOC. It is so much more.
    I will respond when I chill my jets!

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt and of course listen to the entire episode, but will most likely have to chill again…..Geeze!

    This site requires respect. That should include you respecting your audience.
    Respectful, tolerant and definitely NOT ignorant!

    • Yes it was definitely a pathetic video! Nothing more than right-wing Republican propaganda! The same old propaganda we’ve been hearing for decades from Republicans and Wall Street and oil corporations Etc! Kurt was one of my favorites on here until this video that I just watched a few minutes ago. Now he has dropped way down. Saying that AOC lacks intelligence is really arrogant and stupid! And being so dense and oblivious that he’s not aware of global warming or climate change is really pathetic! On this video he sounds like Alex Jones, that extreme right-wing nutcase who basically says the same thing that Kurt said on this video! I’m very disappointed that Sibel allowed this video to be on her otherwise mostly good site! I hope this is not the beginning of the end for newsbud! Newsbud is supposed to be non-partisan but this is nothing more than right-wing Republican propaganda! Sibel should take this video and throw it in a huge bonfire!

  4. Sibel, you actually allow this regurgitated Republican propaganda on your site?! You said this is supposed to be a nonpartisan site but this is just the same old Republican, Wall Street, Oil Corporation Etc propaganda we have had to suffer for decades! Kurt used to be one of my favorites on here until I had to suffer through this garbage on this video! This guy is oblivious of global warming and climate change which is obvious to most people! As most people know it’s a combination of nature as well as fossil fuels combined and not just nature as Kurt claims it is! That is a false Republican claim and Oil Corporation claim and bankster claim! And that’s just the beginning of the garbage on this video! Also he sits there arrogantly and stupidly insulting one of the greatest women in American politics ever saying that she lacks intelligence! I’m very disappointed with Kurt! Then as Republicans always do in there dishonesty, Kurt calls socialism communism and equates it with the Soviet Union and it’s tyranny oppression and finally collapse! He is so dishonest in this video or else deluded that as I said he only mentions the Soviet Union but says nothing about the success in places like Scandinavia, Europe in general, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and even as much as we have of it here in the United States or wherever else it is successful! This is one of the worst propaganda videos that have ever been produced! Like almost anything else socialism can be done rightly or wrongly! It can be done in a good way or a bad way! And Kurt is so extremely biased in his right-wing Outlook on economics that he only talks about wrongly and badly done socialism! Obviously he is talking about fascist socialism and perverted socialism which isn’t true socialism at all! Since there’s still a lot of ignorant people like Kurt on this planet I think we need to change the name from socialism to something else such as sharing and compassion and fairness and paying people well! Then if people wanted to argue against that they would have to argue against compassion and fairness and everything else I just said making it clear right from the start what a garbage person they actually are! I hope this Republican Wall Street Oil Corporation propaganda is removed from your site very soon, Sibel, and never allowed again!

  5. Robert Diggins says:

    Consideration of externalities and recognition of our responsibility to eternal vigilance, balancing the ideas of Liberty and The Commons, by recognizing corruption and conflicts of interest VS. ideological labels attached in a myopic view of alleged experiments in a vaccuum ?

    Yes. I found this choice and the unfortunate path taken, in both the video presentation and the comments. What do we have here?

    Well, at least some passion. Some subverted passions.

    I will tell you about the PWA, Kurt, if you want to know a real story with some context. I have recorded the oral histories of my family (growing up and using my own audio equipment, while being done professionally at our public library) and their description of life, before, during, and after the Great Depression.

    I can tell you about the KKK marches in my hometown, which were never talked about, when I was in K-12, during the 70’s and 80’s. In fact, way up North, in Rapid City, SD, we had traveling bands of gypsies, groups of Lakota (who still actually own the place, while living in the poorest county in the USA, sometimes burning the wood from the structure of their houses in the Winter), and KKK marches, all come through the center of town. Do a little dance, sell some wares, get chased out by masked men, who, like their more modern equivalents, made popular at wounded knee in the 70’s, were Goon Squads and the men who hired them. The men who owned my hometown. Literally.

    When I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, there were literally three families, who owned most of the businesses, properties, and natural resources. One of them had a house on the hill and all of the land on the hill, down to the street level, where one of the government built houses i lived in was. (We pulled up the barbed wire and nailed it to a post with a screw driver, so we could climb higher up the hill to go sledding in the Winter. My brothers, my Vietnamese refugee neighbors (Aaaaaaaah! The Invasion! The Invasion!), and I.)

    When my grandmother died, my mom’s siblings all agreed that we could move onto their house. The one they bought afterwards. It’s 115 years old now, and my 91 year old mother still lives there. That’s where I spent the majority of my child-young adulthood.

    In 1929, my grandfather held an appointed position as the Superintendent of Schools. The Board was full of those same masked owners, and they ordered him to fire all the Catholic teachers. When he refused, and after still refusing after a cross burning and other intimidation, they fired him. It was 1929. My mother was just a year old, one of twelve children. They literally lived outside and moved from place to place, living on dirt floors. They went from respected members of the community and their church (who, FYI, can’t fucking help you during a Great Depression, just take note), to completely desolate, owing $500 on the house, but with no steady income. All for what?

    Ethics. Not labels. Ethics. The thing you don’t see in our over-stimulated label-spouting, fake, false, cowardly, big mouthed pundits and screeching crowds of fake followers. The ones who make pronouncements about political philosophy and ideologies, with such an astonishingly, stupendously, false premises, fake contexts, and fucked up, fancy pants fallacies, most people are either dreadfully subverted or wistfully apathetic.

    We are in the arena. We are not in the stands. We are not grabbing the popcorn, but being pelted with it, by the same masked owners who can’t stop cackling, because they know its laced, and they know we will eat it. In fact, we will run around like headless chickens, imagining our mouths are being filled, along with our souls, with the loving, nurturing, idealism that we think we’re consuming, from the new Goon Squads.

    You know, the new goonies, right, Left? The ones who say the things that make you feel like you’re earning that shiny armour you wear when you squeak for them? Yes, squak. That’s what parrots do.

    Like two sides of the same coin; same as it ever was. Fighting each other in the arena, while being told to grab more chicken feed, because the show is about to begin. Rattling off the marching orders in a game of Telephone, which we now call Internet.

    What the hell is wrong with everyone? Is this the Election Season Opener?

    It’s time to take off the costumes. You’re not here for the party. YOU ARE THE ENTERTAINMENT!


    I don’t care if it’s on the Tube or the Net. The bullshit is overflowing. They are not here to save you. They are goading you to fight, while they pelt you with “modified” popcorn.

    Get out of your lanes! Stop conflating climate science with economic ideology! They are laughing at you! ALL OF YOU!

    Grow some courage and take a look at the issues together. I have some good news for you. But, that can wait.

    First, put your heads back on.

    • Robert Diggins says:

      I never got to the PWA. You’ll have to guess, for now.

    • Robert Diggins says:

      In the meantime, this is an excercise. And hopefully, an exorcism!



      My brother in law of 35 years is a theoretical physicist with a resume in academia, NASA, national labs, and private industry, that gets him automatically tenured or hired into good gigs. He’s now at the DOE. Approx 30 years ago I remember his complete frustration after writing to the Academy of Sciences, pointing out a major flaw in global warming measurement procedures.

      I remember distinctly, telling him that pollution is horrible for many reasons. So, it wasn’t so bad to reduce emissions that pollute. I don’t remember the details of his complaint. It’s almost completely moot anyway, as you will see.

      For anyone who wants to label me or not listen to this with a clean, rational mind, you will be worse off for it. Guaranteed.

      We know the lies are to big. Some of us see through some of those lies, sometimes. Then we sit back down in the comfort of only-child syndrome and wait for the next opportunity to parrot something that might allow us to relax.

      Believe me, I’ve seen the argument from “both sides”. I understand how they are used with the primary motivation of political and economic advancement, usually in goon-parrot-service of others.

      I’m asking you to comprehend the presentation about what’s MISSING from your equations. Please, make your best effort to learn something constructive. I’ll get to the good news later:

      Thank you.

      • Thanks for that link. It was way too technical and spoken way too quickly for my level of science which is not much Beyond High School level except in some areas which relate at least fairly directly to spiritual truth, meaning Cosmic and Infinite on levels of Consciousness and Mind, but include not exclude the physical. What is does show is that there’s way more to it then seems to be usually taken into account. Like you said the pollution is harming the world and us in many ways whether or not there is actual global warming. So I don’t know which way it is as far as nature goes. If it’s warming we shouldn’t be making it worse and if it’s cooling we shouldn’t be destroying the health and well-being of the planet and Humanity anyway, as he said. So thanks for that link.

  6. Robert Diggins says:

    WPA, I thought, as I started making coffee. Sorry. I was up all night.

    I hope you figured it out. You know, INFRASTRUCTURE.

    No, I don’t mean private, for-profit prisons.

    There’s a great picture of my grandfather, standing in a line of other gruff looking men, all of them holding shovels or tools of some kind. The caption is inscribed into the photo with light:

    “We built Canyon Lake”

    Yes, infrastructure. Raise your hand if you know about something important to your neighborhood, town, village, county, city, state, or your country, that was built as part of the WPA.

    Or, do jazz hands, I don’t really care.

    But, if you throw water on the New Deal, WPA, and Social Security, because you heard something somewhere, from some authority that makes your bias go “Ooh, yeah”, and that’s why you feel the strengths of your convictions, you are not a critical thinking person. You are not even trying.

    If you want to go full Lysander Spooner on me, I’ll send you away whimpering, which is what happened with the three Mises Institute faculty who tried to tag team and then gang up on me. Whimpering.

    * I want to take your free-market, libertarian, one-size fits all BELIEF, and help you turn it into food for thought. But…

    * If you’re an ideologue with convictions that you BELIEVE are different from the “other side” and “never the twain shall meet”, I want to show you how the dichotomy between Collectivism and Individualism is false and that these abstractions of nature are interdependent, not mutually exclusive. But…

    * I eat and write with my left hand, and play sports and use scissors with my right. I’m not ambidextrous. It was life experience, in a specific context that caused me to develop that way. Six older brothers, a baseball, and, most importantly, a glove. I had no idea how learning to play catch at an early age would affect the rest of my life.

    Does this apply to your convictions?

    Have you realized they are emergent, yet? It’s necessary!

    * But…
    It’s something you need to do, yourself.

    (Try Lysander Spooner’s writings on the Abolition of Slavery. It worked for some Mises Institute faculty. It gave them the opportunity. They were so far gone, so wrapped up, all they could do was whimper.)

    And for you “Climate Denier/Alarmists” out there, who identify with politicians because they have a climate leash around your neck, the same damned thing applies.

    If you aren’t figuring out what the global electric circuit is, for yourself, and realizing the validity behind it, and our connection to the Sun, which has been known and proven experimentally, for more than a century (think AURORAS), you will spend the rest of your days being thrown around like a rag doll by politicians who you think represent your convictions.

    If you haven’t learned about the state of politics by now, from this site and especially from Sibel’s memoir and her sworn deposition in the Krikorian Case, what the hell have you learned here?


    I’m ashamed of this easy potshot production AND the reactions to it.

  7. Robert Diggins says:

    On the bright side, Kurt, I think you brought up some salient points in your video. From the lies by omission and total manipulation of data to the connections between gov-mafia and climate fear. Thanks for the food for thought. I certainly want to offer my respect for you as a person and producer here.

    My criticism still stands. The identity politics in this video were disappointing to me. The divide and conquer psyop was not acknowledged. To the contrary, it turned out to be a force multiplier.

    We need to get out of the trap. The net. The bubble. The echo chamber. We need to have Independence with both a small and big “I”, a prescription for Independence, as exemplified by the ideals put to hemp paper in the Constitution and it’s living emergent properties, through independent thought and consideration by individuals, with one of them being organization.

    To some extent, the targets, like thought electromagnets in the demolition junkyard of our minds, must be turned off. These are the bait that starts the squabble with those with whom we otherwise might organize. They are also the barbed hook that keeps us from taking any turns, effectively removing both “I’s” and augmenting our reality with delusional programming and setting the parameters of our course of actions.

    Which is which?

    This is the key. Threshing, not thrashing. Separating the wheat from the chaff. My understanding is that this is an emergent and eternal process. It unlocks all previously unbreakable shackles and gives us that direct connection back to the source of our convictions. The living, breathing source we call thought, reason, spirit …what I call The End of Means.

    This brings me back to the reactions from the commentators here. How are we not just the same, if all we do is fight fire with fire? What separates this environment from the rest? How do we see each other? How do we treat the most vulnerable?

    In my opinion, it is the community and organization we build, again, with the same End of Means, that is our actual commentary.

    I apologize for my insults, in my own reactions yesterday. I was trying to hit the kill switch because the feedback loop was starting to damage the equipment.

    It was refreshing to see some passion. Is there a way forward, or is that just “I” in the sky fantasy?

    I, just like anyone, can fall into the trap of trying to sound authoritative, in the confidence game that surrounds us as we speak. Please forgive me for that. I think, deep down, we all want to be inspirational and to feedback on the inspiration of each other. So how can we turn our swords into plowshares?

    My suggestion is to talk about the lies that are too big, using facts and hypothetical suggestion with a slant toward the realization that lifelong learning is always already happening.

    Civil war is a contradiction in terms, right?

    If anyone wants to use this opportunity to discuss the reality of Climate, Cosmology, and what is emerging in Physics, we might be able to identify some slivers and help each other pull them out.

    Or we could burn each other alive, to destroy the impurities.

    Anybody ready for some good news?

  8. Come on, I’m waiting.

  9. I want to re-emphasize what I said before about my disgust with this particular video from Kurt Nimmo. It was clearly a smear video against Alexandria Ocasio Cortez with either the delusion or the lie that somehow social democracy or Democratic socialism is the same as Soviet Union Empire tyranny and oppression and Nazi Germany fake socialism and that somehow AOC supports those aberrations and Abominations! Such right wing Republican Style propaganda, delusions, lies and smear tactics! I am so disappointed with Kurt Nimmo after this video that I have lost respect for him and don’t trust him anymore. And I wish that’s Sibel would remove this disgusting slanderous and either delusional or dishonest right wing fanatic video from her site!

  10. Oh yes. And as I also said above I think we should change the name from socialism to sharing and compassion since the word socialism has been deliberately degraded and twisted into something extremely negative and bad by the Banks and big corporations who don’t want any kind of social programs and don’t want to have to share or care unless of course the money goes to them like it does with corporate welfare, bank bailouts etcetera. We should get rid of the old terms , such as capitalism and socialism since both of those words cause millions of people to feel hatred and repulsion toward what they think that represent. We should call so-called socialism things like compassion, sharing, helping Etc and eliminate the stupid bulshit idea of people not owning private property. And of course business done rightly , honestly and fairly is a good and necessary thing!

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