The Ultimate Meyhane Dining: You Say Tapas, I Say Meze, They Say Dim Sum, We Say Antipasto!

Sibel Edmonds decodes the art of meze and traditional Meyhane dining, and provides you with everything you need and want to know about Meze, Meyhane Dining, Raki, Ouzo, Turkish food and much more!

Come and join Sibel Edmonds in bridging the gap with our universal love of food and dining rituals!

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  1. That was delightful and educational. Thanks!

  2. Sam Henderson says:

    I really enjoyed this video immensely, as it’s one of my hobbies to watch cooking videos online. I loved eating meze in Buyuk Ada with some people I met from Bratislava. The yogurt in Turkey is the best I’ve ever had, and the same goes for the feta cheese. In fact, turkish cuisine is my all-time favorite cuisine in the world now. Though I was very amused travelling to the island of Lesbos to the city of Mytilini and the greek people serving me the same exact food as Turkish food and proclaiming it as “greek food”. The Raki was called differently and so was the durum. The greek gyro and greek salad was slightly different, though it was funny to me how so much of the same cuisine was claimed by both countries as “theirs”. Walking through olive trees was a special treat for me in Ayvalik on Cuma Ada. Olives which would otherwise cost very expensively in the US were very affordable and cheap in Turkey. And the whole meze eating culture is a really splendid treat. It’s supposed to be enjoyed with friends. One of my favorite destination was seeing people play musical instruments while dining in open restaurants in Izmir. I very much miss this.

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