Do You Believe in the Power of “ONE”? If Not, Watch This Video & Join the “True” Believers

Do you believe in the power of One? I do. One is a very powerful number- whether one decision made that leads to a much larger impact, or, one person joining other “ones.” That’s how real positive changes happen.

Watch this remarkable real-life story of how a handful of conservationists, galvanized by “One” English 'Turtle Lady', saved Dalyan’s Iztuzu Beach- the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles’ nesting area and environment, from destruction.

*The Sea Turtles Conservation Foundation in Dalyan:

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  1. Sam Henderson says:

    It’s really great that places like Dalyan exist. This was a great piece. I don’t think I could find something to believe in and fight for like her. I’m too much of a pessimist. I would like to return to Turkey again. This is the reason why I don’t enjoy most American beaches with all the hotels. There was one I went to in childhood that I really loved because you could look down a whole stretch of the beach and maybe see 3 or 4 people at maximum. With no bars or restaurants or other buildings nearby. I really am a pessimist though. I mostly don’t see things work out. I don’t many stories like Captain June’s in my life.

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