The Two Biggest Threats Facing the Magnificent Caretta Turtles

The amazing loggerhead (Caretta Caretta) turtles weighing from 200-400 pounds with a length of up to 4 feet are on the IUCN Red list of endangered species. The threats to these turtles include pollution-especially plastic bags, propellers, small-scale and large-scale fishing (primarily fishing hook ingestion and fishing line entanglement) and feeding by humans.

The Sea Turtle Rescue Center (DEKAMER) was established in 2009. Injured turtles found along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey are brought to the center and administered needed medical treatment or surgeries and rehabilitation. DEKAMER also helps educate the public on conservation efforts and monitors turtle nesting activities.

Help raise awareness and join the movement to protect these magnificent endangered Caretta Caretta Turtles. Our need, dependency, love and compassion for our natural habitat is a strong bridge that connects us- No matter where we are in the world.

* visit DEKAMER’s website for further information

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