Trump Administration To Keep Troops Inside Syria

The U.S. military will leave roughly two hundred U.S. troops inside Syria, the White House announced on Thursday. The Pentagon is classifying these troops, who are occupying sovereign Syrian territory, as a “peacekeeping force.”

This decision to keep troops in Syria comes on the heels of scathing criticism from both major U.S. political parties and their affiliates in corporate media directed at President Donald Trump. The Democrat and Republican establishments have spent the past two months cutting into the Trump Administration after it had announced an intention in December 2018 to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria.

Leading the charge in criticizing the U.S. President were think tanks that are paid handsomely by the U.S. war industry. These think tanks included, but were not limited to: the Aspen Institute, Center for a New American Security (CNAS), Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), and New America. Israeli think tanks like the Foundation for Defense of Democracies also played an integral role in this process. (It is a long-held conviction within certain old-guard sectors at Langley that one of the long-term strategic aims of Mossad has been to pull the U.S. Armed Forces into conflict on the ground in the Middle East against enemies of Israel.) The aforementioned think tanks claimed that the Islamic State (IS) is still very much alive, active, and a threat to U.S. “national security.” Hyping fear is one of the oldest tricks of the U.S. war industry. Having a good stable of enemies keeps the war budget at record heights. The think tanks did not mention that Langley has a track record of funding and abetting jihadists as a tool of foreign policy.

President Trump’s decision to keep troops in Syria comes as no surprise given recent events. In mid-January, a few weeks after President Trump declared his intention to bring home the troops, a suicide bomber killed four U.S. personnel (one U.S. Army soldier, one U.S. Navy cryptologic linguist, one DIA intelligence officer, and one civilian contractor working as an interpreter for a mercenary firm) in Manbij, Syria. This attack contradicted the President’s claims of IS’ defeat and provided the exact pretext needed to keep a U.S. presence in the region.

Politicians from the bipartisan pro-war consensus in Washington, D.C., are applauding President Trump’s reversal of course. Senator Lindsey Graham, for example, was a fierce opponent of President Trump’s earlier intention to withdraw from Syria. Now, Graham is praising President Trump’s concession to keep troops on the ground. Tellingly, Graham’s coffers are chock-full of money from the U.S. war industry, including the likes of Raytheon, AM General’s parent corporation MacAndrews & Forbes, military construction giant Fluor, Boeing, General Electric, and numerous Wall Street banks.

The future is bleak for the region, even after the latest dust settles. The Syrian state is still fractured, though many Syrians have been trying to return home in recent months, and fighting continues in Baghuz, which is located along the Iraqi border in eastern Syria. Geographically, IS is indeed defeated, thanks in large part to Russian and Iranian military operations; IS’ territory is a tiny splinter of what it once was. But factors on the ground that provide fertile recruiting for militant groups (such as mass unemployment, illiteracy, authoritarian regimes, and Saudi Wahhabism, not to mention the geopolitical influence that Langley wields foolhardily) remain unaddressed. The ultimate prize is Iran, one of the only governments that has dared to stand up to the Zionist regime occupying Palestine. Furthermore, war with Iran is a guaranteed cash cow for U.S. war corporations. The Iranian people remain in D.C.’s crosshairs, and innocent civilians will continue to be killed across the Middle East.

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Christian Sorensen, a Newsbud Contributing Author & Analyst, is a U.S. military veteran and independent journalist.

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    Thanks kurt and and well reasoned report.

  2. Gregory Hofmann says:

    What’s up with the photo of the Moroccan army with one white guy? Are we paying their army to keep the fight on going? It would only seem natural in that case that the white guy might be a close confidant of Eric Prince.

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