Newsbud in its Third Year – an Update

Newsbud is now in its third year and we would like to again thank all of you who have supported us and helped us grow to what we have become today.

Then, for those of you who may not be following us day to day, here are some of the things we have been doing:

Russia Newspapers Monitor” – for those interested in what’s happening in Russia, from Russia’s perspective, there is just nowhere else you can go to find anything comparable. Professor Filip Kovacevic brings it to you directly from Russian newspapers, interpreting and analyzing exclusively for Newsbud members. Currently 103 episodes available for members’ information and enjoyment.

China Watch” – Newsbud’s China expert, Peter Lee, puts his years of direct experience and knowledge to work in every episode to bring to Newsbud’s members analyses and understanding of what’s really happening with U.S. relationships with China and the Koreas. Members can binge out on over 90 episodes.

The Geopolitical Report” – Kurt Nimmo gives members a current library of 99 episodes to share his knowledge and perspective on past and present issues of national and international geopolitical importance. Whether you agree or disagree with his views on individual topics, you will come away with food for thought and an appetite for more.

Money and Fear” – Perhaps Newsbud’s most commented on series. Want to “follow the money?” Let Pye Ian with his 40 episodes lead you through the twists and turns of national and international finance. You’ll learn more here than in any Master’s course – come and learn.

Battlefield America” – Renowned constitutional attorney John Whitehead tells it like it is with over 40 episodes on the continuing erosion of civil liberties in the U.S. Sobering as they are, these are must view presentations – be concerned, be fearful, but be armed with knowledge.

Bridge the Gap” - Sibel Edmonds has just launched her new series, coming to you currently from Turkey, in which she switches gears. Going from coverage of all things negative geopolitically that attempt to separate, to presentation of the positives that can unite. Come, join her in this effort – together we can help make the world a better and more peaceful place for ourselves and those who come after us.

As always, we do sincerely thank you for your support and invite you to subscribe to Newsbud and all we have to offer. And/or, we appreciate any and all donations from those who would like to help ensure the continuation of our work.

The Team at Newsbud

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  1. jeff anderson says:

    Sibel Edmonds, Strong, courages, intelligent, enlightening, honest, cultured, beautiful, women a breath of fresh air what more is there to be next to perfection? If you want to know who rules you first you must discover that from which you are prevented of criticizing. Jesus Christ said, what will they do to you if you follow me they can only take your body. I will prey that you too will fear one day the Creator and not the created! I have faith that God will continue to use you to shine light on truth and expose the dark. I for one am looking forward to your return and so are all the truth seekers. By the way turtles, really turtles nice try.

    • jeff anderson says:

      You got it Mike the truth is very dangerous, but remember we all must die. Jesus said if you follow me what will they do to you, for they can only take your body, fear God for only he can throw you into HELL! Sibel Edmonds is a truly courageous women I pray that she will regain the strength needed to do what is necessary to expose the true evil in this world. Remember Sibel KNOWS who THEY are we can only speculate, Big difference people!

      • jeff anderson says:

        Mike, The story you shared I have heard more than a dozen times from others with like past credentials. Thank god I am a nobody, therefore know evil will listen to me when I speak truth, they run for the door. People like myself the “lay” is who God will use to shine light in those dark places. I would encourage you or any others who the bones of the martyrs have been shown, TALK TALK TALK share your knowledge. Not like Sibel did, be more creative use other types of tools, like tell anyone you can about what you know. The power of multiplication is not there friend. It’s the lay who have the real power the lay people just do not know they are the POWER, they are blind. Help to open the eyes of all who are asleep, Mike you have great work to do for it was you who got to see THE BONES OF THE MARTYRS they are waiting for us too do our part.

  2. Mark Ribbit says:

    Yes it’s a breath of fresh air really Sibel to see you relax and enjoy the positives in life for a change.
    Re-charging your batteries in your native country Turkey is a great move at this point in your life.
    We look forward to the news and information you provide, it matters little from which country you reside in!

  3. jeff anderson says:

    Sibel, Why did my and one other commenter’s communications get scrubbed from this site, who did this to our freedom?

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