Showcasing a True Mediterranean Farmers Market in Fethiye

From vegetables and fruits to nuts and eggs, this is where Turkish people go to find and purchase the best quality, freshest and the most affordable produce weekly!

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  1. Bo Nilsson says:

    I had a talk with good people I met while in Turkey. The mountain slopes surrounding the area used to be prickled with orange patches. Avocados from Bali is very nice. Do you know why, the same scrutiny you give Gladio? Think of this, all counties used to have good quality food. Where did it go? Why did it go?

    If you really want to get in to good food, the roots! Please! Food is what build relations.

    Eggplants, I heard a farmer from Romania shouting for help against his government letting in gmo peddlers destroying the taste of good eggplant he loved. Nobody even reacted. Me, I just do not forget and keep on working on my project of overturning the bastards.

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